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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRAISE

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Autobiography, 257:success but he does not go to the Master for praise, knowing he will not get it. He struggles withAutobiography, 258:look not for recognition of Their work or the praise of Their contemporaries but only for theDiscipleship1, 381:time nothing but encouragement and a word of praise for a life faced and handled with humility andDiscipleship1, 651:or to wait, to speak or to be silent, to take praise or reproach, to feel sorrow or joy, - our onlyDiscipleship1, 790:look not for recognition of their work or the praise of their contemporaries but only for theDiscipleship2, 92:elsewhere told you) the position was taken that praise, commendation and interesting personalDiscipleship2, 125:frankness and shall not spare you either praise or blame. If you resent what I may say, then itDiscipleship2, 335:affect your judgment, evoking like or dislike, praise or blame, but inevitably putting you - as anDiscipleship2, 510:this has been recorded and recognized by us. Praise and commendation is an unusual line for me toHealing, 685:"doing of one's duty," for which one gets small praise and little appreciation, is the first stepHercules, 129:whatever light we bear). There is no special praise, Hercules just passed, not cum laude; but theMagic, 623:his problem. Their greed, their adulation and praise, and their criticism tend to becloud his way.Magic, 630:and understood. They demand liking and praise. They gauge success by numbers and by response. TheyPsychology2, 105:to results, to means, to persons or to praise. This I will deal with later. [106] In the fourth
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