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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREOCCUPIED

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Astrology, 593:goal of all hierarchical endeavor. Mankind is so preoccupied with the attitude and effort of theAstrology, 622:is the energy with which our planetary Logos is preoccupied. It is that which has brought theAstrology, 622:energy that humanity is, at this time, preoccupied. In my use of the word "preoccupied" inAstrology, 622:this time, preoccupied. In my use of the word "preoccupied" in connection both with the planetaryAutobiography, 22:them. I gave them nothing of myself. I was [22] preoccupied all the time with my reaction to peopleAutobiography, 170:magazine, called "The Theosophist," were preoccupied with personality quarrels. Articles were givenAutobiography, 268:perfection. The new schools, now forming, are preoccupied with training men to meet world need andAutobiography, 291:attention to himself. He is, instead, intensely preoccupied with the "things of the Kingdom of God"Bethlehem, 80:from too great a distance, we have been so preoccupied with a realization of His achievement thatBethlehem, 116:as a whole does not present itself. He can be preoccupied only with the detail, with the problem inBethlehem, 121:physical health, because we shall not be so preoccupied with ourselves. Freedom fromBethlehem, 190:beliefs in the world. But we have been so preoccupied with the subject of sin that we haveDestiny, 88:States to act like the Crab (Cancer) and be preoccupied with its own house which it carries heavilyDiscipleship1, 26:thus conditioned are completely satisfied and preoccupied with their aspiration towards the lightDiscipleship1, 46:in meditation so that you will no longer be preoccupied with yourselves and your own problems butDiscipleship1, 97:experience wherein you are not so intensely preoccupied with your own development, status andDiscipleship1, 355:your mental attitudes, cease in no way to be preoccupied with the search for truth and for theDiscipleship1, 396:When an individual is occupied and preoccupied with a particular and [397] peculiar problem, he isDiscipleship1, 499:months that you have had little time to be preoccupied with yourself or with your own development.Discipleship1, 499:the second ray becomes at any time intensely preoccupied with the life of the personality, and thatDiscipleship1, 526:in dealing with circumstance and people, you are preoccupied with the effect this may have upon youDiscipleship1, 564:and your sincerity stabilize your group. Be not preoccupied with the non-essentials of personalDiscipleship1, 654:furiously to be such a channel, but you are so preoccupied with your struggle and are so aware thatDiscipleship1, 682:sorts of subjects. The trained disciple is so preoccupied with the Plan, so infused with love forDiscipleship1, 689:upon the physical plane. Both mind and brain are preoccupied with what the soul knows and that isDiscipleship1, 690:of very real inadequacy. They become over preoccupied [691] with the personnel of the group and notDiscipleship1, 691:with the group soul. You, as disciples, are too preoccupied with the inter-personality relationshipDiscipleship1, 704:consciousness devoid of self-interest and always preoccupied with the essentials of spiritualDiscipleship1, 706:Not many, as yet. Disciples are usually more preoccupied with their desire to help than with theDiscipleship1, 710:sensitive, only they do not know it, being so preoccupied with outer matters, with form life andDiscipleship1, 718:a wider and more expansive world. Humanity is preoccupied with the things of the present; theDiscipleship1, 729:intention (will). It is only the beginner who is preoccupied with his individual effect in anDiscipleship1, 735:If you are (to give a very usual illustration) preoccupied with your physical condition, you willDiscipleship1, 735:a magnetic center of power and love; if you are preoccupied with the failures of other people orDiscipleship1, 743:on his own little stage. He is no longer preoccupied with his feeling [744] nature and theDiscipleship1, 747:you are on the Path of Discipleship? Are you preoccupied with human need or are you engrossed withDiscipleship1, 752:world is full of struggling disciples, intensely preoccupied with forming organizations, withDiscipleship1, 762:the disciple is very apt to forget. The soul is preoccupied with its own life; the details of theDiscipleship1, 768:available instrument. Are you too set and too preoccupied with yourselves to achieve the detachmentDiscipleship1, 770:daily living and of service because they are so preoccupied with their own problems as disciples,Discipleship2, 24:outstanding need of humanity. Many are still too preoccupied with what they are attempting to do,Discipleship2, 33:of his Master, the Master Morya. He is now preoccupied with the work of breaking up - along withDiscipleship2, 35:the Kingdom of God; there is the busy outer man, preoccupied with various activities, playing theDiscipleship2, 65:adequately factual in his consciousness; he is preoccupied with the attempt to make his personalDiscipleship2, 69:so sensitive to the quality of my Ashram, and so preoccupied with the opportunity to serve whichDiscipleship2, 202:nothing whatsoever to them; there are educators, preoccupied with wise formulations of knowledgeDiscipleship2, 264:of effects and not in the world of causes, are preoccupied with the possible results and theDiscipleship2, 444:of short periods wherein you were intensely preoccupied with what you sincerely believed was theDiscipleship2, 447:too, your attempted world service has intensely preoccupied you, and you