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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRACTICALLY

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Externalisation, 569:of telepathic interplay and of impression is practically all the means which They employ to reachExternalisation, 633:a group who were subjectively, spiritually, practically and openly creating a new form of humanExternalisation, 683:to that today; contact between peoples was practically nil, and where it existed was usually of aFire, vi:attuned and adjusted that the whole process was practically effortless, and the reality andFire, 49:third fire deals with: The evolution of spirit. Practically nothing can at this stage beFire, 60:at all. The internal fires of the moon are practically burnt out, and, therefore, she does notFire, 166:etheric levels, to the fourth ether, where they practically go through the same evolution that theFire, 179:and the intuition developed, it would be practically useless intellectually, but certain things mayFire, 196:allied to the important sense of touch. They are practically subsidiary to that sense. This secondFire, 285:other aspects as exoteric?" The answer to this practically involves the realization that someFire, 303:some, from the point of view of the Ego, are practically negligible, others count; some are to theFire, 322:process it will have been transmuted and be practically, from our point of view, non-existent; allFire, 397:student that manas and intelligent purpose are practically synonymous terms, it will be immediatelyFire, 413:to the chains. This fourth Kumara is as yet practically unrealized, but as hinted at earlier HisFire, 415:finally three. The involutionary process is over practically and the evolutionary is approximatelyFire, 426:the destruction of the form. Suffering will be practically nil, as the human units involved willFire, 429:of heating the world at a small cost and with practically no initial outlay. The fact of theFire, 429:of the present methods. Healing will then fall practically into two departments: Vitalization, byFire, 439:or magnetism will be felt elsewhere, until practically all of it will be passed on unabsorbed. ThisFire, 452:developed, this knowledge of mantrams remains practically useless and may be even a menace. When aFire, 457:Ray and its effect upon the animal kingdom. Practically little is known to man concerning thisFire, 466:ritual accurately performed, - a thing as yet practically unknown. The Masons eventually will beFire, 489:who transmutes in the mineral kingdom works practically with deva essence in its earliest form onFire, 494:alchemists of the fifth root race who have been practically incapable of this control, having lostFire, 538:the fire of the nine spokes or whorls (which is practically consummated at the three majorFire, 541:weaker in tone than the other two, which practically show forth in equal brilliancy. On the mentalFire, 570:or (in other words), in manifestation. We have practically no effect on our parent system, theFire, 623:the cosmic liquid physical subplane, and it is practically subject only to two differentiations,Fire, 663:of a coherent and positive power, are as yet practically in control of the majority. Man usuallyFire, 666:or the etheric levels. Of these we can know practically nothing until after initiation, at whichFire, 709:a vibration calling for response, there occurs a practically simultaneous happening. A downflow ofFire, 719:hundred years, these low aboriginal races will practically die out and will not - in this round -Fire, 778:(through chelaship to adeptship). But nothing practically has been imparted anent the many egos whoFire, 795:(which will have to all intents and purposes practically disappeared) will be finished. During theFire, 796:group of human beings upon each other is as yet practically an unknown thing from the standpoint ofFire, 812:capacity to work at high pressure, and to remain practically immune from disease until (at theFire, 816:to its rarity) physical plane man regards it practically as non-substantial. It is in fact, asFire, 879:seven with the eighth sphere. This must remain practically an insoluble mystery to man at present.Fire, 887:and small, of the solar system, we have hitherto practically confined ourselves to those who areFire, 953:masses of kama-manasic matter which surround practically every unit of the human family, producingFire, 960:rigidly pursued, the dual activity will become practically instantaneous, and the student can thenFire, 1034:with the two other modes of motion, being practically lost sight of in the stronger vibration. ItFire, 1040:of all forms, can perhaps be comprehended more practically if we study it as an expression of fourFire, 1069:of the transmutative or liberating process practically completed in a globe: the essential life ofFire, 1069:absorbed by a greater center in another chain. Practically the same can be said of the vegetableFire, 1072:but their manifestation is so obscure as to seem practically non-existent to the human mind. In theFire, 1129:who tread the Path of attainment to consider and practically realize. The three tiers of petals.Fire, 1144:greater law, that of cause and effect, that practically the whole range of possible knowledge isGlamour, 257:lacking, then the results of the breath will be practically nil or - where [258] there are resultsHealing, 19:of a child for his living conditions is practically nil, unless you admit karma