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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREDOMINANTLY

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Astrology, 121:Cross, of which Pisces is one of the arms, is predominantly the Cross of "repeated incarnations,"Astrology, 163:saviors. Seven constellations are, therefore, predominantly brought into a close combination at theAstrology, 233:astral plane and the desires [233] of men are predominantly in a position of casting the decidingAstrology, 261:via Pisces. His life is then and for long ages predominantly anti-social in the spiritual sense; heAstrology, 276:careful study. It is the planet Neptune which is predominantly active in bringing about such anAstrology, 280:in this solar system that Virgo is subjected predominantly to the influence of the second, fourthAstrology, 283:instinctual stage and their consciousness is predominantly Atlantean. These enter via Venus andAstrology, 475:of the conditioning forces of the two triangles predominantly active in the first two cycles areAstrology, 528:dynamic force" to a greater or less extent. Some predominantly express soul energy and someAstrology, 570:good and well-meaning people whose focus is predominantly astral and aspirational, and whose aim isBethlehem, 99:of us live, and wherein our consciousness is predominantly focused. The average man or woman isBethlehem, 99:focused. The average man or woman is predominantly a blend of the physical and emotional natures;Bethlehem, 191:at the point of so doing. Although today men are predominantly animal-emotional, yet through theDestiny, 5:manifesting humanity. Today these ray types are predominantly the second and the third. RelativelyDestiny, 37:their useful function. Because they are working predominantly through the mental principle, we findDestiny, 56:the Ray of Active Intelligence showing itself so predominantly in the electrical civilization ofDestiny, 76:of the soul are working, but France is as yet predominantly governed by personality and by theDestiny, 77:has not; France is mental whilst Germany is predominantly astral; France is, therefore, essentiallyDestiny, 102:dynamic force" to a greater or less extent. Some predominantly express soul energy and someDestiny, 108:two streams of active energy and two rays predominantly in conflict, thus producing the differingDestiny, 111:the imminent Aquarian age; this age will be predominantly the age of worldwide discipleship,Destiny, 117:an end, the bulk of the incarnating souls were predominantly sixth ray in quality, so we can lookDestiny, 117:rhythmic relationship. The seventh ray governs predominantly upon the etheric levels of [118] theDestiny, 121:work of the first Ray of Will expressing itself predominantly at this present time through theDiscipleship1, 76:event singly and alone. These latter belong predominantly to the Piscean Age. They take initiationDiscipleship1, 111:for some years - an organization whose work is predominantly carried out on psychic and astralDiscipleship1, 117:to a second ray vibration. Their work lies predominantly on the astral plane and is contactedDiscipleship1, 125:of force through which the two major rays are predominantly focused, reminding you that the task isDiscipleship1, 135:which they can draw at will. Your problem is predominantly the establishing of a dynamic relationDiscipleship1, 146:era of selfishness and competition. You are predominantly the teacher and have needed to learn (andDiscipleship1, 179:In your case, this sixth ray energy shows itself predominantly as devotion to duty as realized, andDiscipleship1, 181:You have had a year of strain, interior strain predominantly. I believe you realize that you areDiscipleship1, 196:yourself of value in your surrounding. This is predominantly your life lesson and, my brother, youDiscipleship1, 222:which you can rightly use the first ray energy, predominantly yours, is by forcing mental issuesDiscipleship1, 234:subject to illusions than to glamors, being so predominantly a mental type of disciple. TheDiscipleship1, 248:the fact of the heart center and keep the mind predominantly upon the love aspect of the soul. SayDiscipleship1, 255:down to earth, a thing that a sixth ray person predominantly needs, particularly when highlyDiscipleship1, 257:sixth ray astral body. The personality is always predominantly allied with or focused in one of itsDiscipleship1, 299:for a person who has [299] sixth ray qualities predominantly present (either as the result of thisDiscipleship1, 317:problem by telling them the rays with which they predominantly work in order to help themDiscipleship1, 340:because - as I told you some years ago - you are predominantly astral-buddhic in yourDiscipleship1, 424:that its medium of expression is love. You are predominantly on the wisdom side of the second ray.Discipleship1, 520:which makes it - and, therefore, your brain - predominantly the servant of your astral body but itDiscipleship1, 566:physical body helps in the balancing of your predominantly second ray nature, for it is upon theDiscipleship1, 572:problem. Your personality polarization is predominantly mental. For you, one pointedness both inDiscipleship2, 339:to convey any true concept of Karma, because it predominantly concerns cycles and the sequence ofDiscipleship2, 444:comes; at that time the monadic influence is predominantly that of the divine, purposeful [445]Discipleship2, 566:both Ashrams are on the second ray and you are predominantly a second ray disciple? Because theEducation, 73:later Aryan or early New Age type, which will be predominantly mental, and