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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWERFUL

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Healing, 646:of high degree can deal safely with this powerful involutionary Elemental; they do so [647] only inHealing, 656:aura; his emotional reaction, often very powerful, is equally aided to attain dispassion and quiet,Healing, 668:plane. The Hierarchy is at this time exceedingly powerful; its Ashrams are full of initiates andHealing, 668:countless millions of men, but are exceedingly powerful; they are highly intelligent butHealing, 676:thought-form which must be kept free from a too powerful use of the will, for it can (unless heldHealing, 696:on the second ray, or who are equipped with a powerful second ray vehicle, are usually greatHercules, 34:the sign of the thinker and, therefore, a powerful mental sign. All beginnings originate on theHercules, 44:four fixed signs of the zodiac, and as the four powerful sacred animal signs are both cosmical andHercules, 67:this sign is in evidence as it is now, being a powerful mutable sign, it inaugurates many changes;Hercules, 108:his mental reactions that they are unusually powerful; hence, he is exceedingly individual, oftenHercules, 108:whole. Therefore, the Nemean lion symbolizes the powerful personality running wild and menacing theHercules, 115:quietness, deep experiences and "slow, yet powerful crises". It is a synthetic sign. On this pointHercules, 139:form it may take; and it is all the more powerful the more advanced a human being is. You cannotHercules, 142:However, it is impossible to negate the powerful picture of the world disciple in this supremeInitiation, 31:possession of the earth; he was a being with a powerful physical body, a coordinated astral body,Initiation, 83:his lapses from the straight path to have more powerful effects than is the case with a lessInitiation, 98:(acting as a subsidiary transmitter and as a powerful magnet) this energy is momentarilyInitiation, 144:in no way resembles hypnotic suggestion, or the powerful impress of stronger minds upon the weaker.Initiation, 172:currents. The moment a man becomes consciously powerful on the mental plane, his power for good isInitiation, 198:every sound and every word spoken produces powerful results in matter of some kind, being energizedInitiation, 198:being energized by two predominant factors, powerful will, scientifically applied, right motive,Initiation, 198:or physical manifestation. These results are powerful and effective, and hence the necessity forIntellect, 193:sending a ray of his unclouded splendor. In this powerful light a mortal is as far [194] above hisIntellect, 210:It involves a more dynamic attention and a more powerful meditation, but the race has progressedIntellect, 212:of energy in its neighborhood becomes very powerful. It should be noted that according to thisIntellect, 225:receiving stimulation from a higher and more powerful center; others imagine the soul as a triangleIntellect, 249:world; they are responsive to the mind of some powerful thinker, or to the massed concepts of theMagic, 61:in vibratory rate and are becoming more and more powerful. The energy is [62] affecting more andMagic, 74:closer, and the resulting vibration more powerful. How many lives this will take depends uponMagic, 81:fuses diverse groups in union. Mind repels by a powerful, strong vibration, casting off all that isMagic, 89:its forces, and preparing for a fresh and powerful impulse, but so it is. All forms of life underMagic, 161:agitation and emotional upset, and on this powerful reaction their thought-forms, constructed soMagic, 203:of the solar plexus center (carrying the powerful forces of the astral plane) there should beMagic, 206:should remember that subtle effects are more powerful than the physical effects. They produceMagic, 306:The result is an inferiority complex of a most powerful kind, because fed by real streams of forceMagic, 345:mental matter, highly vitalized, which causes a powerful thought-form to be created. ThisMagic, 373:the inner planes by the Mahachohan of one of the powerful talismans of the seventh ray. The spiritMagic, 382:waters of the flood being deemed necessary. The powerful thought-forms built up in the earlyMagic, 416:responsive to the higher spiritual vibrations, a powerful and controlled energy body, and a soundMagic, 417:those of you who have seen the vision of a powerful subjective body of thinking Souls can speak theMagic, 447:these forms are fluidic and changeable, and are powerful only through the faculty of persistence.Magic, 475:and will render the mental body so clear and so powerful that right motive will control and trueMagic, 484:which he built. The thought-form will be more powerful than its creator, so that he becomesMagic, 484:of evil magical work and the imposition of a powerful mind upon a weaker. If it finds its way intoMagic, 489:embodied in form and which have a life so powerful that they can poison him. He cannot rid himselfMagic, 492:moods and feelings, its desires and emotions are powerful enough to attract attention, positiveMagic, 524:strong vibration, and have not therefore been as powerful as the vibration of the combinedMagic, 528:human group, and it is evident that the more powerful their united vibration and the clearer theMagic, 530:some primary thinker and are influenced by the powerful intent of that primary force. The PrincipleMagic, 578:those healers who are unconscious workers, being powerful transmitters of prana or solar