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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREPARATORY

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Astrology, 223:conduct. This will be increasingly the case. The preparatory stages for world fusion, blending andAstrology, 224:water (a name for the second initiation) needs a preparatory period of testing and purification,Astrology, 279:activity of the Mutable Cross or of the preparatory stage of evolution which has successfullyAstrology, 289:men and races; for this all experience in Leo is preparatory. The will-to-illumine is that whichAstrology, 319:essential duality is put to the test. This is preparatory to a new and higher unity. He is at theAstrology, 350:produce the needed periods of reorientation, preparatory to fresh developments and new activities.Astrology, 380:second subjective sign on the reversed wheel, preparatory to the conscious recognition of the rightAstrology, 447:Man. It is in Leo that man undergoes the preparatory stages of this first initiation. He findsAstrology, 474:in hand. The cycle of initiation from the preparatory stage of accepted disciple to that of theAstrology, 542:conflict. Humanity is today participating in the preparatory tests for initiation, the initiationAstrology, 555:stages of the Path of Evolution have been but preparatory. The following quotation may carryAutobiography, 7:for which the world war (just ended) is but a preparatory stage, and the possibility of telepathicAutobiography, 262:in the history of esotericism has been good, preparatory work. It has brought to the attention ofAutobiography, 263:schools with which they are familiar are only preparatory in nature, full of faults, based on theAutobiography, 264:or between the aspirant and the Master. These preparatory schools are already in process of formingAutobiography, 270:one. The disciple who starts such a school of preparatory occultism does so entirely of his ownBethlehem, 28:- political, religious and social - are only preparatory to this undertaking. We are on our way toBethlehem, 46:history. Up to the present, history has been preparatory. The race is only today, for the firstBethlehem, 76:approximately 25,000 years. Having completed the preparatory work, by His twelfth year Christ againBethlehem, 99:are ready yet for the second initiation. It is preparatory to that final baptism, for theDestiny, 52:and Brazil. It is for this that there is so much preparatory turmoil in four of these countries.Destiny, 52:of destruction is, however, only temporary and preparatory. India hides the light and that light,Destiny, 124:four kingdoms in nature. This must be done as preparatory to the long foreordained work of humanityDiscipleship1, 4:of their two systems of unfoldment - one preparatory to accepted discipleship and the other toDiscipleship1, 18:of the New Age can flow. This is all being done preparatory to a supreme effort which the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 76:are in this particular group of disciples for preparatory training for initiation. I am enteringDiscipleship1, 76:exist, indicating those who can pass on to the preparatory stage of group initiation and those whoDiscipleship1, 93:nature. You can see for yourselves that it was preparatory in nature and that the training forDiscipleship1, 113:cycle of influence but this should only be preparatory to a greater power in service. As to yourDiscipleship1, 131:manner, for you seldom act without some preparatory thinking or without arriving at some sufficientDiscipleship1, 132:be of immediate service in the stage of earlier preparatory work in which we now find ourselves,Discipleship1, 145:at the same time a condition of consolidation, preparatory to the work of building to which IDiscipleship1, 163:New Group of World Servers. After the initial, preparatory period is over, what has been doneDiscipleship1, 193:properly held and utilized, is one of the preparatory steps towards that occult phenomenon, calledDiscipleship1, 232:life which you are now experiencing is simply a preparatory one. In the earlier part of this lifeDiscipleship1, 232:this later part of your life is pronouncedly preparatory training for creative group achievement inDiscipleship1, 242:work and can regard the past cycles as simply preparatory in nature. The objectives before each ofDiscipleship1, 264:now remember that all periods of strain are but preparatory to the handling of still more work withDiscipleship1, 297:at this time, and I call you all to a preparatory purification and mental discipline. It is theDiscipleship1, 319:to seize it. [319] I ask your assistance in this preparatory work and would ask you also to get inDiscipleship1, 325:adhere to it until next May. This is for you a preparatory period in which the qualities of yourDiscipleship1, 350:interest and well worth your attention as a preparatory task for the future work in healing inDiscipleship1, 470:I gave you in your last instruction. As a preparatory exercise for the group meditation, it willDiscipleship1, 583:making the weeks between each full moon simply preparatory to the work to be done on those fiveDiscipleship1, 638:for this present time. They are in the nature of preparatory work, of a preliminary reorientation,Discipleship1, 644:and largely wrong; all of them are only preparatory to the new [645] and coming school ofDiscipleship1, 648:which you will have to fight glamor with care, preparatory to clearing your aura for increasedDiscipleship1, 680:through the medium of their disciples. In this preparatory period, the Masters are today occupied,Discipleship1, 680:to take the personal risks, incident to this preparatory work. There are certain very simple rulesDiscipleship2, 18:Unfold to you and reveal the techniques