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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREPARED

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Astrology, 52:flowing from the zodiacal signs the man is prepared for the "crisis of orientation" wherein heAstrology, 90:"charts of the crosses" are the ones that are prepared prior to the third initiation, at which timeAstrology, 117:upon some level of consciousness. Thus they are prepared for the final sacrifice in Pisces whichAstrology, 128:for which all the earlier and many changes have prepared him. It is these words also which, from aAstrology, 134:the theory. For this exoteric astrology may have prepared you, in some cases. Astrology, 153:the other two Crosses and for which they have prepared the initiate. It might be stated that TheAstrology, 160:could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a major initiation. This the Forces ofAstrology, 239:the influence of Scorpio. [239] That in the past prepared the world probationary disciple,Astrology, 255:then upon the ocean of quiescent matter and prepared that substance (over untold aeons) for itsAstrology, 279:stage of evolution which has successfully prepared the man for mounting the Fixed Cross. TheAstrology, 279:for mounting the Fixed Cross. The personality is prepared to be the mother of the Christ. If weAstrology, 291:there is, therefore, first the form, gradually prepared, adjusted, aligned and oriented during manyAstrology, 362:major initiations in Capricorn, in their turn prepared for in Scorpio. Taurus pours the energyAutobiography, 84:on the platform before five hundred men prepared to terrify them into the courts of heaven. It wasAutobiography, 89:in effect, the work must go on. Don't forget. Be prepared to work. Don't be deceived byAutobiography, 124:inspiration of the Scriptures; but they are prepared to believe in the Word of God. Life is so fullAutobiography, 184:for a sane knowledge of the Masters and more prepared for a normal and sensible interpretation ofAutobiography, 239:He indicates that the [239] work of the Buddha prepared people for the Path of Discipleship, whilstAutobiography, 239:of Discipleship, whilst the work of the Christ prepared people for Initiation. He indicated aAutobiography, 265:intelligent personality. Disciples will be prepared for initiation, and initiates will be trainedAutobiography, 280:Law of Rebirth and of fresh opportunity) have prepared you. The enterprise upon which you areBethlehem, 10:lies in the fact that many thousands stand thus prepared, and (given the needed instruction) couldBethlehem, 14:Their two systems are interdependent, and Buddha prepared the world for the message and the missionBethlehem, 16:in which the lower nature can be changed and prepared to be a conscious expression of divinity.Bethlehem, 21:follow in His steps. For this the past era has prepared us, and we can now pass intelligently intoBethlehem, 22:greets them - the familiar Friend Who, having prepared them by example and precept, now receivesBethlehem, 29:indicates that mankind as a whole is being prepared for initiation. There is purpose underlyingBethlehem, 33:but the way of that Messenger had been prepared beforehand, [34] and He had been preceded by otherBethlehem, 34:crisis is upon us, and for this Christ has prepared the race, for when He was born at Bethlehem, itBethlehem, 36:expanded understanding. Today mankind is being prepared for just such a transition, and for theBethlehem, 36:for initiation. For this, Christianity has prepared numbers of the race. The new interpretation andBethlehem, 54:consummation. For that we are not as yet prepared. Christ Himself did not proclaim the finalBethlehem, 72:came, we read that those of vision who were prepared said, "We have seen his star in the East andBethlehem, 91:that which happened when Christ appeared; it prepared humanity for the opportunity then offered,Bethlehem, 147:whereby the medium of divine expression is prepared for use. The Galilee experience, and the dailyBethlehem, 150:which Christ had made in Himself will have prepared us for the stupendous phenomenon of theBethlehem, 191:of other more imperfect theophanies, which prepared the way for it by molding the human natureBethlehem, 200:for which the many crucified world Saviors prepared the way for Christ. Men are definitely savedBethlehem, 243:in the continuity of revelation, and He Himself prepared us for the emergence of those truths whichBethlehem, 258:Christ, did two things: First of all, He prepared the way for Christ, giving out the teaching thatBethlehem, 258:was confined to the very few who were being prepared for initiation, or who could penetrate byBethlehem, 272:it is one for which all previous religions have prepared us. It differs only in that it will noBethlehem, 278:a double predisposition: firstly, we must be prepared to act affirmatively toward the world andDestiny, 24:system, the center which is Humanity [24] was prepared, and