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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRENATAL

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Education, 40:them a form of recapitulation, analogous to the prenatal stage; the same recapitulation goesEducation, 131:between parent and child, even in the prenatal stages, will be carefully taught. Thus a closeEducation, 133:care of mothers and children, even in the prenatal period, and to the education of parentsFire, 685:between the third and fourth month during the prenatal period, when the heart of the child thrillsFire, 685:are rapidly recapitulated, and just as in the prenatal period the fetus recapitulates during theFire, 784:of the awakening of life in the fetus during the prenatal stage, and this analogy can be seenFire, 893:life can be seen passing through it during the prenatal stage, or returning to it when the form isFire, 938:like that of the three stages during the prenatal period: The work of the building devas during theHealing, 209:substance of the physical form is started in the prenatal stage; after birth, this type of force isHercules, 87:of commencement, of subjective life, of the prenatal stage, or involution, and of the first step,Hercules, 162:the ninth sign, the completion of the prenatal period before the birth of the Christ in CapricornInitiation, 63:the Christ principle. The analogy between the prenatal period in the history of the human being andMeditation, 124:plane matter. It is the result of karma, and is prenatal, existing from the earliest moment.Problems, 6:of man. The past is in reality more like the prenatal stage than an ordinary living process; it isPsychology2, 421:in eliminating these types of difficulty lies in prenatal care and study of hereditary taints;
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