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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRACTICAL

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Discipleship2, 255:the disciple's thinking hitherto must become practical experiences, and there must be such a shiftDiscipleship2, 265:- may throw light upon certain basic and practical significances. I would first have you note theDiscipleship2, 279:the initiate, and this he possesses even if his practical knowledge of mundane details -Discipleship2, 282:of causes and to relate cause and effect in a practical manner. The initiate of higher degreeDiscipleship2, 285:to you from the world of meaning, producing a practical application, from the world of causes,Discipleship2, 289:the statements made and regards them of practical application. Two things, I told you, are theDiscipleship2, 307:of new knowledge which must be transmuted into practical wisdom, of occult facts which must takeDiscipleship2, 344:great importance, but it is probably of greater practical usefulness; it will, if [345] subjectedDiscipleship2, 394:he can. He must perforce experiment and gain practical experience; he must learn the meaning ofDiscipleship2, 396:of the existence of this entity leads to a practical recognition of the aphorism that "in him weDiscipleship2, 422:to see the... inclusive Whole. This is the practical angle of the above mentioned reality. TheDiscipleship2, 429:the beloved of the Masters. A man may have no practical knowledge of academic initiatory teachingDiscipleship2, 430:of Precipitation. These are words which have a practical usefulness if correctly understood; IDiscipleship2, 452:will find the effort both interesting and also practical. Let these four stages condition theDiscipleship2, 521:from me. You will find all these to be intensely practical considerations. The question of motiveDiscipleship2, 531:love for humanity - inclusive, [531] sane and practical. Ideals are formulations by the human mind.Discipleship2, 536:love. [536] Make three of these definitions practical and four of them abstract and esoteric. ThisDiscipleship2, 536:and by disciples everywhere, struggling with the practical application of occult truths; you canDiscipleship2, 542:sannyasin and free, I would ask of you something practical and needed. The Arcane School stands atDiscipleship2, 551:the next. Make the results of your reflection practical, and thus learn to know when to speak andDiscipleship2, 562:without reducing the effectiveness of normal, practical living upon the physical plane. You mightDiscipleship2, 571:reactions a way of escape from direct and practical action on behalf of humanity. They employ aDiscipleship2, 571:plane and I would ask you: What do you do of a practical nature to add your burden-bearing capacityDiscipleship2, 571:bring the war to an end or to alleviate in some practical way what you can of world distress andDiscipleship2, 571:the unhappy? Maybe you are doing something of a practical nature. I take not the time to searchDiscipleship2, 571:But I would ask you again: What do you do of a practical nature to bring your quota of effort toDiscipleship2, 572:at the same time, to add to that at any cost a practical life of service. Such is not the duty orDiscipleship2, 573:this strengthens and brings your mind into [573] practical effectiveness. The process is thereforeDiscipleship2, 576:gained will serve to provide some of the practical side of the teaching to be given by the ArcaneDiscipleship2, 613:recognized discipline - a discipline of such a practical nature that you need not that I shouldDiscipleship2, 630:truth and the germ of the revelation to the practical affairs of living. You will then find takingDiscipleship2, 630:you must be prepared. This is not only worldly practical wisdom but also spiritual prevision. YourDiscipleship2, 658:theoretical and imposed; humility of heart is practical and inherently spontaneous. I would haveDiscipleship2, 659:statement and seek to understand it and make it practical. If you can learn this lesson, there willDiscipleship2, 659:with the self in all should be your steady and practical objective. To aid you in this, I suggestDiscipleship2, 691:to universal concepts; that is for you the next practical step. I give you six words or phrases,Discipleship2, 700:definitely into your daily life. Spurn not this practical suggestion, but give your mind theDiscipleship2, 705:criticism from the ability to analyze and make practical application of the analysis. Learn toDiscipleship2, 717:the years which still needs to be worked out in practical effectiveness. I wonder if you haveDiscipleship2, 721:and I give you, therefore, a parting word of Practical import upon the physical plane, along withDiscipleship2, 725:great; only to prevent you from a true and practical cooperation in my plans which you know wellDiscipleship2, 728:be done but to strengthen your soul contact by practical spiritual living upon the physical plane,Discipleship2, 729:turn for help, knowing that he will get enough practical assistance to enable him to see the nextDiscipleship2, 738:months' work in meditation. It will involve the practical relation of man to karma, individual lifeDiscipleship2, 759:second six months study them from the angle of practical expression in your daily life. I amEducation, 7:and of the needed bridge building is but the practical demonstration of the truth of the occultEducation, 9:to the wide differences in human beings and the practical impossibility of finding those teachersEducation, 34:expressed his realization through love and practical kindness, expressing it on the physical planeEducation, 48:consciously and definitely cultivated. The practical application of ideals will be emphasized. TheyEducation, 60:necessary for me therefore to indicate the very practical nature of this