as a predisposingHealing, 33:and the control of the astral body. This book is practically the first one ever given out to theHealing, 59:domestic animals) that they today share with men practically all his ailments in some form orHealing, 182:clearly and briefly as possible, but shall give practically no explanatory matter with them. ThisHealing, 192:conflict (from the angle of consciousness) is practically nil; you have less susceptibility to theHealing, 217:effect) is largely due to the quiescent state of practically all the centers, with the exception ofHealing, 226:racial history of the past - of which little or practically nothing is known. Surmise andHealing, 228:children have given unto her." The Lemurian race practically destroyed itself, owing to its misuseHealing, 237:two modes of treating wrong doing. They will be practically automatically applied as a matter ofHealing, 244:so low a grade of intelligence that the soul is practically little more than an over-shadowingHealing, 273:of the patient. Along this line there is practically nothing as yet known. It is not even yet inHealing, 278:is known of the makeup of the vital body and practically no background of research in this fieldHealing, 301:is present, resistance to disease fades out and practically all forms of ill health and bodily illsHealing, 324:substances. The effect on the inner bodies is practically nil, and far less than the diseasesHealing, 446:to react, and the storehouse of memory is as yet practically empty. For the average good citizen,Healing, 462:the complete dissolution of the etheric body are practically simultaneous. In normal cases of deathHealing, 480:basis of disease and have indicated a practically new field wherein disease - particularly in itsHealing, 487:the mental state of consciousness was then practically non existent, though the "sons of mind" hadHealing, 487:that plane. The mental permanent atom was also practically quiescent within each human form, andHealing, 488:mind is undeveloped, the inner man finds himself practically smothered in an envelope of astralHealing, 489:mental body. The so-called astral body is now practically non-existent as a factor of expression.Healing, 506:soul with the personality during this stage is practically non-existent. The aspect of the soulHealing, 524:why - up till the present time - there has been practically no successful or systematized healingHealing, 528:which would be scientifically accurate (and practically none of them do) - would register more thanHealing, 538:regard that body as not a principle. He works practically entirely with the etheric body and withHealing, 577:mind. In old Lemuria and Atlantis the mind was practically entirely quiescent and not reallyHealing, 602:his power of thought direction will be real and practically effective. Healing, 605:mentioned here which is slower, but in practically every case is more desirable; it is theHealing, 662:and the world of men as a whole. Just as today practically every human being has something wrongHealing, 666:- as stated by the church commentators - but practically and obviously. It is evidenced by theHealing, 709:along this line of work (and such healers are practically non-existent at this time because theHercules, 8:to regard the human family as having reached, practically en masse, the stage of the aspirant, theHercules, 104:only of ten constellations and, at some date practically unknown, the two constellations, Leo andInitiation, 59:"the Count," and in America and Europe acts Practically as the general manager for the carrying outInitiation, 83:lower is widened, and the obedience of the flesh practically automatic. That all initiates measureInitiation, 86:profound, and he has mastered theoretically and practically, in great measure, the laws of his ownInitiation, 113:them, and should they be absent, the man remains practically unhandicapped in his contacts on theInitiation, 118:of the Planetary Logos to the initiate. This is practically incomprehensible to the average man forInitiation, 154:or Shiva note, is pealing forth in power, and is practically the only note heard. By the soundingInitiation, 169:seldom does, as the results gained thereby are practically unimportant and he wastes not energy inInitiation, 171:rounds is revealed to him, and he understands, practically as well as theoretically, theIntellect, 21:hands of the organized religions, but now it is practically divorced from the control of theIntellect, 40:culture of the individual, with the masses left practically without any education. In the West weIntellect, 73:- Bhagavad Gita, VI. 6. and St. Paul says practically the same thing in his desperate cry: "For IIntellect, 99:should engross their attention for a long time - practically to the exclusion of the others - isIntellect, 140:a question of focus. The brain is active in practically a subconscious manner towards the instinctsIntellect, 178:as these three great sciences are occult to, and practically unattainable by, the average gradeIntellect, 212:reactions are mainly instinctual and the mind is practically non-functioning, then the center ofMagic, 21:nature, subhuman and superhuman. This is as yet practically unknown but is rapidly coming intoMagic, 77:Occident, is intellectually investigated but not practically followed. Theoretically someMagic, 90:which this essential relationship can work out practically. This can be seen finding its expression
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