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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRANA

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Soul, 98:Hindu-Yogi Science of Breath, pp. 16, 17. This prana is therefore the universal life principle inSoul, 99:it is divine Purpose, actively functioning. Prana, is analogous to the activity of theSoul, 99:principle, the Soul of the Christian. This prana is an effect of the union of spirit or life, andSoul, 101:that sentient vivifying duality which we call prana. This dual energy has two positive centers inSoul, 101:find expression. Dr. Rele says that "Prana proper is located between the larynx and the base of theSoul, 103:impressions ascend to it, it is called the Udana-prana. The last relay in the cord, from which itSoul, 104:is on a level with the root of the nose. Udana-prana is, therefore, said to rule the portion of theSoul, 104:The Yogi, by a conscious control over the Udana-prana, suppresses all incoming and outgoingSoul, 104:bound up with consciousness. This energy is prana, which is intermediate between mind and matter.Soul, 104:mind and matter. "Hindu philosophy regards Prana and not motion as the fundamental energy of theSoul, 104:motion as the fundamental energy of the cosmos. Prana is conceived as a power coming from orSoul, 104:outside objects. This nervous energy is called Prana. Western Science has for a hundred yearsSoul, 105:process and derives [105] mechanical motion from Prana, of energy accompanied by consciousness.Soul, 105:Prana, of energy accompanied by consciousness. Prana corresponds to the Psychikon pneuma, animalSoul, 105:Jivatma, or embodied spirit, in its aspect as Prana." - Avalon, Arthur (Sir John Woodroffe), TheSoul, 106:in man have in view the increasing display of prana or life-soul energy. Through an understandingSoul, 108:leaving the others void of the animating breath (prana), as so many unused instruments, he canSoul, 109:of ether and acts as the conductor of prana which is the life principle and energizes matter andSoul, 112:this would be to confuse the 'vital breath' (prana), which properly belongs to the subtleSoul, 117:of gross sensible matter (Mahabhuta) infused by Prana. Its material has been worked up so as toSoul, 122:undeveloped person it is simply the life force, prana, which is active and registers. This nurturesTelepathy, 16:is the direct instrument for the entrance of prana into the human mechanism. This instinctualTelepathy, 27:processes of another person. 3. The energy of prana, or the etheric force of the vital body. ThisTelepathy, 97:three types are (when added to the energy of prana which composes the etheric vehicles): The healthTelepathy, 154:or channeling tubes are composed is planetary prana, the life-giving, health-giving energy of theTelepathy, 154:- The Basis of Non-Separateness The word "prana" is almost as much misunderstood as are the wordsTelepathy, 154:the great ignorance prevalent in occult circles. Prana might be defined as the life-essence of
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