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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREDISPOSITION

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Astrology, 208:a new and conscious manner and then every latent predisposition, every racial and nationalBethlehem, 278:This mental attitude, however, involves a double predisposition: firstly, we must be prepared toDiscipleship1, 123:intellect and thus came into incarnation with a predisposition to polarize yourself in the mindDiscipleship1, 201:this skill in action be produced? How can this predisposition of yours to produce harmony in spiteDiscipleship1, 250:this particular group: Point out the particular predisposition to the group life which exists inDiscipleship1, 256:Law of Cycles and of rhythmic growth, for their predisposition to fanatical and violent activityDiscipleship2, 12:thought, that quality of feeling, or that innate predisposition, which stands between you and theGlamour, 129:on tradition, or upon national or international predisposition. They can be the newer dimly sensedHealing, 22:fewer than is at present surmised; of these, the predisposition [23] to tuberculosis, to syphilisHealing, 132:the rays, but first ray people have a definite predisposition to these specific troubles. At theHealing, 225:are inherited and to which he has a constant predisposition. Man's fight for health is ceaselessHealing, 310:turn, are a tendency from a previous life, a predisposition, an hereditary lesion or a latentHealing, 311:it with a body having a tendency or a natural predisposition to this disease. [312] There lies hereHealing, 321:form of arrested development, or some form of predisposition to disease. When this is the case,Healing, 340:because they are responsible for much of the predisposition to sensitivity of an abnormal kind.Healing, 473:the last analysis) bring about the pathological predisposition to death. A vibration runs along theHealing, 567:what he considers "the beautiful" determines his predisposition to disease, based upon the internalPsychology2, 266:and it is at this stage that there comes a predisposition to the right, or to the left hand path.Psychology2, 437:the life activity to which fate ordains him and predisposition inclines him. The difficulty herePsychology2, 486:of God. Mystics of all kinds, with a natural predisposition to the introspective, negative life arePsychology2, 711:and the use of that energy, according to the predisposition of the man and his group response. Much
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