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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREMISE

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Astrology, 489:crisis will indicate the plausibility of the premise as to the activity of Leo as a major force inAutobiography, 287:of the Kingdom of God surely refers. If this premise is true, then the existence of this kingdomBethlehem, 239:its presence felt. Working therefore on the premise of the unseen and invisible, it is probableDiscipleship1, 644:determine this occult hypothesis as your basic premise and apply all you may learn to theDiscipleship2, 132:do this work correctly, we will start with the premise that "energy follows thought." This is theDiscipleship2, 132:most fundamental, as well as the most ancient, premise of the esotericist. The second is related toDiscipleship2, 437:can only be correctly understood if the basic premise is grasped that "light is substance" and thatEducation, 50:truth in other words, and recognizing as a basic premise the essentially supernormal potentialitiesExternalisation, 173:activity is unpredictable. If you accept this premise and this statement, then act upon it. TheExternalisation, 175:seek to bewilder humanity. We start with the premise that two opposing world visions confrontExternalisation, 197:is basically one of distribution. Secondly, this premise of adequate supply handled through rightExternalisation, 233:I would warn you not to be glamored by the false premise that you must stand by your hard-earnedExternalisation, 252:superficial and aerial - of our planet, the premise will be seen as correct in the presentExternalisation, 468:of creed or religion. Only upon this basic premise can a hopeful future be founded. I do not careFire, 848:facts of no apparent use to him. Without the premise of our position within a vaster scheme, man'sFire, 1186:Vishnu and Shiva. Where this is the case and the premise admitted, the entire outlook on life, onHealing, 10:of the "imperfect Gods." Given the initial premise that Deity itself is working towards aHealing, 10:and imperfection. More than this general premise is beyond our powers to grasp and to express, forHealing, 28:particularly satisfying. We will start with the premise that there is disease; that disease is anHealing, 66:uncontrolled emotion. I would remind you of our premise that we would only consider the ills toHealing, 89:would like to deal, first of all, with the basic premise that disease and physical liabilities areHealing, 208:powerful. We might consequently lay down the premise (one which the medical profession will laterHealing, 399:eternal reservoir of substance. It is on this premise that we proceed. Today the phenomenon ofHealing, 587:or produce death. Therefore, if our basic premise is correct, disease is also a form of divineHealing, 653:healer and is cooperating with him. The basic premise in radiatory healing is that the patient is aHercules, 11:the search, accepting the fact of God as a basic premise, and with their heart's love and devotionHercules, 218:"the science of astrology" and forms its basic premise, is that each of these signs, through whichIntellect, 147:light." - Bible We have laid down the general premise that modern educational methods in the WestPatanjali, 164:the germ of the entire science of thought. Its premise is based upon the realization that all thatPatanjali, 171:of mind and must be sedulously cultivated. The premise of the duality is admitted as a logicalPsychology1, 28:of Christianity I have now laid down the basic premise that all that is known to us is aPsychology2, 234:it will be obvious that, given the original premise that there is a God, transcendent and immanent,Psychology2, 303:He has to start, first of all, by accepting the premise of the rays, and this he cannot prove,Psychology2, 326:and fundamental, and take our stand upon the premise that the nature of life in the world isPsychology2, 419:psychological investigator to accept the premise of the substitution of the consciousness ofPsychology2, 431:new psychology must inevitably be built upon the premise that this one life is not man's solePsychology2, 552:difficulties. Clarification will come once the premise of the existence of the centers and theirPsychology2, 552:at possibilities at present because the basic premise of the existence of the centers of force isPsychology2, 597:have not accepted the statement or worked on the premise presented, but have sought for realityPsychology2, 709:as a hypothetical possibility. From that premise, the investigator [710] can seek to understand theRays, 613:the two-party system is based upon a correct premise, but it is not at present a satisfactoryRays, 691:to these entering energies on the ancient premise that "energy follows thought." His thought lifeRays, 744:confronted by organized opposition. One basic premise can be laid down: The platform of the leadingReappearance, 160:the Reappearance of the Christ If the general premise and theme of all that has been here writtenReappearance, 189:approach closer to mankind. If the initial premise is accepted that He is on His way, then allReappearance, 189:of the world will inevitably work - but the premise must be accepted if the incentive is to proveSoul, 27:its deductions and conclusions are based on this premise. It fully admits the form and theTelepathy, 64:At the same time, it proceeds upon the basic premise that the various phases of consciousness whichTelepathy, 173:indicated of soul control. This is not a false premise, and I would have you register this fact. It
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