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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRACTICED

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Astrology, 300:the basic reality and necessity of meditation as practiced by the disciple and the initiate. ThisAutobiography, 223:and evil were cultivated and a lot of those who practiced these undesirable modes of life hiedDiscipleship1, 11:for what it is. If true dispassion is practiced, this group of disciples can see things as they areDiscipleship1, 58:release of energy for use after initiation. He practiced patience and forbearance and helpfulnessDiscipleship1, 431:of a divinely indifferent viewpoint? Have I practiced an indifferent attitude to myself whenDiscipleship1, 512:and kindness in thought and word are practiced and automatically become a part of a disciple'sDiscipleship1, 513:lives. These three things, if persisted in and practiced, will do more to release you from glamorDiscipleship1, 643:is a new meditation to be grasped, mastered and practiced; there is definite healing work to beDiscipleship1, 683:are ancient and well-known. They have to be practiced for long periods before the stage of acceptedDiscipleship2, 181:and eventually effective. This meditation, when practiced, understood and perfected, prepares theDiscipleship2, 452:refer at this point to the meditation process, practiced daily). Let them mark also the carefullyEducation, 130:at this time. These will, when grasped and practiced, produce the needed right relationships andExternalisation, 149:good health and the tangible material results as practiced in the realm of mysticism by manyExternalisation, 418:the vagueness of the meditation taught and practiced in the East and in the West, and itsExternalisation, 418:scientific work of appeal and invocation as practiced by those who have trained their minds throughFire, 427:of all kinds by the means of sound will be practiced on the two lower planes, and when theFire, 460:reached. I do not refer to the wanton cruelties practiced under the name of science, nor to certainFire, 461:lack of agreement lies the clue to the cruelties practiced on animals by man. Fire, 491:of Hatha Yoga in India and similar methods as practiced in certain religious and occult orders inFire, 882:- S. D., III, 435, 436. All the virtues are practiced. - S. D., III, 262. One has experience. - S.Glamour, 187:the power to save the world, if recognized and practiced. Much of the true revelation since theGlamour, 213:of their natures. Workers must therefore have practiced meditation, have reflected much upon theGlamour, 235:of service each step must be mastered and practiced for quite a long time. Every new branch ofGlamour, 253:on book knowledge and its exponents have never practiced it extensively themselves, and dangerousHealing, 4:(as it is called in the occult terminology) as practiced by the initiates of the world. TheseHealing, 62:lowest centers. Hence, forbidden methods were practiced. Those who thus practiced them are today,Healing, 62:forbidden methods were practiced. Those who thus practiced them are today, in great numbers, inHealing, 437:if we could but realize it, is one of our most practiced activities. We have died many times andHealing, 487:falls, therefore, into three categories: As practiced by those people who are purely astral inHealing, 487:constitution. These we call "kamic" people. As practiced by those balanced people who areHealing, 488:are called [488] "kama-manasic" individuals. As practiced by advanced people and disciples of allHealing, 495:be assumed that the Art of Elimination is practiced more definitely and more effectively than wasHealing, 502:processes of conscious dissolution as practiced by the advanced disciple or initiate. These laterHealing, 528:why the various healing systems which are practiced today throughout the world (particularly in theHealing, 648:the will to the soul. When the healer (through practiced alignment) has linked up with his soul, heIntellect, 84:that "when the means to union have been steadily practiced and when impurity has been overcome,Intellect, 128:of our best minds, and through meditation, as practiced by a few in the religious field, many haveIntellect, 151:"When the means to union have been steadily practiced, and when impurity has been overcome,Intellect, 256:fifteen minutes to five, or meditation should be practiced on alternate days, until such time asMagic, 230:to right action, and made possible through practiced dispassion. In this sentence is summed up theMagic, 239:truth in daily life, using the concept of truth practiced and lived by as their seed thought inMagic, 494:if we could but realize it, is one of our most practiced activities. We have died many times andMagic, 504:the consciousness to the head. This should be practiced as a definite exercise as one falls toMeditation, 121:the result of meditation unwisely and ignorantly practiced, the last state of affairs is frequentlyMeditation, 178:civilized countries the art is still known and practiced. Secondly, the average man, even if heMeditation, 194:[194] and emotional levels was understood and practiced, being utilized for selfish ends in most ofMeditation, 316:lives. Exoteric science will be taught and practiced by proficient teachers, and the lower mindPatanjali, 76:when dispassion towards these objective forms is practiced. It might be useful if we note that thePatanjali, 384:for the true training in yoga practice, and when practiced, bring the entire lower nature into suchProblems, 7:completely change its attitudes. Goodwill really practiced among groups in any nation, by politicalProblems, 34:the old mode of education is still peacefully practiced may be not only dangerous to themselvesProblems, 79:the simple process of barter and exchange (as practiced by the primeval savage) to the intricateProblems, 147:So much has been said and so little brotherhood practiced that the word has fallen somewhat intoProblems, 157:the vagueness of the meditation, taught and practiced in the East and in the West (with itsProblems, 159:will also be the skilled work of invocation as practiced by those who have trained their mindsPsychology1, 166:Flagellants and other fanatical enthusiasts who practiced self-torture and mutilation wasPsychology1, 166:subray; and the time when astrology was widely practiced as representing the third subray; whilePsychology1, 273:tradition, training and attitude of the men who practiced it. In one part of the world, one womanPsychology2, 13:facts of the initiatory process before they are practiced experimentally in the daily life and thusPsychology2, 134:of construction, the true nature of service, as practiced by any individual, begins to emerge. ThePsychology2, 343:through the medium of the form, understandingly practiced. A period wherein alignment takes place,Psychology2, 481:subjecting of oneself to guidance (as at present practiced) renders a man eventually a negativeRays, 7:purpose is somewhat understood. As meditation is practiced, as the lower bodies are painstakinglyRays, 282:the place of the inclusiveness hitherto felt and practiced. Perhaps I can convey to you somethingRays, 533:and of Fellow Craft, plus certain little-practiced degrees, as for instance that of Mark MasonReappearance, 63:orthodox Christian as wrong approaches, as being practiced by so-called "heathen," and as requiringReappearance, 152:will also be the skilled work of invocation as practiced by those who have trained their mindsSoul, 132:The second group employed the reason and practiced mind control, plus stern emotional and physicalTelepathy, 62:of experience and aura need the stimulus of his practiced assurance. Finally, it might be said that
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