vitality.Magic, 610:we have naught to do. That which they do is powerful in transient effect, using the word transientMagic, 620:history is concerned largely with the doings of powerful personalities who cast their spell overMeditation, 73:life is intense, vibrant, and animated by a powerful will. Then the spleen, with its innerMeditation, 124:weak, intellectually feeble, but possessed of a powerful emotional body which suffers and fightsMeditation, 124:common form of obsession, and affects those with powerful physical bodies and strong astralMeditation, 125:and physical bodies. The Thinker is too powerful for his other bodies and disdains their use; he isMeditation, 162:in the original Sanskrit have unbelievably powerful effects. So powerful are they that they are notMeditation, 162:Sanskrit have unbelievably powerful effects. So powerful are they that they are not permitted to beMeditation, 163:subject to certain conditions. They are the most powerful known on our planet and their effects areMeditation, 188:in many ways, the most dangerous and the most powerful of the elementals who attend to the earthMeditation, 193:corresponding head center) can be unbelievably powerful. It is well for the race that as yet thatPatanjali, 87:in its very simplicity carries with it, its own powerful appeal. In it can be traced the variousPatanjali, 186:to any number of physical plane sins and is very powerful. It concerns mental force and is aPatanjali, 274:is also found here, for they are the shells and powerful thought-forms left by the second of thePatanjali, 290:for our fifth root race, the symbol of the most powerful and mighty of the animal kingdom. It is aPatanjali, 305:head and heart. The three major centers are so powerful in the most unevolved person even in theirPatanjali, 389:he formulates ideas and though he can carry on powerful meditations and though he can direct andProblems, 15:economic life of the masses by a mere handful of powerful groups. Ancient habits of mass thinkingProblems, 31:they permit it to fall into the hands of a few powerful nations or a mere handful of powerful menProblems, 31:of a few powerful nations or a mere handful of powerful men and financial experts? Such are only aProblems, 34:between man and man and eventually lead to a powerful and inevitable swing away from all religionProblems, 69:which will inaugurate the new world. The other powerful nations, little as they may like to realizeProblems, 70:and Great Britain in the Middle Ages through the powerful business groups of the Victorian era toProblems, 73:Let us now look at the opposing group - Labor. A powerful group, representing the capitalisticProblems, 74:national and international, and an equally [74] powerful group of labor unions and their leaders,Problems, 76:is well known and a primary modern interest. Powerful individuals among the union leaders came toProblems, 77:and self-seeking. Labor leaders are now so powerful that many of them have shifted into theProblems, 78:force to gain its ends. Many of its leaders are powerful and ambitious men, with a deep love ofProblems, 82:not the secret possession of certain groups of powerful men or of any one nation. Atomic energyProblems, 89:or of one religious faith to another more powerful and controlling; it is closely tied up with theProblems, 91:In the international situation there are powerful majorities - the Big Three, the Big Four or theProblems, 91:These smaller nations are afraid of the more powerful nations and of their ability to enforce theirProblems, 91:will. They are afraid of exploitation by some powerful nation or amalgamation of nations,Problems, 93:interests, infringe the so-called rights of powerful nations, encroach on settled boundaries andProblems, 93:encroach on settled boundaries and outrage powerful groups even in most distant lands. Problems, 130:The money gathered into its coffers supports a powerful ecclesiastical hierarchy and provides forProblems, 167:groups immediately appeared in the world: The powerful, reactionary, conservative groups desirousProblems, 173:unnecessary suffering upon the public; it is powerful, political and international distrust, lyingProblems, 179:of the principle of goodwill will produce a powerful organized international group. Public opinionPsychology1, 13:the lower life is so strong and vital that a powerful and material expression eventuates. 2. APsychology1, 152:are held together as a coherent whole by the powerful interrelation of the suns, whose magneticPsychology1, 218:the Will aspect predominates and is the most powerful, whilst in the case of the mineral kingdom,Psychology1, 225:ray is in manifestation, and therefore supremely powerful, do certain hidden changes take place inPsychology1, 243:ray of the advanced units of humanity will be so powerful that there will be a marked pouring in ofPsychology1, 256:be completely wiped out, age after age, by the powerful animal life of the period, and thoughPsychology1, 256:to assert themselves, that humanity became more powerful than the animals and in its turnPsychology1, 282:understanding; it will produce a new and powerful tendency to fusion, to at-one-ment and toPsychology1, 334:There are other rays, but the above are the most powerful and have the greater conditioning power.Psychology2, 68:and utilized, then we see a functioning and powerful Personality. Seeking to impose itself uponPsychology2, 80:that intelligent use of power which makes them powerful factors in the Plan, and magnetic centers
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