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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREMISES

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Astrology, 184:investigation. Only in this way will my basic premises be proven and eventually substituted for theAstrology, 292:apparent once modern science accepts the occult premises, even if only in an experimental andAstrology, 497:disturbing, if not apparently untrue or based on premises which deny all that the modern astrologerAtom, 26:at present, is logically possible if our premises are correct, and our foundation is rightly laid.Autobiography, 287:accepted, either as recognized truths, as basic premises or as interesting hypotheses. ThisDestiny, 9:them and mould their national life on their premises; they are only transitory substitutes in thisDiscipleship1, 644:which emphasizes some one truth), in their basic premises and their modes of approach. May I askDiscipleship2, 236:be lost. Therefore, we must assume (if these premises are accepted) that there must be organized -Discipleship2, 286:necessity for grasping and accepting two initial premises: First, that energy follows thought.Education, 131:of right and better relations, based upon the premises which I have laid down. It is of courseExternalisation, 59:on Cosmic Fire. It will be founded upon certain premises contained in those volumes. Therefore, theExternalisation, 190:part of humanity. Certain major and spiritual premises should lie back of all efforts to formulateExternalisation, 192:nations. [192] These are the simple and general premises upon which the new world order must beginExternalisation, 230:I have communicated for many years accepted my premises without much questioning but refrained fromExternalisation, 415:knowers and the new group of world servers) the premises stated above: The fact of God (GodExternalisation, 568:of our theme, after our study of these basic premises. Fire, 402:scientific mind. We will, as usual, tabulate our premises, and thus keep clearly in mind, andGlamour, 140:mist which are there concentrated. Certain basic premises are, therefore, in order and these mightHealing, 33:It is illusion because it is based on false premises. Modern esotericist have dealt with theHealing, 163:admit the Law of Analogy as the basis of his premises and recognizes, sometimes, that the HermeticHealing, 219:next century will be built around certain major premises: Preventive medicine will be the goal,Healing, 272:healing, by the naturopaths, and by the [272] premises of Christian Science and the Unity Schools.Healing, 309:be a causative factor. If I am right in my major premises (and this the new and coming science willHealing, 352:by the metaphysicians today is based on wrong premises, such as the nature of matter, the timeHealing, 397:belief. This belief can be founded on Christian premises, upon religious affirmation based onHealing, 543:enthusiast. This law covers certain fundamental premises, and there is little more than I canHealing, 543:Much will be learnt by accepting the premises and working upon their implications. What I have saidHealing, 663:are therefore right in their general theory and premises, but totally wrong in their emphases andInitiation, 52:limiting that which they do, and formulating premises which time and circumstance will fail toIntellect, 40:manifestations, but also its marked defects. The premises upon which the systems are based areIntellect, 42:is ignored and regarded as hypothetical, and the premises upon which our culture is based are asIntellect, 43:self-supporting and decent. The product of these premises is the reverse of the Oriental. We haveIntellect, 51:Three - The Nature of the Soul These three premises are: First: There is a soul in every humanIntellect, 68:himself, though it does not negate the mystical premises of the other group. It will be found,Magic, 41:admit the Law of Analogy as the basis of his premises and recognize sometimes the Hermetic theoryMagic, 332:kingdoms of nature. The truth of certain basic premises of the Ageless Wisdom will be demonstrated,Magic, 493:which the aspirant may think, and posit certain premises which he can later elaborate. We shallMeditation, 298:scientific development of the vehicles. These premises are laid down here as a starting point. ThatPatanjali, 18:are even now regarded somewhat as essential premises where all accurate testimony is underPsychology1, 94:all of them and in the acceptance of the general premises? Is it not possible that the mechanicallyPsychology1, 225:feed amusement and incredulity. But two basic premises can be laid down: That the many mineralPsychology1, 295:can and I shall put down for you here the basic premises which will underlie the best thought ofPsychology1, 295:future on the subject of sex and marriage. These premises are three in number; when they arePsychology1, 401:of the ray of the Ego or Soul, certain major premises might be briefly stated and incorporated intoPsychology2, 62:- The Growth of Soul Influence b. Certain Basic Premises With this preamble, we will pass on to thePsychology2, 62:it with life and intelligence. Certain basic premises are recognized and can, therefore, be veryPsychology2, 202:wrong, that we are at present engaged, and our premises and conclusions can be stated in thePsychology2, 415:and get the picture clear. Bearing these premises in mind, we will not deal with the earliestPsychology2, 427:govern the psychologist, and certain general premises should eventually be accepted by the man whoPsychology2, 427:the problem case. These same rules and premises can be considered and accepted by the man who,Psychology2, 427:to bridge his realized cleavages. These basic premises are: That any psychological difficulty isPsychology2, 429:Some Problems of Psychology These are the basic premises which should emerge in the new techniquesPsychology2, 590:be willing to admit the possibility of these premises. [591] When psychic difficulties arise in thePsychology2, 598:and much progress would be made if the various premises I have made were accepted as validPsychology2, 742:possibilities. This method is based upon two premises: First, the proven fact of the success of theRays, 109:of the New Age which will start with certain premises which today are the dream of the more exaltedRays, 635:and being founded upon completely illogical premises. The Jew has ever been (could he but usefully
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