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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - POWERS

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Rays, 341:becomes aware of himself as the soul, with soul powers, soul relationships, and soul purpose. TheRays, 372:cosmic mental plane. This is of course beyond my powers to teach or to explain, as I am not yet aRays, 429:are today working through these four Great Powers; it is, however, a karma which seeks to liberate,Rays, 446:in mental matter and trains himself in the powers and uses of thought. He achieves a measure ofRays, 470:to God, to the Hierarchy and to the Spiritual Powers of the cosmos, no matter by what name you callRays, 500:it has itself evoked the reaction of the powers of evil, and hence their attempt to arrest theRays, 500:it is developed to its highest individualistic powers. A process of moving forward into the lightRays, 621:of a unified central government, the two Axis Powers are still younger, and this has had a definiteRays, 626:may prove effective. Each of the three Great Powers has its own internal conflict, conditioned byRays, 630:people. In connection with all the three Great Powers - the U.S.S.R., the U.S.A. and the U.K. -Rays, 633:worked out if capital concedes certain arrogant powers, recognizes the rights of other human beingsRays, 685:of that freedom "whereby the soul and its powers can unfold and all men be free because of anRays, 720:full comprehension is now instinctual, and the powers, knowledges, attributes involved areReappearance, 123:are also closely related to the despised psychic powers (today so stupidly approached andReappearance, 123:approached and ignorantly used), yet these powers (when correctly assessed and used) will prove ofReappearance, 124:great possibilities and the existence of great powers. His work when He reappears will be to proveReappearance, 150:its attributes and aspects, its qualities and powers, through the medium of humanity. On the factReappearance, 175:with the underground activities of the great Powers and of the capitalists which they all create.Soul, 27:in all the senses, yet free from all sense-powers, detached, all supporting, not divided intoSoul, 27:detached, all supporting, not divided into powers, yet enjoying all powers. "Without and within allSoul, 27:not divided into powers, yet enjoying all powers. "Without and within all beings, motionless, yetSoul, 27:immeasurable. - II, 17. "They say the sense powers are higher than objects; than the sense powers,Soul, 27:powers are higher than objects; than the sense powers, emotion is higher; than emotion,Soul, 106:the automaton of the physical body) those soul powers and spiritual qualities which are theSoul, 125:the mechanism of the body, demonstrating the powers of the soul, which, the Hindus claim, followSoul, 126:hand of God. And is the possession of these powers and the fulfilment of Christ's prophecy that weSoul, 127:world [127] controlled by subtler forces and powers, and may not man learn in time to operate inSoul, 137:It should be remembered, however, that all these powers have their spiritual manifestations andSoul, 138:saint and seer likewise see and hear, but their powers are utilized at will and are entirely underSoul, 138:concerns himself, conferring, as they do, such powers as spiritual perception, correctSoul, 146:human heart and a change in its psychology and powers of perception." - Carpenter, Edward, PaganSoul, 146:are simply demonstrations of natural forces and powers. These powers man has failed as yet toSoul, 146:of natural forces and powers. These powers man has failed as yet to recognize and control, just asSoul, 146:civilization. Let us prove one of these soul powers to be a fact in nature and the portals of a newSoul, 149:lines of investigation into the supernormal powers have been well summed up for us in a recentTelepathy, 10:II. Telepathic Work Telepathy and the allied powers will only be understood when the nature ofTelepathy, 87:can be entrusted with so dangerous a cycle of powers. As long as there exists any desire forTelepathy, 194:is being continually increased, bringing new powers and more vital livingness into the human family
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