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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREMATURELY

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Discipleship1, 19:in the New Age. This crisis is upon us almost prematurely, owing to the exceedingly rapid advanceDiscipleship2, 91:forcing process brings him to that [91] point prematurely. The disciple is, however, there; theExternalisation, 562:preparedness of humanity - can take place, not prematurely really, but securely and in the fullnessFire, 71:round. Their activity in an individual may be prematurely forced by yoga practice." - OccultGlamour, 194:truths so that their significance may not be prematurely revealed. Light and substance areHealing, 208:and therefore are non-receptive; others are prematurely developed and transmit too much force toHealing, 217:or an unbalanced activity. If one center is prematurely awakened, it is frequently at the expenseHealing, 334:may not always be the case, and many disciples prematurely regard themselves as in preparation forMagic, 193:Many schools are simply forcing schools, prematurely developing the higher faculties and leadingMagic, 198:yet awakened; the throat center is frequently prematurely awakened, through the transfer of energyPatanjali, 63:and trouble so often seen amongst those who prematurely occupy themselves with the awakening of thePsychology1, 272:plane, and it is these souls who can be brought prematurely into incarnation. The process is underPsychology2, 13:mistake is in the realm of time, for they affirm prematurely that which some day they will be. WhenPsychology2, 236:synthesis, but one that is being misapplied and prematurely enforced. All moves towards nationalPsychology2, 535:can produce serious trouble if brought about prematurely and even lead at times to insanity.Psychology2, 536:It can produce, when unduly developed or prematurely awakened, hyperthyroidism with its attendantPsychology2, 537:to its proper uses. The sacral energy is carried prematurely to the throat where it produces anPsychology2, 539:force - if brought about ignorantly and prematurely - may produce the rapid burning through of thePsychology2, 578:psychic powers become abnormally developed and prematurely assume proportions which are almostPsychology2, 595:the "nadis" and reorganizes them - usually prematurely. It hastens the process of breaking down thePsychology2, 598:otherwise be the case. They therefore unfold prematurely and before their nature and function isRays, 336:the centers constitute a menace when prematurely awakened or unduly energized, and this entireSoul, 131:and also the danger of awakening the centers prematurely? May it not be possible to arrive at a
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