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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRACTICES

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Bethlehem, 16:good, the beautiful and the true. These three practices, leading to a changed attitude towards lifeDiscipleship1, 683:I want to make entirely clear to you that the practices of a purificatory nature and the cultivatedDiscipleship2, 132:this I did in lieu of more abstruse meditation practices. This meditation is intended to bringDiscipleship2, 188:who has thrown over in disgust all old religious practices, and believes that he has no furtherDiscipleship2, 556:This as if behavior is one of the most occult of practices. It in reality presupposes theEducation, 2:because the subject involves advanced meditation practices which must be approached gradually. IExternalisation, 19:processes for hours at a time, or against practices which have for their objective the arousing ofExternalisation, 585:heads are busy with methods, techniques and practices which will raise the entire [586] level ofFire, 460:under the name of science, nor to certain practices which take place under religious guise inFire, 750:is always pure and decked with virtues, he that practices kindness all his life, is a Muni, evenFire, 868:A Guru is a spiritual teacher. 75 Aspirant. "The practices which make for union with the Soul are:Fire, 1012:life, avoids meat, nicotine and alcohol, and practices continence, the pineal gland becomes noGlamour, 255:the disciple knows just what he is doing as he practices esoteric breathing, and unless theHealing, 231:possible for me to outline to you the nature and practices of Atlantean magic with its control ofHealing, 236:which will bring about the cessation of those practices and modes of living and desiring whichHealing, 241:through meditation and alignment and right practices, the centers will be brought under the directHealing, 280:the human body, their attack on existent medical practices (even of proven value), and theirHealing, 284:nature, it is essential that sound medical practices of an orthodox kind accompany the subtlerHealing, 373:radiation, Preventive medicine, The essential practices of osteopathy and chiropractic, ScientificHealing, 497:downward path of rebirth. The kama-manasic man practices a process of withdrawal and responds toHealing, 537:useful parts in preventive medicine, alleviative practices and curative processes. To theseHercules, 49:view are equally wrong: in the one case we have practices taught which lead eventually to sexualInitiation, 201:not achieved through what is called Hatha Yoga practices, or concentrating the attention upon theInitiation, 202:who misuses knowledge, who indulges in such practices as "breathing for development," orIntellect, 93:of hundreds of Knowers, says that: "The practices which make for union with the soul are first,Intellect, 178:spiritual education which advanced meditation practices confer, the problem of the psychologists asIntellect, 184:In the third, the Adi-Yoga, when through yoga practices the Light is seen, there are no longer anyIntellect, 237:in a book of this description the more advanced practices and the more intensive work have noMagic, 149:and subtler use of his response apparatus, he practices the science of the breath, and discoversMagic, 191:upon the form aspect as is the case in many practices used to vitalize the centers. The two factsMagic, 379:and it is the remnants of the earlier Temple practices which have come down to us in degradedMagic, 379:phallic teaching, in Tantrik magic and the practices of Hatha Yogis. The infant humanity ofMeditation, 18:As said earlier, the goal of all the meditation practices is approach to the divine within eachMeditation, 104:fire through breathing exercises and similar practices; they pay the price of their rashnessMeditation, 243:point: 2. The ascertaining by the group that practices healing of full information as to thePatanjali, 121:and automatic) functioning and all the various practices which give man control over the differentPatanjali, 138:but a tendency to revert to the use of forms and practices which the Indweller has outgrown. ForPatanjali, 180:or Samadhi. It will be noted that these means or practices are apparently simple, but it must bePatanjali, 181:[181] so that the entire threefold lower man practices the means as they refer to the physical, thePatanjali, 187:self and form the basis of character. The yoga practices which so much interest the western thinkerPatanjali, 217:the following of breathing exercises and to the practices dependent for their success upon thePatanjali, 221:intended for the general public those rules, practices and methods which enable the trainedPatanjali, 222:concerns those breathing exercises and rhythmic practices which bring the physical organs, alliedPatanjali, 223:which is the basis of voodooism and of all those practices which cause the depletion and death ofPatanjali, 257:comes the final stage, the object of all yoga practices, where unity is known and even duality isPatanjali, 315:to all acquainted even slightly with Yoga practices and is seen even by concentration on the spacePatanjali, 369:great creative and evolutionary process. 3. The practices and methods are not the true cause of thePatanjali, 383:of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination 3. The practices and methods are not the true cause of thePatanjali, 383:of the sutras and needs but little comment. The practices refer primarily to: 1. The means forPatanjali, 384:be noted, therefore, that we could refer the practices more specifically to that stage in the lifePatanjali, 384:path, and to the path of discipleship. When the practices and methods are followed they bring aboutPatanjali, 422:and pray." The rules which govern victory, the practices which bring success are the same for thePatanjali, 424:the path, adhering to the rules, following the practices employing the means and steadily fulfilingPatanjali, ix:become apparent that any return to Hatha Yoga practices or those practices which deal specificallyPatanjali, ix:that any return to Hatha Yoga practices or those practices which deal specifically with thePatanjali, ix:about through various types of meditation practices and breathing exercises, is, from a certainPatanjali, ix:all the lesser in its results, though not in its practices. When these are studied, it will becomeProblems, 107:place of the barbaric cults and crude religious practices. Much evil followed the explorer, thePsychology1, 211:deep interest in omens, in dreams, in all occult practices, and in spiritualistic phenomena. ThePsychology1, 211:out orthodox treatment of disease. On him the practices of yoga would have no physical bad results.Psychology1, 274:impasse? The traditions of customs and of practices, with their inevitable consequences and longPsychology1, 278:attitude of mind which results often in physical practices and reactions which are - in theirPsychology1, 278:an ancient rhythm, and the resumption of ancient practices. These perversions are ever found when aPsychology2, 63:the way for the soul by the institution of those practices which tend towards right conduct, rightPsychology2, 475:undesirable as are some of the Hatha-yoga practices in India which enable the yogin to recover thePsychology2, 478:and to drop them is easier said than done. The practices whereby the lower psychic powers have beenPsychology2, 488:tendencies towards religious activity and practices. These, however, he interprets in terms ofPsychology2, 597:as outlined above; that they are following practices for which they are not ready, which have notPsychology2, 621:certain definitely sensed group dangers. These practices can be beneficial if carefully carriedPsychology2, 621:can be offset by certain esoteric exercises and practices connected with the respiratory tract.Rays, 100:death." It is not detachment as the aspirant practices it. It is the scientific breaking of allRays, 349:analogous to that of the spiritual aspirant; he practices purity for his own safeguarding and notRays, 572:attitude to sex and the establishing of those practices, attitudes and moral perceptions which willSoul, 106:Soul. The object, therefore, of all methods and practices is to bring about conscious union withSoul, 115:and purity of life and thought. Certain degraded practices and schools, occurring both in the EastSoul, 115:East and the West, teaching so-called Tantrik practices cannot be too severely condemned. TheseSoul, 129:body which can be affected by certain Oriental practices of breathing, mantras and posture. SuchSoul, 129:of breathing, mantras and posture. Such practices are most dangerous, often, indeed, leading toTelepathy, 91:it is also the sublime art which every Master practices on inspiration from Shamballa; it is a
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