of work, preparatory to initiation. I referred to thisDiscipleship2, 22:when humanity reached its present stage. Now the preparatory work has been done and has provedDiscipleship2, 24:case, they are not yet ready and there is much preparatory work to be done, much unfolding ofDiscipleship2, 27:the time of the full moon of May, for it is a preparatory exercise in order to train you all inDiscipleship2, 43:or another, age, or a belief that this life is preparatory to full service in the next; alibis areDiscipleship2, 53:(from the ages of fifteen to eighteen) in a preparatory technique of Approach. The stages in theDiscipleship2, 108:they therefore constitute a problem in this preparatory cyclic era because they refuse - usuallyDiscipleship2, 126:I shall ever ask you to take in these early preparatory stages of your work. It must precede theDiscipleship2, 157:readiness, as individuals, for certain specific preparatory work for the initiation which youDiscipleship2, 177:earlier three; they related almost entirely to preparatory work for ashramic service. The firstDiscipleship2, 183:This deeply esoteric alignment exercise is preparatory for a state of more occult and generalDiscipleship2, 207:their united meditation is hastening the preparatory work and is also leading to the initiation ofDiscipleship2, 231:for the reappearance of the Christ. That preparatory work is the major incentive lying back of allDiscipleship2, 236:phrase which introduces a new concept into the preparatory work to be done by the New Group ofDiscipleship2, 237:the nature of the Kingdom of God. All these are preparatory to the establishing of the newDiscipleship2, 244:only this time it is the hearts of all humanity. Preparatory to this first initiation, there hasDiscipleship2, 248:as it is understood in the very necessary preparatory work of the Arcane School. That form ofDiscipleship2, 252:The entire objective of the initiation preparatory process is to bring about revelation. You mustDiscipleship2, 255:as to the changing of personality character as preparatory to initiation. Teaching as to theDiscipleship2, 259:sensitivity and awareness; they are simply preparatory to and symbolic of the final greatDiscipleship2, 259:in the easier and well-known formulas of the preparatory stage of the at-one-ing of soul andDiscipleship2, 338:very simple. Every initiation, and every stage preparatory to initiation, involves the seeing ofDiscipleship2, 343:in the life-training which I am receiving preparatory steps for initiation, and the possibility ofDiscipleship2, 406:angle of the Lodge on Sirius. After these two preparatory events, the initiate - at and after theDiscipleship2, 410:in group formation; these can be regarded as preparatory classes in group fusion and group work.Discipleship2, 410:aspirants and disciples to function in this preparatory group formation and to make it the majorDiscipleship2, 411:said, adventure) and fulfil your part in the preparatory work which is demanded. This work fallsDiscipleship2, 474:been yours this life. Your task has been preparatory to this, and - if you will carry thisDiscipleship2, 521:which initiation it is. It is because of this preparatory period that the past three years haveDiscipleship2, 551:form of service, for which this life has been preparatory. It is related to speech, to words, toDiscipleship2, 560:every disciple begins to gather around him, preparatory to forming his own Ashram in a still laterDiscipleship2, 578:little ship will live through the gale. All is preparatory to an increased output in service -Discipleship2, 596:of my final planning in relation to the work preparatory to the coming of the Christ, I haveDiscipleship2, 596:five Masters and five Ashrams involved in this preparatory work. First of all, there is the AshramDiscipleship2, 597:entrusted with a share in this special field of preparatory work; he is not, however, to beDiscipleship2, 629:adequate patience. The past two years have been preparatory years for you, even if you do not yetDiscipleship2, 664:(as their teaching is carried forward after the preparatory personal processes have been dulyDiscipleship2, 677:of the Christ and for a great deal of the work preparatory to his coming. It must aid in drawingDiscipleship2, 689:these inner disturbances are necessary to and preparatory to great inner crises. These inner crisesDiscipleship2, 694:The OM All these words embody certain major preparatory lessons. You will note how increasingly, asDiscipleship2, 695:for which this present incarnation is only preparatory. My thought is yours, my brother, and I amDiscipleship2, 748:if you proceed to labor at your task... preparatory to the reappearance of the Christ. ThoseEducation, 96:In reality, this science is a subsidiary branch, preparatory to the Science of the Antahkarana. ItEducation, 117:to function as a unity within themselves, preparatory to a higher process which will enable themEducation, 132:which - in its turn - is the foreordained preparatory process which leads to birth into light,Externalisation, 87:to a focus in the planetary solar plexus center, preparatory to a great and permanent change. It isExternalisation, 88:is taking place in the world today, and all is preparatory for the sowing and its resultantExternalisation, 138:is very much to be done of an esoteric and a preparatory nature and it is this which I seek toExternalisation, 191:be worked out in relation to the whole. In the preparatory period for the new world order thereExternalisation, 222:war as indicating the end of the world and as preparatory to the appearance of the Christ, to bringExternalisation, 225:take place, for which all the past has been only preparatory and through which the Aquarian Age of
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