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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRACTICALLY

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Astrology, 194:system, and the energy of that divine aspect is practically entirely occupied with manipulating theAstrology, 283:for the ordinary man. This is interestingly and practically instanced by the constellation which weAstrology, 366:and unscientific that their achievements are practically nil. They uphold the ideal but fail of theAstrology, 378:the physical body is of paramount importance to practically everybody and the thoughts of allAstrology, 394:hard for him. He finds it difficult to apply practically the knowledge gained. It is apt to remainAstrology, 402:sign. Both the astrologers, Leo and Sepharial, practically and to all intents and purposes, agreeAstrology, 453:whilst the center at the base of the spine is practically entirely quiescent, except in connectionAstrology, 603:but not in detail. In the second, there is practically identical expression, usually on a lowerAstrology, 618:(imaginatively reached at first and practically achieved later) they would find it useful to workAtom, 26:This stage is something which we, as yet, know practically little about, and is what we oftenAtom, 48:entire hypothesis not merely a wild dream, but a practically useful ideal. If it is true that allAtom, 89:of the group. Of such a conscious union we know practically nothing as yet. This is succeeded byAtom, 100:consciousness, to the ordinary thinker, is practically impossible of recognition. It has beenAtom, 101:remote from its own inner internal life as to be practically inconceivable and unknown, yet itAtom, 129:[129] family and immediate friends, but we know practically nothing of group love. When group loveAtom, 129:which are at present so far ahead that they are practically inconceivable unless we have theAtom, 145:meant by group consciousness, something as yet practically unknown, except as some beautiful ideal,Autobiography, 65:minds and my mind was very little at that time - practically dormant. I remember that first trip soAutobiography, 122:and the place clean was a problem. We had practically no money and part of the grocer's bill wasAutobiography, 125:it was the last time I ever saw Walter Evans. Practically none of his stipend was ever sent to meAutobiography, 136:basis. Around 1930, when they were all practically grown up, I told them that I was there asAutobiography, 136:and as mother, but that having given them practically twenty complete years, I was from that timeAutobiography, 145:that we need to realize this more keenly and practically. We need, also, to free ourselves from theAutobiography, 205:to New York or anywhere we chose. Every Sunday, practically, we were at home to friends and guestsAutobiography, 242:the war he did a fine piece of work in Holland. Practically all his school papers were translatedAutobiography, 246:recurring activity, for such is the history of practically all the known occult groups whichAutobiography, 263:There is thus built up within these groups, practically without exception, a close corporation ofAutobiography, 268:world. The disciple is taught to live normally, practically, effectively and spiritually in theAutobiography, 274:Masters and the Path, but their lasting power is practically nil. The other three types of schoolsAutobiography, 293:of the plans of the Spiritual Hierarchy is practically unknown. The inclusive concepts of theBethlehem, 13:Christ's birth at Bethlehem can be paralleled in practically every detail in the lives of earlierBethlehem, 82:the new birth be experienced, so simply and so practically that its meaning can appear, thusBethlehem, 124:the devil temporarily could not reach Him. He practically said: "I am the Son of God. Thou mayestBethlehem, 160:as Jesus takes initiation after initiation is practically the same as that at the BaptismBethlehem, 175:and of the Ascension connected with it, we know practically nothing, beyond the fact that ChristBethlehem, 190:remarks that: "The claim of these Gnostics was practically that the good news of Christ (theBethlehem, 218:two persons, relates them to each other, and practically says: Son, recognize who is to give theeBethlehem, 247:the conclusion that our value to the universe is practically nil. And yet we know that there is aBethlehem, 264:to admit this possibility and consider practically our individual relation to the work which ChristDestiny, 92:today are very many; they relate the country practically to every country in Europe; this leads atDiscipleship1, 12:might here be asked: How can this work out practically in a group of disciples - all of themDiscipleship1, 51:it is something which as yet remains unexpressed practically. If you will ask yourselves theDiscipleship1, 93:called) . These four lines of teaching are practically all that is given and all the trainingDiscipleship1, 109:of the will and when it expresses itself practically in service, then a man passes on to the PathDiscipleship1, 117:You both recognize a certain contact yet, practically, B.S.W. is more sensitive to my vibrationDiscipleship1, 119:evidence from them of status) no [119] reaction practically, except a sense of well-being orDiscipleship1, 171:Some day a study will be made of the fact that practically all reactions are of an astral orDiscipleship1, 177:interesting thing to note, however, is that in practically all the cases it is the soul ray whichDiscipleship1, 333:theoretically by you at this time - can be practically applied if you so choose. You asked how oneDiscipleship1, 334:on the level of theory and mentation and is not practically expressed. What I say to you here I sayDiscipleship1, 445:ideas. Do I know