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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWERFUL

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Externalisation, 477:this time through certain monied groups in every powerful nation, particularly in the UnitedExternalisation, 493:had come for that manifestation, and hence the powerful activity of the dark forces. This attemptExternalisation, 499:can already be seen in the utterances of certain powerful men who are today encouraging a gloomyExternalisation, 522:still higher initiation and are focal points of powerful Ashrams; Their task of adjustment is veryExternalisation, 538:of the Hierarchy as it establishes - on a more powerful [539] basis - a more direct contact withExternalisation, 548:it is generated by the political groups of any powerful religious organization, such as the ChurchExternalisation, 577:and - with that of the Master M. - the most powerful in the Hierarchy; it controls the buildingExternalisation, 614:may have been driven back, but they are still powerful; they are still subtly working and are stillExternalisation, 628:and thinkers in all lands who can add their powerful help, and who will if correctly approached.Externalisation, 631:you may have hitherto used. It is short and powerful, but requires a unified group or a trulyExternalisation, 637:still unconquered greed of certain of the more powerful nations is undeniably rampant, and that weExternalisation, 655:and physical levels. This, when combined with a powerful inflow of the energy of prana, producesExternalisation, 663:nearer to God, laying Himself open to certain powerful inflowing energies, absorbing into HimselfExternalisation, 671:is regarded as the appurtenance of the all-powerful State and held in that position by policeExternalisation, 685:kingdom in nature. At the same time, a very powerful minority of Masters are entering into a muchFire, 90:It is passed through their bodies and emitted as powerful radiations, which are applied directFire, 90:much danger to man. These devas are of a very powerful order, and, along their own line, areFire, 447:agent of the Logos. We have seen that it has a powerful effect both on deva and human units; weFire, 463:The following facts should be realized: The powerful vibration of the Lords of the three Rays, andFire, 466:the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic will have a powerful influence: On the seventh or physicalFire, 533:of time will come to be recognized as having a powerful effect upon man on the earth, via the threeFire, 554:of the sixth and seventh order become more powerful, and their effects can consequently be studiedFire, 595:close alliance, and on the sixth plane comes the powerful working out in the lower Triad, theFire, 634:that under the law they will have a peculiarly powerful effect on the lowest subplane of theFire, 634:physical body. (Dense Body) and are therefore a powerful factor in the eventual vitalization of theFire, 639:for they embody the final and therefore powerful vibration of the past system, the consciousFire, 668:in these three great orders of devas we have a powerful triangle of electrical force, - the threeFire, 734:It is (from the occult standpoint) the most powerful force-demonstration in the system, and shouldFire, 763:of electrical energy circulating in it are so powerful that they are escaping beyond the peripheryFire, 786:more accurate forms, which will produce powerful effects on physical levels. Thus eventually inFire, 791:a long one. Later on, the vibration becomes more powerful and the effects therefore are moreFire, 806:in the threefold lower man, it is the most powerful body inherently for it embodies (as does theFire, 806:This is the shortest stage but is also the most powerful; it concerns the evolution of the threeFire, 861:egoic lotus and the etheric centers becomes so powerful as to awaken man's physical brain, andFire, 863:in others, for he will reach - through his own powerful vibrations - the hidden center in each one.Fire, 863:personality, the "heat radiations" become so powerful that very definite results are produced of aFire, 889:which are themselves active, vitalized and powerful. What man builds is either a beneficent or aFire, 949:to the Lodge degrees, it means that a new and powerful agent is available for the bringing down ofFire, 951:emanates from lower levels, and is the result of powerful desire based on physical attraction. TheFire, 951:bodies of the majority of men are the most powerful, and set up such a strong vibration (due to theFire, 959:the Triad and the personality) then we have a powerful agent of the Hierarchy on the earth. WeFire, 1007:and director of triple energy; hence the powerful work performed by those in whom it isFire, 1016:is of exceeding interest, and were they not so powerful the magician might find himself cumberedFire, 1020:the vitality of the form until it is so powerful and intense in its own separated life that it isFire, 1021:purpose negated. They might also produce such a powerful, attractive force that he would draw theFire, 1038:of the first type of energy with the equally powerful impulses from the second Ray and the third,Fire, 1064:to the vibratory magnetic pull of the more powerful and comprehensive form with the true esotericFire, 1064:attractive pull of the greater center becomes so powerful that the positive life within the atomFire, 1114:tier. It is transmuted astral energy; it is more powerful than its correspondence in the firstFire, 1150:This