have tried to be what IDiscipleship2, 451:small attention to this dual activity. They are preoccupied with what is proceeding within theirDiscipleship2, 530:and Understanding. The first two have preoccupied you much. You have worked hard to express loveDiscipleship2, 572:of that group of men and women whose lives are preoccupied with possessions, with the socialDiscipleship2, 611:as the disciple, and be not so intensely preoccupied with yourself as the struggling aspiringDiscipleship2, 630:to see the big sweep of the intention and be not preoccupied with the detail. Formulate to yourselfDiscipleship2, 728:can be instituted. The moment your mind becomes preoccupied with the universal aspects of life itDiscipleship2, 756:upon the Path. You will note that I am not preoccupied with your mistakes or failures. These areExternalisation, 79:those to whom I look for cooperation, are preoccupied with their own affairs have no sense ofExternalisation, 257:to bring the conflict to an end because they are preoccupied with their own dreams, ideals andExternalisation, 310:the Hierarchy has to contend. Aspirants are preoccupied with their own little affairs and withExternalisation, 333:the fight, grow not insensitive and hard, or so preoccupied that the needs of those with whom youExternalisation, 355:I refer to orthodox religion. It has been preoccupied with the Dweller on the Threshold and theExternalisation, 441:and the Lord of Love - are today entirely preoccupied with the task of bringing the war to an end,Externalisation, 561:The consciousness of the Master is therefore preoccupied with three main lines of responsibility,Externalisation, 585:in service is due to the fact that they are not preoccupied with soul contact and with the idea ofExternalisation, 620:are directly and seriously curtailed; he is so preoccupied with feeling tired, or tending a cold,Externalisation, 621:to the thousands of ailing men and women who are preoccupied with taking care of themselves, and soGlamour, 142:and love. The less he feels and the less he is preoccupied with his own feelings or sense ofGlamour, 162:I refer to orthodox religion. It has been preoccupied with the Dweller on the Threshold and theGlamour, 210:glamor with which he is at any one time preoccupied. The false light of the astral plane disappearsGlamour, 223:they are, therefore, set in their purposes and preoccupied with the world of the concrete and theGlamour, 257:fails so often. He is usually so intensely preoccupied with the process of directing breathing andHealing, 269:do not think in terms of being Jews; who are not preoccupied with the Jewish problem to theHealing, 355:train of thought. They have, as a group, to be preoccupied with the same things which are indicatedHealing, 377:"spirit photography." People frequently are so preoccupied with the tangible instrument on thisHealing, 512:to attract a measure of attention from the preoccupied soul. The first reaction is irritation.Healing, 540:and very frequently, the man is so intensely preoccupied with discomfort and pain present in theHealing, 554:This he can usually do if not too ill or too preoccupied with the preservation of a consciousHealing, 555:desire to bring relief. The healer has become so preoccupied with the patient's need, and soHealing, 654:so; this they did not know), but were entirely preoccupied with their own grief. The evocation, hadHealing, 662:and her people discouraged; she is therefore so preoccupied with the struggle to live (and she willHealing, 677:himself as a pure channel. He is apt to be so preoccupied with himself, with the definition ofHealing, 688:within the three worlds of form life. Men are so preoccupied with their own problems that they areProblems, 12:the mass of men, are internationally minded and preoccupied with the welfare of humanity, as aPsychology2, 246:and the occult investigator who is not too preoccupied with the technicalities and the academicPsychology2, 247:contacts and impacts and is not predominantly preoccupied with the world of outer sensePsychology2, 460:mentally introverted, and profoundly and deeply preoccupied with their self-created thought formsPsychology2, 604:emotional life directed to another and his mind preoccupied elsewhere) and with his surroundingsPsychology2, 614:the unevolved man or upon the average man who is preoccupied with physical plane life and emotionalRays, 29:one has had a problem of glamor but now is preoccupied with the problem of spiritual ambition - aRays, 106:through the seven sacred planets; They are preoccupied with the endeavor of bringing all the formsRays, 127:sincere devotees and promising applicants are so preoccupied with form and its disciplining thatRays, 128:purpose and with freedom from excess; he is not preoccupied with them or fundamentally interestedRays, 211:for as ever, energy follows thought; he is [211] preoccupied with world need and with the serviceRays, 219:But disciples and aspirants are so intensely preoccupied with themselves, their effect upon others,Rays, 220:by me appears. The group, at this stage, is so preoccupied with the task ahead and so conscious ofRays, 292:same time no longer self-centered, but is now preoccupied with that in which he lives and moves andRays, 304:the periphery towards the center, of one who is preoccupied with the shell of life and is notRays, 522:human consciousness. Orthodox religion has been preoccupied with an emotional and aspirationalRays, 567:revealed to the initiate; hitherto he has been preoccupied with the nature of the Plan, which isRays, 629:and changing from an idealism intensely preoccupied with the preservation of a high standard of
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