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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRECEDING

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Astrology, 44:with the active intelligent principle of the preceding kalpa, and so must continue such contacts inAstrology, 136:to trace the relation of consciousness to the preceding sign and to the succeeding sign. It isAstrology, 276:the Path of Discipleship, up to and immediately preceding the third initiation, is based upon theAstrology, 314:Aries) and manifested duality (Gemini, the sign preceding Cancer) and these three, blendedAstrology, 315:factors which distinguished the Christ from all preceding world Saviors was the fact that He wasAstrology, 320:mass awareness of Cancer. There are three signs, preceding these, which provide the subtle orAstrology, 370:the second sign which - after the reorientation preceding discipleship - produces changes andAstrology, 380:ordinary wheel of exoteric emphasis and life, preceding each new cycle of incarnated expression. AsAstrology, 398:are pre-eminently life-experience signs. The preceding sign of Aries is the "sign of [399]Astrology, 408:has been upheaval, confusion and cataclysm, preceding reconstruction, stabilization and relativeAstrology, 441:Pleiades. This paragraph simply summarizes the preceding pages and indicates the relation betweenAstrology, 447:ready for the ordeal and the accolade of fire, preceding the first initiation. At that final stage,Atombriefly reviews the matters covered in the preceding addresses. As newcomers were present at eachAtom, 147:of the human atom, and that there is a period preceding [148] it which parallels the atomic stage,Autobiography, 56:however. I would lie awake all the night preceding the talk, wondering what on earth to say andAutobiography, 223:were anything but nice or clean. The few years preceding the war, particularly in Germany, wereBethlehem, 12:all of them. The religion of the Buddha, though preceding that of the Christ, expresses the sameBethlehem, 65:14.) It should be noted here that the journey, preceding the birth, is also a part of theBethlehem, 69:of Mithras and of Egypt. The sign immediately preceding the Christian era was that of Aries, theBethlehem, 210:that the Crucifixion of Christ, with its great preceding events - the communion and the GethsemaneDestiny, 151:in the final part of the Gospel story - one preceding and one following immediately after theDiscipleship1, 30:eyes to the Eternal. But at some hour during the preceding twelve hours, you can make yourDiscipleship1, 412:taking one each month, as outlined in the preceding communication. This time, however, use the wordDiscipleship2, 80:to evoke their intelligent cooperation. In your preceding series of instructions I dealtDiscipleship2, 130:Thus you will externalize the results of the preceding cycle of spiritual and mental brooding. InDiscipleship2, 177:the meditation was totally different to the preceding three in its emphasis, which now has noDiscipleship2, 196:like today to extend the teaching given in the preceding instruction anent the antahkarana andDiscipleship2, 313:learnt thus to penetrate, and the three stages preceding penetration have been necessarilyDiscipleship2, 324:say grows out of certain hints I gave you in the preceding pages. These hints are goodDiscipleship2, 354:status by his mode of handling a hint. In the preceding instruction I posited for you a series ofDiscipleship2, 417:There is no initiation possible without a preceding revelation, and yet each initiation leads to aDiscipleship2, 427:The achievement of a point of Polarization. The preceding [428] penetration of the energies reachesDiscipleship2, 549:In the six statements given to you in the preceding instruction I used the words, "Obedience liesEducation, 42:the best and the highest ideals which the two preceding civilizations have produced, willEducation, 52:Process of Unfoldment I would like to add to the preceding analogy one more, which will serve toExternalisation, 393:May and June Full Moons and throughout the weeks preceding those times. The statements which I amExternalisation, 499:monopolies that controlled the past few decades, preceding this world war, will mobilize theirExternalisation, 659:later on and only if the activity of the six preceding energies fulfil their purpose. With it weFire, 63:x, verse 6): "The seven great Rishis, the four preceding Manus, partaking of my nature were bornFire, 175:as moral and physical types than during the preceding manvantara. And its "cosmic atoms already inFire, 427:of the Rays clearly in mind. The numbers preceding the names have to do with the sevenfoldFire, 453:as much has been already hinted at in the preceding pages, and a hint suffices for the trueFire, 472:of our acts, both in the present life and in the preceding births. It is of three kinds: SanchitaFire, 472:human merits and demerits accumulated in the preceding and in all other previous births. ThatFire, 681:the Triangles. These Beings are Nirvanis from a preceding Mahamanvantara. We have been consideringFire, 685:borne in mind that just as in each round all the preceding stages are rapidly recapitulated, andFire, 685:during the formative process the history of the preceding kingdoms, so in the solar system aFire, 686:consummation of all things, he errs. In the preceding system the cosmic physical plane attained aFire, 746:is undertaken by Him in two great stages, each preceding the two final Initiations, the sixth andFire, 806:repeats rapidly the evolutionary