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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRECEDING

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Patanjali, 204:called the lower quaternary. We have seen in the preceding sutra that the purification required isPatanjali, 215:desire body and it is significant that in the preceding sutra [216] only the mind and the physicalPatanjali, 269:of Book III) with the results of meditation. The preceding sutras have considered the hindrancesPatanjali, 270:sutra which we are considering sums the [270] preceding ideas and it is interesting to note howPatanjali, 320:the correct interpretation. We have seen in the preceding sutras that the narrow path to be troddenPatanjali, 404:in consequence of the difference of minds." "The preceding considerations establish, in an indirectPsychology1, 249:and inner environing conditions, than does the preceding kingdom. Each manifests a fullerPsychology1, 355:produced the required at-one-ing or unification (preceding the taking of the initiation of thePsychology1, 358:and that which constituted the ideals of the preceding cycle of sixth ray activity. One rayPsychology2, 61:point of view are all necessary fundamentals, preceding certain definite experiences which usherPsychology2, 225:Ray - Rules for Inducing Soul Control In the preceding introductory outline, we have consideredPsychology2, 281:ways, is far more difficult than that of the two preceding Avatars, for He carries in Himself notPsychology2, 331:and man is accounted for in terms of a long preceding history. In this age of intensest separativePsychology2, 686:and 1937 was extended to cover five days, - two preceding the Festival itself, and two succeedingPsychology2, 687:day and for the period immediately following and preceding it, work and think and act in groupPsychology2, 693:as possible participate at some time during the preceding eighteen hours, thus laying thePsychology2, 694:and intensified during the twenty four hours preceding the full moon, there can grow the real germRays, 33:burning ground being colder and clearer than the preceding one but producing sequentially theRays, 58:event which is the result of the effect of all preceding developments and to which we give the nameRays, 298:minds somewhat on this matter; therefore, the preceding sentence is of major importance. AspirantsRays, 493:4. Invocation and Evocation. The three preceding stages mark, in reality, the three stages ofRays, 527:this had been sequentially fostered by several preceding lesser World Saviors, of Whom Shri KrishnaRays, 598:is now completed. During the initiatory process preceding the third initiation, the mind works in aRays, 659:(each being built upon the cultural seed of the preceding one, after a due flowering of theRays, 662:endurance and sagacity in emerging from the many preceding and less important crises. An initiationRays, 699:that the Crucifixion Initiation is portrayed as preceding the Resurrection Initiation; this is inRays, 706:and with a sense of expectancy. During the preceding cycle of lives of initiatory service toReappearance, 106:the symbol of Taurus, the Bull; this was the preceding astronomical cycle. These are astronomicalTelepathy, 115:play. This I dealt with (in some measure) in the preceding section. It should be borne in mind thatTelepathy, 124:or the three basic concepts outlined in the preceding section. All such terms as planes, groups,
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