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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRECIPITATED

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Astrology, 343:illusion into which the whole of humanity is now precipitated in preparation for unity, freedom andAstrology, 408:man. Hence the present world crisis - though precipitated by human [409] error and sinfulness, byAstrology, 437:by a crisis of mental [437] perception, precipitated by Mercury. It is this mental perception plusAstrology, 443:said bears testimony: world conditions today - precipitated as they are by human greed andAstrology, 472:his growth. These it should be borne in mind are precipitated through the conditioning influencesAstrology, 496:away from the world of tangible happenings, precipitated events, and personal characteristicsBethlehem, 192:adherents as time elapsed. Christ in this way precipitated the kingdom of God upon earth. It hadDestiny, 79:which the ancient Atlantean conflict could be precipitated and brought to the surface, and theDestiny, 91:angle which the Moon and Vulcan together have precipitated. It is the Moon-Vulcan relation whichDiscipleship1, 239:Your failure to conform to group requirements precipitated the coming of the glamor. But your innerDiscipleship1, 423:with color, and it is this particular work which precipitated the crisis of the past year. Such wasDiscipleship1, 685:is a center of energy into which the disciple is precipitated and that its effect upon him, as aDiscipleship1, 705:to a certain point, predictable; they are the precipitated effects of hidden causes which lie deepDiscipleship1, 726:He takes on some karma which ordinarily would be precipitated in some later life. He begins toDiscipleship1, 726:All karma, when consciously faced, is precipitated by the power of thought; this is perhaps theDiscipleship1, 731:the immediate aspect of the vision which must be precipitated upon our planet. Therefore, an AshramDiscipleship2, 160:right. The events and happenings thus precipitated demonstrate the moving onward into [161] greaterDiscipleship2, 314:and out of the chaos of the world war (precipitated by humanity itself) there is developing aDiscipleship2, 315:away to be considered; when, however, humanity precipitated the war, they automatically andDiscipleship2, 431:mean when you use that word? What is [431] precipitated when you have succeeded in the processes ofDiscipleship2, 432:Every initiate is himself a polarized point of precipitated energy; every initiate works from aDiscipleship2, 433:the Initiator into the aura of the initiate, are precipitated by him. This is preceded by a shortDiscipleship2, 433:they are focused in the head center, but are precipitated and distributed through the medium of theEducation, 89:adolescence a crisis, needed and planned, is precipitated in the young person's life, and he willExternalisation, 113:through this crisis (which they have themselves precipitated) enriched thereby, and purified in theExternalisation, 122:and thought were so clear, that a crisis was precipitated in the then civilized world of which theExternalisation, 187:the allied nations; the situation has not been precipitated by the Allies; their methods are notExternalisation, 203:the four major world problems are today being precipitated by Germany into the arena of action;Externalisation, 207:have grievously erred in the past. Germany has precipitated the evil which has come upon the world,Externalisation, 262:a new heaven and a new earth might be rapidly precipitated. There is at least no harm in thisExternalisation, 429:A minority are realizing that the war has precipitated the condensed evil of the ages and thatExternalisation, 430:which the evil gang now ruling Germany has precipitated upon humanity. They tend to right thinkingExternalisation, 453:within the churches themselves; it will also be precipitated by the enlightened elements who existExternalisation, 483:the career of mankind down the ages and which precipitated this world war. Today humanity is beingExternalisation, 636:Powers, Germany and Japan expressed when they precipitated the second world war. This They still doFire, VII:burden of leadership in the esoteric field and precipitated attack and condemnation from personsFire, 677:which are reflections of such astral entities precipitated in watery physical matter. A group ofFire, 857:and corrected once every seven years, and are precipitated on astral matter by an effort of will byGlamour, 32:Atlantean days, and since that time has steadily precipitated, until today when the Hierarchy looksGlamour, 33:power to limit and distort. The illusion is also precipitated more potently than would otherwise beGlamour, 159:fused and blended by the personality ray but precipitated by the effect of the steadily influencingGlamour, 175:which is that of pure illusion, a revelation has precipitated upon the mental plane and - owing toHealing, 323:of such a vast amount of substance, extraneously precipitated into the interior of the body, thatHealing, 626:gland which the center has created, formed or precipitated and energized. The concept in the mindHercules, 68:laughter. Up vistaed hopes I sped; And shot, precipitated, Adown Titanic glooms of chasmed fears,Magic, 180:of truth from the inner side to the outer plane. Precipitated writing will be given to those whoPatanjali, 38:cloud of knowable things." The raincloud has not precipitated sufficiently for the rain to fallProblems, 75:the demands of the awakening mass of men and precipitated a condition which forced labor to takePsychology1, 229:[229] It is, in a most peculiar sense, "precipitated etheric substance," and is a condensation orPsychology2, 70:higher levels of the mental plane before being "precipitated into incarnation", as it isPsychology2, 253:past each great unfoldment of consciousness has precipitated new forms. This will no longer occur.Psychology2, 365:the man upon the physical plane. The crisis thus precipitated leads to fresh illumination when itPsychology2, 745:by what name you please) and thus there will be precipitated upon earth that spiritual [746]Rays, 85:Two factors have, subjectively and spiritually, precipitated this world crisis: The growth andRays, 86:It is these three energies which have precipitated the world crisis, and it is helpful for us toRays, 87:as a whole and brought to the surface and precipitated into violent activity by a group of evil menRays, 183:activity. We are therefore dealing with the precipitated aspect of divine evolutionary process. WeRays, 189:their pressure upon the physical plane which has precipitated the crisis between the great WhiteRays, 195:constitute the lowest concentration of forces precipitated from levels of activity other and higherRays, 220:amplified and diversified, is enriched and then precipitated outside the ring-pass-not of the groupRays, 445:higher levels of the mental plane before being precipitated into incarnation - as it isRays, 531:the soul-infused personality and have occultly "precipitated" the energies of the Monad through theRays, 553:decision, taken early in this century, which precipitated - in the center which we call "the raceRays, 580:to the world of men - impulsed by the Hierarchy, precipitated into the human consciousness from theRays, 581:awareness of clashing ideologies, which has precipitated a reflected vortex in the world war, andRays, 630:- certain major conflicts are being specifically precipitated; these will fundamentally affect theRays, 635:This conflict which the Zionists have precipitated is basic and useful. It constitutes a test case,Rays, 636:have made another. In the first mistake they precipitated into the United Nations the element ofRays, 646:two potent results: first, the world war was precipitated and, secondly, the fission of the atom,Rays, 753:which keep the door of evil open and which precipitated upon the world the horrors of war, with allReappearance, 15:of the situation into which the Christ will be precipitated. Let us be realistic in our approach toTelepathy, 119:Spiritual Triad. This "focused area" has been precipitated by the Agents of the divine Will; They
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