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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREMATURE

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Astrology, 588:lying behind World War II is to be found in a premature contact - a contact made by certain selfishDestiny, 19:the mediation of the Hierarchy. It may prove a premature and abortive effort but the issues are notDiscipleship2, 186:prevent the disciple from taking precipitate or premature action; it will give him the key to theDiscipleship2, 300:usefulness; he neither pushes him into premature action nor constantly supervises him; he surroundsEducation, 56:has to move forward regularly and in order. Premature happenings are usually disastrous. All thisExternalisation, 5:present world condition. Some believe it to be premature and consequently undesirable and providingExternalisation, 17:to bring the full flower of the soul into premature blossoming, and this in order more rapidly andExternalisation, 215:peace - a goodwill which would negate any premature peace at this time, because the latter wouldExternalisation, 365:the study of the coming reconstruction period as premature. They believe (and rightly) that ourFire, 846:somewhat with the revelation (through the premature compassion of our planetary Logos) of the lifeFire, 886:this may not here be said, as the dangers of a premature knowledge along this line are far greaterGlamour, 261:of development. It is slower, but leads to no premature development and produces a rounded outHealing, 18:the "fighting powers" of the man, leading to premature death. Heredity. There are, as you wellHealing, 162:creates problems in other cases; it is their premature unfoldment and their over-activity which inHealing, 182:on account of the extreme danger involved in any premature work on the basic center. The best I canHealing, 186:of matter, fire by friction; this produces a premature burning and destroys the etheric web in theHealing, 202:stimulation, a too rapid vibratory activity, a premature awakening of the centers, leading to theHealing, 212:the fire of the soul. They then fall victims to premature stimulation of the fires of substanceHealing, 238:A third cause of heart disease is due to the premature or deliberately planned lifting of theHealing, 342:of the solar plexus. Astral domination. Premature clairvoyance and clairaudience. Obsession.Magic, 158:hints and thus will be preserved from danger and premature experience. Let us therefore take up theMagic, 184:often forgotten and hence the undue distress and premature interpretations of the partiallyMagic, 194:and emotionalism, brought about by the premature vitalization of the solar plexus center, andMagic, 249:below the diaphragm. The dangers incident to a premature and uncontrolled pouring in of pureMagic, 559:worker and builder in matter to keep silent. By premature speech and too much talk, he slays thatMagic, 590:(in the vast majority of cases) the more rapid. Premature unfoldment involves much loss of time,Patanjali, 222:There is extreme danger attendant upon the premature awakening of the fire, and the consequentPatanjali, 222:pairs of opposites". There is a menace in the premature growth of the lower psychic powers beforePatanjali, 255:to him than the results achieved through the premature awakening of the psychic nature. TheProblems, 22:she is custodian. Her activity is therefore premature. The true secret of brotherhood (one hithertoProblems, 22:fear, based on certain initial mistakes and her premature activity upon the physical plane.Psychology1, 114:in the nature of an experiment and may prove premature or undesirable. The teaching given in thesePsychology2, 140:proceed? They have to guard the aspirants from premature knowledge, which they might theoreticallyPsychology2, 261:are indicative of the difficulties incident to premature development and to the undesirablePsychology2, 515:the world, plus the problems arising out of the premature development of the lower psychic powersPsychology2, 535:person and of a mental type. In other cases of premature soul inflow, the energy pours through thePsychology2, 579:I have several times used the expression "the premature awakening" of the psychic powers. By that IPsychology2, 583:general categories: [583] Those arising from the premature awakening of the centers. In thesePsychology2, 583:complex and complicated. Where there is this premature awakening in the case of the intellectualPsychology2, 648:and in making forecasts. These will only lead to premature activity and hasty procedure. If theRays, 112:to safeguard the Mysteries and prevent a too premature precipitation of the hierarchical life uponRays, 145:because these Lights know that the danger of premature direct contact with humanity, and ofRays, 412:of them, if given the right training. This the premature discovery of the release of atomic energyRays, 472:in order to offset the consequences of any premature inflow of the will force. After the thirdRays, 649:processes at this time. This is due to their premature response to the new incoming potency. It isSoul, 157:may appear. When the transfer is normal and not premature the outcome is along the line ofTelepathy, 75:normally and naturally and are not the result of premature unfoldment. When the development isTelepathy, 75:of premature unfoldment. When the development is premature there is always the danger of wrong,
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