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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRAYER

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Invocation:the Plan on Earth. "The above Invocation or Prayer does not belong to any person or group but toAstrology, 310:It might appropriately be added here that the prayer or voiced aspiration of the true Leo personAutobiography, 51:unreal to the Real" - to quote the oldest [51] prayer in the world. I had, in those days, to learnAutobiography, 55:class of my own and to expressing myself at prayer meeting and I had no qualms at all. I was sure IAutobiography, 63:endless Gospel meetings, presiding at daily prayer meetings, studying my Bible assiduously andAutobiography, 85:by their comrades). They were members of the prayer-meeting group and silently, stolidly andAutobiography, 179:at the same time never relinquished my habit of prayer. I believe that the true occultist usesAutobiography, 179:prayer. I believe that the true occultist uses prayer and meditation interchangeably according toAutobiography, 179:in the spiritual life. The trouble with prayer has been that the average human being makes itAutobiography, 179:of things for the separated self. True prayer asks nothing for the separated self but it willAutobiography, 179:Christ not only prayed but taught us the Lord's Prayer. To me, also, meditation is a mental processAutobiography, 179:needed by the unthinking people of the world. Prayer is of the emotional nature and of the heartAutobiography, 179:of material need I - again as usual - stuck to prayer and that night I prayed. The next morningBethlehem, 53:is beautifully embodied in the following prayer: "There is a peace that passeth understanding; itBethlehem, 69:Sorrow's thick darkness or strange mystery Of prayer or providence. Persist intent, And thou shaltDiscipleship1, 62:Word, the O.M. three times. Close with the prayer of the personality to the soul: "May the words ofDiscipleship1, 145:builders of the New Age is the earnest wish and prayer of your friend, your brother and yourDiscipleship1, 268:to the group the measure of your strength is my prayer for you. Discipleship1, 333:to your chosen band of comrades. Such is my prayer for you as I gather you closer into my aura. Discipleship1, 408:but go happily along the lighted Way. Such is my prayer for you. [409] Discipleship1, 459:group. Might not the ideas underlying the Lord's Prayer unfold to you with greater clarity if youDiscipleship1, 459:to the magical formula which that ancient prayer embodies. The deepest esoteric significance whichDiscipleship1, 460:with the third point and the use of the Lord's Prayer. Instead of pondering on the words of thatDiscipleship1, 460:Instead of pondering on the words of that prayer, I give you here some sentences which I would askDiscipleship1, 471:increase fourfold your usefulness. Such is my prayer for you. NOTE: This disciple still persists inDiscipleship1, 605:entire personality. Ponder next upon the Lord's Prayer as part of your group work. Seek by theDiscipleship2, 4:but not always my time and attention. My earnest prayer is that the Light may enfold you and theDiscipleship2, 71:concerning divine intervention as a result of prayer, and I would point out that there is aDiscipleship2, 71:between Divine Intervention and Answered Prayer. One admits of reciprocal energies, the otherDiscipleship2, 89:service and a deepened humility, is the hope and prayer of your friend, collaborator and Master.Discipleship2, 165:can be to the new world religion what the Lord's Prayer has been to Christianity and theDiscipleship2, 165:First, the general public will regard it as a prayer to God transcendent. They will not recognizeDiscipleship2, 165:ceaselessly long. They will also regard it as a prayer for enlightenment of all rulers and leadersDiscipleship2, 165:all groups who are handling world matters; as a prayer for the inflow of love and understandingDiscipleship2, 165:a willingness to refrain from questioning; as a prayer for the strengthening of humanDiscipleship2, 165:be harnessed; they will regard it finally as a prayer that some equally vague primeval condition ofDiscipleship2, 168:be fulfiled. No one can use this Invocation or prayer for illumination and for love without causingDiscipleship2, 170:work but fundamentally simple. Invocation, prayer or aspiration, meditation - it matters not whatDiscipleship2, 172:They will interpret it in all simplicity as a prayer that the human will can be brought intoDiscipleship2, 179:which I have lately given to you, is the group prayer of all humanity in the Aquarian Age;Discipleship2, 183:used by humanity and when it becomes a world prayer, will enable humanity - as a whole - to expressDiscipleship2, 187:planetary and individual alignment exercise, prayer or invocation? It provides, as a result of itsDiscipleship2, 188:together the two methods (hitherto in use) of prayer and meditation. To give to the world a newDiscipleship2, 188:and meditation. To give to the world a new prayer. This meditation or invocation is essentially aDiscipleship2, 188:This meditation or invocation is essentially a prayer. It can, however, be used with profoundDiscipleship2, 188:a meditation exercise; it is essentially a prayer, synthesizing the highest desire, aspiration andDiscipleship2, 188:believes that he has no further need or use for prayer, or that he has passed to a higher phase,Discipleship2, 188:and firm assumption), but employs the method of prayer which - when divorced from all relation toDiscipleship2, 188:of meditation and using the implement of prayer (by means of the Invocation), he attains aDiscipleship2, 192:Ashram is constantly preserved by meditation, prayer and concentration. That the horizontal life ofDiscipleship2, 215:to and inclusive of