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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRACTICING

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Astrology, 5:and only a handful of them are to be found practicing at this time. The modern investigator likesAstrology, 21:individual's place upon the wheel of life, the practicing astrologer will arrange theAutobiography, 22:A good occultist must be, first of all, a practicing mystic (or do I mean a practical mystic -Autobiography, 25:Up at 6 a.m., rain or shine, summer or winter; practicing scales for an hour or preparing the day'sDiscipleship1, 222:and control, thus developing wisdom and practicing impersonality. Your motives are seldom at fault.Discipleship1, 252:of the constant sense of the little self. The practicing of detachment from self-concern andDiscipleship1, 334:reactions. Study these various vibrations by practicing the habit of contacting them withDiscipleship2, 185:Reception Each of these meditations carries the practicing disciple on to greater insight, orDiscipleship2, 189:the vertical and the horizontal position of the practicing disciple. In this meditation youDiscipleship2, 245:refers to your integration into my group of "practicing chelas," and the other relates to yourDiscipleship2, 251:to a Master and his ashram or his group of practicing disciples, is of value to you in yourDiscipleship2, 257:quality: To integrate into the inner Ashram as "practicing chelas." To contact the Master at will.Discipleship2, 260:and at the same time become a conscious, practicing member of the Kingdom of God, the Hierarchy, soDiscipleship2, 311:in this type of work the initiate is working and practicing and progressing under a Law of Destiny.Discipleship2, 754:exercise should be carefully thought out before practicing so that you can know just what you areHealing, 96:cleavage in the personality so well known to the practicing psychologist, but also a cutting off ofHealing, 204:must be carefully studied and grasped by any practicing healer, for he will eventually have to workHealing, 296:are the polar opposite of the effective cause. Practicing harmlessness so as to arrest theHealing, 349:treatment or not. Therefore, the healer or practicing disciple assumes in his mind the possibilityHealing, 579:should be employed by the average man or the practicing aspirant. Concentration upon the physicalHealing, 696:line of 2-4-6 must be used by the healer when practicing the healing art. If he has no vehicles orMagic, 208:synchronously. Let me illustrate: - When you are practicing your daily breathing exercise keep yourMagic, 235:and so hold the ground gained, or become true practicing magicians, efficient in white magic, whichMeditation, 326:comprehension of the facts earlier studied, of practicing that part of the occult lore permissible,Problems, 7:and dynamic effect. One person sincerely practicing goodwill in a family can completely change itsPsychology1, 274:of the horror unfolded in those words! Women, practicing the ancient trade of promiscuity, have ofPsychology2, 158:of a prescribed form of meditation, the practicing of a definite formula of breathing, and regularPsychology2, 486:people as well as solitary individuals who are practicing various forms of meditation and of yoga.Rays, 294:away with visionary mysticism and produces the practicing occultist. A study of the creativeRays, 299:reality of Oneness as it demonstrates [299] in practicing operation. When he has, through his ownTelepathy, 107:part of the Ashram, he learns (whilst practicing alignment) to by-pass - if I may use such a word -
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