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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRALAYIC

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Externalisation, 567:to individualization is finally closed for a pralayic period and the Way of the Higher EvolutionFire, 26:ones laughed within themselves, and sought pralayic peace until the seventh aeon. But the sevenFire, 227:manifestation, and after the cessation of the pralayic interval or interlude between two systems,Fire, 484:later to take a new form. Radioactivity, pralayic solution, and essential volatility might expressFire, 484:of the circle and dissipation supervenes and pralayic peace. The Son returns to the bosom ofFire, 737:of their incarnations, and the brevity of the pralayic period. There is little in their case forFire, 738:cycle has been covered; then he may undergo a pralayic condition until in a later (and sometimesFire, 738:light. These might be considered the two lesser pralayic periods and concern primarily life in theFire, 748:the circle of manifestation to the center of pralayic peace, is seen the enveloping blue, lost inFire, 797:its subsequent obscuration, and final pralayic interval. As the Ego has time periods correspondingFire, 878:(Bible. Rev. XX, 2.) this meaning only that pralayic peace is the lot of these entities until theFire, 1280:from out of time and space - into the center of pralayic peace. All is, yet all is not. The wheelsMagic, 323:and if the student develops as desired, each pralayic period is succeeded by one of greaterRays, 479:swinging to the horizontal lies salvation and pralayic peace." Rays, 767:swinging to the horizontal lies salvation and pralayic peace.
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