anything of this? I mean, practically, in my daily life. What is the archetypalDiscipleship1, 497:in the service of the Hierarchy is practically coincident. I would ask you to ponder upon theDiscipleship1, 502:- D.E.I. October 1939 BROTHER OF MINE: I have practically nothing to say to you in this series ofDiscipleship1, 537:foundation of truth is there but being the same, practically in detail, as that which your brothersDiscipleship1, 673:advice. This is an instantaneous happening, and practically takes none of the Master's time. ThisDiscipleship1, 690:but men and women who are intelligently and practically seeking to make the ideal plan a factualDiscipleship1, 713:This is an instantaneous happening [713] and practically takes none of the Master's time. This hasDiscipleship1, 778:recurring activity, for such is the history of practically all the known occult groups whichDiscipleship2, XIII:may be tuned to mine - as far as that may be practically possible. Let your horizon be wide, myDiscipleship2, 81:[81] years ago. The completion of my books is practically all that she is now doing for me. ThisDiscipleship2, 92:a case of non-recognition, of which they were practically unconscious; they remain in thisDiscipleship2, 121:are as yet in the case of the average aspirant, practically entirely quiescent and only become aDiscipleship2, 129:you know much theoretically and can know more practically. This falls into three stages: Raise theDiscipleship2, 133:by the disciple - theoretically, visually, practically, intuitionally and factually. Each of theseDiscipleship2, 146:the idea through mentally, emotionally, and practically, thus precipitating it outwards into theDiscipleship2, 148:of analytic thought. Summarize conclusions practically. Breathe out the idea into the world ofDiscipleship2, 228:which the Masters know and serve." Consider practically what you can do in the coming week toDiscipleship2, 342:vision of divine intention, and do I know practically more than I did? This would involve occultDiscipleship2, 343:must be able also to register and respond practically to the greater spiritual laws which take theDiscipleship2, 360:in order to carry the Plan forward, logically, practically and with the least expenditure of theDiscipleship2, 412:in the evolution [412] of humanity, the hint was practically and invariably of a mental nature, andDiscipleship2, 543:soul, functioning through the mind - will deal practically with the effects of ashramic contact onDiscipleship2, 572:add to your service in meditation that which can practically help in this appalling worldDiscipleship2, 678:years 1932-1936 the goodwill literature went out practically as dictated by me and it met withDiscipleship2, 729:has led to a chronic state [729] of glamor. Live practically, sweetly, humbly and lovingly for theDiscipleship2, 739:time is to study deeply and to do work which is practically entirely along occult lines. The studyEducation, 12:this consummation all education should tend. Practically speaking, except in rare and highlyEducation, 57:means of transmission and of communication have practically annihilated time and brought the wholeEducation, 104:and because the minds of men are as yet practically untrained and undeveloped, they have littleExternalisation, 36:Within itself, the Hierarchy functions practically entirely on the plane of mind. This isExternalisation, 38:This became possible because the whole world, practically speaking, was involved and only in theExternalisation, 54:material promises. They belong, therefore, more practically to the third ray methods of work, forExternalisation, 112:hundred years. Such crises have taken place in practically every nation in modern times and haveExternalisation, 119:the deductive or self-registering life was practically nil. The life of humanity was then focusedExternalisation, 120:state of consciousness of which modern man knows practically nothing. But, in Atlantean times, theExternalisation, 124:the soul is the disappearance off the earth of practically all signs of the wonderful AtlanteanExternalisation, 140:of goodwill was not expressed dynamically and practically, but theoretically and negatively; theExternalisation, 144:With what results? I myself will reply. With practically no results except a slight stimulation ofExternalisation, 167:true meaning of forgiveness is intellectually, practically and spiritually comprehended, the NewExternalisation, 214:they may advocate the higher way, but practically they do nothing to further its interests. ThisExternalisation, 245:your imaginative attention. To put it even more practically, I would ask you if you would care toExternalisation, 247:to the pursuit of every available mode of practically alleviating the pain. The heart energy willExternalisation, 250:extent with the Forces of Light. This will serve practically to focus your effort. I would ask youExternalisation, 275:Of its exact nature and intended effects we know practically nothing. It has never before appearedExternalisation, 364:and enslaved little nations are subjectively and practically unified into one intense spiritualExternalisation, 368:massed use and their manufacturing potential are practically inexhaustible and are rapidly beingExternalisation, 459:groups and organizations who are attempting practically to blueprint the future. Their dreams andExternalisation, 469:far away heaven, "resting on His laurels" and practically doing nothing very much until such timeExternalisation, 514:link with the Christ and who loves Him, can be practically sure that in Palestine they saw Him,Externalisation, 565:the second Ray. The work of destruction is now practically accomplished and over, and the work of
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