process of the preceding solar system; in the second stage he isFire, 845:which is tinged with the earlier vibrations of preceding incarnations. These "lives" have beenFire, 846:and the basic vibration of the solar system preceding this one. We must remember that our basicFire, 987:the product of the evolutionary processes of the preceding major solar system. He works from theFire, 1079:though not of such a strength as in the preceding period. Another period of radioactivity occurredFire, 1088:the period of three major solar systems - that preceding this one, the present, and the succeedingFire, 1092:is not possible to dissociate a chain from its preceding or succeeding chain. Many Monads whoFire, 1095:to a key which is characteristic of the preceding system, being a left-over (if so it might beFire, 1202:with the active intelligent principle of the preceding kalpa, and so must continue such contacts inFire, 1210:of Spirit; they are the failures of the system preceding this, and their failure is so completeFire, 1260:links this fourth path to the solar system preceding this one. In that system the Sirian influenceGlamour, 26:Glamor SECTION ONE The Nature of Glamor In the preceding pages we dealt with certain definitions ofGlamour, 112:the thinkers of the time and of the immediately preceding age have formulated, and which at theGlamour, 125:between the Higher and the Lower Glamors In the preceding part of this section we consideredGlamour, 140:very thoroughly in the section immediately preceding, and you have only to refer to that section toGlamour, 182:Then again a pause which is called "the pause preceding presentation." The presentation of theHealing, 113:a characteristic of the final stage immediately preceding death is the lowest manifestation. It isHealing, 468:manual has in it what are called the "Formulas preceding Pralaya." These deal with all the death orHealing, 478:Questions of Importance I have sought, in the preceding pages, to give an insight into the trueHealing, 564:for the main contentions [564] of the three preceding laws being admitted, considered and studied;Hercules, 100:into relation to the involving soul, in the four preceding signs. In Aries, the soul took to itselfHercules, 164:potent because it is the period immediately preceding the birth of the Christ. The Spirit of TruthInitiation, 28:on the planet, nor to consider the conditions preceding the advent of those great Beings. This canInitiation, 30:on the moon chain (the cycle of evolution [30] preceding ours) or who have come in on certainInitiation, 120:his during the process of the four initiations preceding final liberation. At the first initiationInitiation, 172:must relate this present solar system to the preceding one, in which the Brahma aspect dominated,Initiation, 183:ray, which is just passing out, and the two preceding. In the preservation of equilibrium the timeInitiation, 197:physical energies on the diet mentioned in the preceding paragraph, but there the ideal isIntellect, 65:the correctness of the theories outlined in the preceding chapters, it might be of value if we wereIntellect, 84:Through meditation, as a consequence of all the preceding factors, the powers of the soul areIntellect, 99:Illumination. This is the result of the three preceding processes, and involves the carrying downIntellect, 130:- Chapter Six - Stages in Meditation In the preceding chapter the method was dealt with throughMagic, 82:for instance, as they are contrasted with the preceding or succeeding similar period a student canMagic, 82:is reached where the student can contrast preceding lives, and gain knowledge of the basic coloringMagic, 82:considers changes and events in the light of all preceding events, and the longer and more accurateMagic, 82:mind. Our third hindrance grows out of the preceding one. It consists of the emphasis that has beenMagic, 159:work. This expulsive breath is the result of a preceding period of rhythmic breathing, paralleledMagic, 179:body and transmitted direct according to the preceding method or stored up to work throughMagic, 211:rule lies in the word contemplation found in the preceding one. Let us therefore study that wordMagic, 262:key of the vibration being set up in the life preceding the present. That form proves adequate forMagic, 465:earlier solar systems, than the one immediately preceding ours. Groups of forms appeared andMagic, 514:they assimilate the lessons learnt during the preceding period of work. Two groups of human beingsMeditation, 230:the three lines of approach as dealt with in our preceding letter, will be the use of the terms asMeditation, 308:or will be founded during the period immediately preceding the Coming of the Great Lord. TheMeditation, 330:Powers This third type of work is based on the preceding curriculum and deals directly withPatanjali, 11:and has fulfiled them as indicated in the preceding sutra, Sees the self, Realizes the true naturePatanjali, 36:the vesture of the mind." (Book II Sutra 20) The preceding sutra dealt with what may be [37] calledPatanjali, 44:it was the method of attainment for the race preceding the Aryan. It largely ignores the fifthPatanjali, 52:process has gone on in the wheels and cycles preceding our planet Earth. The primeval Lords, orPatanjali, 122:and whilst in the Lemurian race (or else on the preceding chain or greater cycle) they were allPatanjali, 136:of the senses. This sutra is the reverse of the preceding one. The true yogi neither feels aversion
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