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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRECISELY

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Bethlehem, 11:coming of Christ and His Personality; is it not precisely in this particular that the hope of allDiscipleship1, 326:form and to build the concrete shell which can precisely express the idea. This you also quiteDiscipleship2, 622:to you. His question was as follows: "What precisely is the relation between thought and emotion?Education, 52:is the major goal of education. It is precisely in this region of thought and of recognition thatInitiation, 165:the Sacred Word, but of a mathematical nature, precisely worded so as to convey the exact intent ofIntellect, 32:it has not yet played that part. Yet this precisely is all-important for the center ofIntellect, 32:time understanding anything at all. And that is precisely the pass to which our education, thatPsychology2, 56:inner form nature responds more definitely and precisely to the outer impact of the soul impetusPsychology2, 409:psychology. These problems may be divided more precisely into three major groupings: The ProblemsReappearance, 129:within any era of civilization who specifically, precisely and in full waking consciousness,Soulthought, a mind ready to recognize that Eastern, precisely like Western thought, can lay no claimSoul, 19:of the magic ooze of their silent chemistry precisely as a tree of tin crystals arises from the
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