accounts for the peculiar, yet powerful, people who are [1151] met at times; they are soFire, 1151:by the magnetic quality of their work, by their powerful group effects, and by their physical planeFire, 1168:cycle and its perpetuation. It is only powerful during the period of the duality of the sexes andGlamour, 56:object stands revealed when the bright beam of a powerful searchlight is thrown upon it. The mind,Glamour, 76:to the world glamor and form part of a great and powerful miasmic world, which is on theGlamour, 112:develops, for illusion is the succumbing to the powerful thought-forms which the thinkers of theGlamour, 120:and racial approaches to truth. These produce powerful illusions to which the individual man easilyGlamour, 120:passing into a new sign of the zodiac. Therefore powerful and new energies are playing uponGlamour, 159:manifestation in form. All these three have powerful emanations (though the emanation of theGlamour, 159:at present that of the Dweller is still the most powerful, just as in the life of the aspirant, hisGlamour, 159:yet the dominant predisposing factor. It is this powerful human emanation which constitutes theGlamour, 160:or will its soul of love prove the most powerful factor, taking hold of the personality and itsGlamour, 161:glamor and maya) in an amazing manner, and their powerful assault upon the consciousness ofGlamour, 210:start a destructive blaze. It is the use of a powerful light which can obliterate a lesser lightGlamour, 218:[218] and power will strengthen the already powerful glamor. It must be done in such a way that atGlamour, 219:time elapses the glamor will never again be so powerful and will eventually disappear altogether.Glamour, 221:is the sixth, plus those on all rays who have powerful sixth ray astral vehicles. These make theGlamour, 225:This is one of the initial formulas and is most powerful because it is one of the very first to beGlamour, 229:and will pass on from these to handle the more powerful and more widely dispersed glamors whichGlamour, 270:fusion of lights, with the stronger and the more powerful obliterating the lesser. Healing, 25:polarized. The emotional sentient nature is all-powerful in the masses. This leads to a relativelyHealing, 31:know, the magnetic field is established when the powerful vibration of the center in front of theHealing, 63:is based upon a too active imagination, plus a powerful physical or sex nature, and a prurientHealing, 73:two - one at the back of each knee. There is one powerful center which is closely connected withHealing, 87:outwardly. In the reverse situation, too powerful an etheric body and the over-stimulation of theHealing, 122:to kundalini has been built up by a certain powerful esoteric school in the orient. It has in itHealing, 151:the shoulder blades. It is an exceedingly powerful and well developed center where average humanityHealing, 176:the lower part of the lumbar area and is a very powerful center, controlling as it does the sexHealing, 176:this center is that it must always remain a powerful center until two-thirds of mankind have takenHealing, 180:be remembered that this separation fosters a powerful impulse towards fusion, and this urge toHealing, 208:be fostered, and making undesirable tendencies powerful. We might consequently lay down the premiseHealing, 217:as the astral body becomes steadily more powerful. The stage of its potency when, for lives, it isHealing, 246:being are all brought about by the pull of the powerful life of the planet, speaking esoterically;Healing, 335:Answered On the Vagus Nerve There are two powerful centers connected with the vagus nerve: theHealing, 348:in the planet and in the forms. [348] When powerful enough to be recognized, we call them germs,Healing, 354:life - for then the herd instinct was not so powerful as it is today - is due to the increasedHealing, 358:affair; to share and yet not be dominated by the powerful thoughts and ideas of the more potentHealing, 364:and His after death [364] appearance, and in the powerful but little understood ritual of theHealing, 370:to be helped. This is done through the more powerful radiation of the healer. The magnetism of theHealing, 404:it is due to glamor and to the persistence of a powerful thought-form. It indicates polarizationHealing, 404:and of those whose lower, concrete minds are powerful in caliber. Children and child-races on theHealing, 463:the soul upon the etheric centers will be more powerful from the very start of the physicalHealing, 464:minor centers. The etheric vehicle, which has a powerful coordinated life of its own, expressedHealing, 466:two - one at the back of each knee. There is one powerful center which is closely connected withHealing, 476:inner plan, or if the physical elemental is so powerful that it can prolong the process of dying.Healing, 510:wherein the personality - rich in experience, powerful in expression, reoriented and dedicated -Healing, 551:immediately upon contact to an impression so powerful, coming from the patient, that it cannot beHealing, 594:the solar plexus center becomes dominant and powerful, producing crises as in Atlantean days. AsHealing, 606:center; in the second case, the healer sends a powerful ray of his own energy into theHealing, 638:when that is to be found, and when it is powerful in man, he is strongly anchored upon the physicalHealing, 638:and occultly, under the impulse of the powerful will-to-be of the incarnated spiritual man upon the
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