the aspirational mystic, 2. Prayer; this is the stage wherein the aspirant, theDiscipleship2, 215:and contact; he, through the proved efficacy of prayer, discovers the subtler powers and the factDiscipleship2, 222:of a simple nature (combining the aspects of prayer, meditation and invocation) which has for itsDiscipleship2, 224:of creation upon all levels and by all beings. Prayer, focused desire, meditation and focusedDiscipleship2, 228:to assume an attitude of aspiration, devotion, prayer and fixed intention (in this order), prior toDiscipleship2, 229:of Light. Then say the following invocative prayer, with focused mental concentration and from aDiscipleship2, 235:they have not taught mankind that meditation and prayer were simply phases of cooperation with theDiscipleship2, 235:of meditation, ranging from desire through prayer to worship, and from thence to meditation andDiscipleship2, 276:the words "from death to Immortality." Thus this prayer of the ancient past becomes the presentExternalisation, 25:- mental, emotional and physical. I call you to prayer and to fasting, though along what lines yourExternalisation, 37:on the plane of mind. Already voiceless prayer and aspiration and worship are deemed of higherExternalisation, 144:of Power, ancient mantrams (such as the Lord's Prayer) and the Great Invocation are only effectiveExternalisation, 174:or the group who is using the suggested formula, prayer or invocation is essential. I would ask youExternalisation, 174:The idea of a Christmas appeal and call to prayer and to invocation of the Prince of Peace will beExternalisation, 224:not convinced of the potency of invocation or of prayer; they are failing to realize that it isExternalisation, 224:believing in the worst; they use the method of prayer and of invocation because such methods seemExternalisation, 229:and men and women of goodwill, is the earnest prayer of your fellow disciple and co-worker. Externalisation, 243:This new world will not come as an answer to prayer or by the passive wishful thinking andExternalisation, 245:Can you then stand idly by or simply resort to prayer and talk about the beauties of peace when theExternalisation, 250:of those who used it turned it into a peace prayer. It was instead a great spiritually militantExternalisation, 251:to fight for the release of humanity is the prayer and the appeal of your brother, the Tibetan. Externalisation, 251:success of invocation and the true efficacy of prayer are dependent upon clear thinking and notExternalisation, 257:powers to help, and Who can be reached by prayer and invocation. It is the potency and grasp ofExternalisation, 259:will of the people, blended by invocation and prayer, can make this possible. Divine interventionExternalisation, 261:and everlasting abode. They cannot be reached by prayer or even by well formulated desire - theExternalisation, 264:the nations of the world have been called to prayer, and this proclaimed appeal of millions cannotExternalisation, 265:prove the correct result of all invocation and prayer, we shall have the balancing of theExternalisation, 267:to take action. They cannot be moved by prayer, demand and invocation alone. Such demand must haveExternalisation, 268:development of the one who seeks the aid of true prayer and invocation. One thing which should beExternalisation, 273:animated by wishful thinking, by hoping and by prayer; so few are motivated by intention. IntentionExternalisation, 280:the mental plane (where most goodwill, desire, prayer and invocation becomes "frozen") and isExternalisation, 280:work done through the means of invocation and prayer, plus the needed fighting for the right, isExternalisation, 314:things: First, strengthen - through meditation, prayer and clear thinking - your faith, confidenceExternalisation, 320:invoked throughout the world, either by prayer, invocation or unvoiced demand, is concerned withExternalisation, 352:into Himself all that they have of appeal, prayer and demand - voiced or unvoiced - transmitting itExternalisation, 353:work," Christ said, "goeth not forth save by prayer and fasting." I call you to prayer and toExternalisation, 353:forth save by prayer and fasting." I call you to prayer and to meditation for both are neededExternalisation, 383:with them in the past, foster it by thought and prayer, and later by direct communication. Thus aExternalisation, 383:Will, its living Creator, its God. Seek by prayer to reach that central Will and point of Life,Externalisation, 397:its outstanding note was peace. It was used as a prayer by the majority and not as a challengingExternalisation, 400:phenomena. Step by step man has been led through prayer, the voice of desire, through worship, theExternalisation, 401:We can realize that to our past programs of prayer, worship and affirmation, the new religion ofExternalisation, 414:will take the place of what we now call prayer and worship. Be not disturbed by the use of the wordExternalisation, 416:This will grow out of the ancient habits of prayer as used by the masses, and the practice ofExternalisation, 416:as developed by the mystics and occultists. Prayer and meditation are the preliminary steps to thisExternalisation, 418:will later be given to the race, as The Lord's Prayer was given by the Christ and The GreatExternalisation, 418:and age. This new religious science (for which prayer, meditation and ritual have laid theExternalisation, 596:thirdly: a steadily mounting invocative cry, prayer or demand, directed toward high spiritualExternalisation, 631:of invocation. Invocation is the highest type of prayer there is, and a new form of divine appealExternalisation, 631:I would ask you all to use in the place of any prayer, meditation or invocation for money which you
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