definition and itsEducation, 66:and to indicate the extremely scientific and practical nature of the enterprise upon which allEducation, 68:knows these triple differentiations in a practical sense and not just theoretically and mystically.Education, 68:would challenge all esotericists to attempt the practical approach which I have here outlined. IEducation, 82:gradually accumulated, that which can be of practical use in any given situation. This processEducation, 124:forms of idealistic philosophy to the life of practical affairs. Today man does both these things.Education, 125:this attitude has been developed in the field of practical education we shall find nations andEducation, 142:at for years? Can I tell you anything of a practical nature that you do not already know and striveEducation, 149:now to make the teaching which I have given practical in its implications. The New Education nowExternalisation, 21:closer relation, and secondly, the work of a practical kind that each of you can do to bring aboutExternalisation, 25:from May, 1935 to April, 1938, inclusive.) One practical thing also I will ask of you. Will youExternalisation, 36:the new age civilization and culture so that the practical results might be visioned with clarityExternalisation, 56:that of the seventh ray and is one with a most practical physical purpose. It is strictly magicalExternalisation, 56:the outer form to its motivating energy, and the practical work of the magician who - under the lawExternalisation, 59:is financial service, will be one of the most practical and interesting from the standpoint of theExternalisation, 105:the Versailles Treaty is only the symbol and the practical focal point. The second fact is that inExternalisation, 140:opportunity lies in front of you and it is of a practical nature, falling into definite spheres ofExternalisation, 141:undesirable reactions. This is the personal and practical thing to do and the difficult task setExternalisation, 164:The three aspects of divinity in man achieve practical expression through the influence of theExternalisation, 164:apprehension of significance. Goodwill, as the practical and possible expression of loveExternalisation, 167:the good of the whole and the giving up of one's practical life to the salvage of the world. It isExternalisation, 170:gland). You will, therefore, note afresh the practical significance of these fourth and fifthExternalisation, 203:IV. The Task Ahead This brings us now to the practical aspects of the subject and to the answeringExternalisation, 206:peace consists of the following three clear and practical truths: That the errors and mistakes ofExternalisation, 207:incentive to all service and action. These three practical and scientific truths embody the threeExternalisation, 209:adjustment falls into two major periods and the practical work in each can be clearly defined: TheExternalisation, 211:futile or useless, but that all have a place of practical value. I call you to recognize thatExternalisation, 215:the will-to-good and peace - such should be the practical expression and the formulated intentionExternalisation, 233:back upon their idealism and do naught that is practical to justify their hope or aid in theExternalisation, 244:the way of the [244] coming new world. It is a practical vision - long desired, much discussed andExternalisation, 244:religious and individual selfishness. The practical aspect of the mode of elimination of theExternalisation, 244:to portray the wider vision with its demanded, practical, effort, and also an indication of theExternalisation, 256:every possible means to achieve that peace in practical [257] ways upon the physical plane that theExternalisation, 258:upon the emotional plane, and a dedication to practical effort [259] upon the physical plane, thenExternalisation, 259:"Jerusalem," the city of peace. The symbolic and practical significance of this is becomingExternalisation, 276:the Coming One. Here we come right down to the practical theme of man's individual part in theExternalisation, 318:I will again write to you and will indicate the practical aspects of the work. In the meantime,Externalisation, 320:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process Practical Steps in the Reconstruction Work SeptemberExternalisation, 322:suggestion as to modes of activity which are practical - some of them of an exoteric nature, suchExternalisation, 325:need and its possible solution. I have given you practical suggestions as to procedures andExternalisation, 329:and employed. But I would make the following practical suggestions concerning the group and itsExternalisation, 331:countries and elsewhere, giving spiritual and practical material aid. Work for the rehabilitationExternalisation, 361:and of spiritual, loving activity. The practical effects of this process will be the dissipation ofExternalisation, 363:will is called into play. I have made this practical application and this immediate illustration ofExternalisation, 371:It will be offset by a great demonstration of practical love and understanding on the part of theExternalisation, 376:or empire. All this has to be wrought out in a practical, realistic manner, divorced fromExternalisation, 376:of words and the plethora of plans, little of practical value has emerged and nothing sufficientlyExternalisation, 380:record of the past. It is essential that we be practical in our approach to [381] the subject andExternalisation, 381:and which the average man can take. The first practical attitude to be taken is to crush out hateExternalisation, 381:emotional nor sentimental. It is intensely practical, and expresses itself in service andExternalisation, 381:responsibility, is to replace emotion by practical love, expressed in selfless service. The third
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