at the same timeExternalisationtuned up for reception. Those atoms which are predominantly Piscean are beginning to slow downExternalisation, 26:the family group unit, but they have been predominantly third ray groups with, therefore, aExternalisation, 36:the plane of illusion. The Aquarian Age will be predominantly the age of synthesis and light. Externalisation, 42:of the bulk of humanity is found to be predominantly upon the plane of illusion and therefore, asExternalisation, 46:as magnetic healers works out in various ways, predominantly in the realm of psychologicalExternalisation, 126:world understanding, and those whose focus is predominantly material and whose aims are selfish,Externalisation, 260:of manifestation, whose influence has been predominantly upon the physical plane, and whose effectExternalisation, 260:personal lines. This type of influence is felt predominantly upon the physical plane, andExternalisation, 512:the other two aspects. It aids those men who are predominantly on the third Ray of IntelligentExternalisation, 548:of the powers of evil because its potency is predominantly etheric. Its uses are twofold at thisExternalisation, 620:their fiftieth year or over; the trouble then is predominantly with women. It is [621] an alibiExternalisation, 638:she can well do if she acts now. It will be a predominantly capitalistic world, run by severalExternalisation, 646:and exchange; then, in later civilizations (predominantly including ours) we have the appearance ofFire, 102:of some one ray aspect, and its quality marked predominantly on all its evolution. Prana,Fire, 177:express it) will be either definitely atmic, or predominantly buddhic or manasic. Here again IFire, 196:system, should be carefully pondered over. It is predominantly the sense most closely connectedFire, 234:cycle. Each Heavenly Man, therefore, embodies predominantly a subsidiary principle of theFire, 337:and the planes concerned. They demonstrate predominantly on the five lower subplanes of each plane,Fire, 342:this vital heat, or vibratory activity, which is predominantly a feature of all conceivable Beings?Fire, 368:that chain in our scheme which is composed predominantly of buddhic matter. Then, via that chain,Fire, 627:is there to be comprehended. It is predominantly the plane of life-force, and one of the planes ofFire, 710:Ego as it reveals itself by the means of mind is predominantly there, and in the nine petals andFire, 789:forces, and primarily of group force. It is predominantly marked by an act of an exterior force,Fire, 795:of moon conditions is to be seen working out predominantly in the terror, and present distress inFire, 1250:is concerned owing to the fact that this system predominantly expresses love or attractive energyFire, 1252:mounts like a rocket towards a flaming sun of a predominantly rosy hue. PATH II. PATH OF MAGNETICGlamour, 3:sentiment or to the affectional reaction but is, predominantly, in the nature of an identificationGlamour, 85:for this reason that I have stated that maya is predominantly a difficulty of the etheric body, forGlamour, 112:speeded up, and the time when humanity will be predominantly distinguished by the AryanGlamour, 148:in a peculiar manner the realm of force. Maya is predominantly (for the individual) the aggregateGlamour, 248:energy to be found upon the mental plane? Is he predominantly emotional and utilizing force fromGlamour, 251:force; he is beginning to be intuitional and predominantly mental. It is when these two trianglesHealing, 44:we must add two other groups of disease which predominantly affect those who are a little above theHealing, 75:centers will be fully active, and therefore predominantly attractive to any inflowing forces; stillHealing, 88:The forces pouring into the animal kingdom come predominantly from etheric levels and from theHealing, 227:the many sexual diseases and their results are predominantly the diseases of civilization. This isHealing, 312:Scarcely anyone today is a pure type, i.e., predominantly one or the other. They are usually aHealing, 313:on to the mental plane. Nevertheless, they live predominantly in a region which we callHealing, 328:and has the focus of his being is, for instance, predominantly astral, then the major expression ofHealing, 348:force is focused in the desire nature, as it predominantly is with the majority of people. ButHealing, 357:Because as individuals and as a group they are predominantly personal in their individual andHealing, 361:in the year 1936 was, for the first time, predominantly on the first subplane of the astral plane.Healing, 361:and attention could penetrate more deeply and be predominantly on etheric levels with all that isHealing, 395:point [395] in evolution. This restitution is predominantly the work of the human soul within theHealing, 486:is not actually the case. A body constructed predominantly of astral matter is the basis of thisHealing, 559:word) upon the plane where the consciousness is predominantly functioning or - to word it otherwiseHealing, 564:and recognized as a law, governing humanity predominantly, by initiates working in the fourthHealing, 567:of the soul, and this energy works at this time predominantly through the desire life and theHealing, 676:by a higher initiate, is a dynamic energy having predominantly a group effect; for this reason, theHealing, 685:which is more strictly human and not so predominantly animal as is the instinctual realm. It sweepsHercules, 42:Symbolic Words We find that this test concerns predominantly the problem of sex. There are four
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