the principle of intelligence came intoDestiny, 62:Fascist idealism to be easily impressed upon the prepared and sensitive Spanish consciousness. AsDestiny, 121:manner in which the potency of the sixth ray has prepared humanity for the imminent happenings withDiscipleship1, XV:will receive the inspiration that we who have prepared it have received; I hope also that theirDiscipleship1, 54:will be picked those who can be definitely prepared for certain expansions of consciousness and whoDiscipleship1, 88:from the angle of time. For this you should be prepared. Particularly is it difficult at this timeDiscipleship1, 94:already taken the first initiation and are being prepared for one of the later initiations. ThereDiscipleship1, 95:naturally not my intention to state who is being prepared for any particular initiation. That is aDiscipleship1, 111:out of this particular group of disciples to be prepared for psychic work. My reason is that underDiscipleship1, 119:subtleties in our work and for these you must be prepared. Your papers and replies to the questionsDiscipleship1, 119:has to evidence this. Are you, my brother, prepared to say that this evidence can be produced? YouDiscipleship1, 125:you are aware of that for which you are being prepared by your soul, by me and through the chosenDiscipleship1, 142:could be of assistance to you) have not yet been prepared; one of them you have not yet met. ThinkDiscipleship1, 148:major goal. Then come other lives in which the prepared equipment is used. For you, this presentDiscipleship1, 156:cruel. Life is initiation and for this you are prepared. The crises in the life of the soul workDiscipleship1, 156:a hint. For this too you are, as you know, being prepared. I stand behind you with understandingDiscipleship1, 163:of idea and of purpose becomes onerous. [163] Be prepared for expansion of the work. But expandDiscipleship1, 186:[186] the coming months and for this you must be prepared. Your life quality in expression is good.Discipleship1, 203:both in your life and your environment. Be prepared to recognize them and to gain from them thatDiscipleship1, 241:of action in the future. For this you must be prepared. But all ways are ways of service, and inDiscipleship1, 243:MY BROTHER: The past year of effort should have prepared you for changes and for increasedDiscipleship1, 245:taken at a cost and for this you will have to be prepared. But you are a strong and steadfast soul,Discipleship1, 310:world of subtler values. For what you are being prepared you have been told and know. You know alsoDiscipleship1, 329:is by all in my group and for this you have been prepared and this you have earned. The worldDiscipleship1, 348:such a cycle you are now moving. Be therefore prepared both for deepened vision and for a freshDiscipleship1, 423:difficulties and the pain of the past year have prepared you. Think not, my brother, that I regardDiscipleship1, 503:self-defense and constantly erecting carefully prepared barriers. I do not seek here, however, toDiscipleship1, 514:on the plane of daily life. For this you must be prepared and so be ready to profit from it. YourDiscipleship1, 538:upheaval in your inner life. For this, are you prepared? Secondly: it will not produce any outerDiscipleship1, 545:of intensified training. For this you must be prepared. Are you willing for a while to submit toDiscipleship1, 545:upon the Path of Discipleship and must be prepared. Two things require adjustment in the inner lifeDiscipleship1, 553:is still to be continued and for it you must be prepared. You have, however, adequate light andDiscipleship1, 616:not into this one. [616] I believe that you are prepared for this decision of mine. The reason forDiscipleship1, 618:sixth and third ray tendencies. You must be prepared for tests and difficulties until you haveDiscipleship1, 673:is the stage wherein a chela is being definitely prepared for an immediate initiation or, havingDiscipleship1, 681:definite and distinct ideas. Are you, therefore, prepared to throw these overboard and work in theDiscipleship1, 713:a chela is being definitely and consciously prepared for immediate initiation, or - having takenDiscipleship1, 722:between groups and between nations. Are you prepared as individuals, as disciples and aspirants toDiscipleship1, 741:this, that or the other experience. He has to be prepared for all experiences [742] and to face theDiscipleship1, 767:is in close touch always; he is being definitely prepared for immediate initiation or having takenDiscipleship2, 40:conditions will emerge for which you must be prepared and for which you should now begin to prepareDiscipleship2, 45:that indicates to a disciple that he is being prepared for initiation. It will be apparent,Discipleship2, 48:Path of Discipleship and who are willing to be prepared for initiation. Changes in curriculum andDiscipleship2, 95:of group work, and for these you must be prepared. The realization of the inevitability of theseDiscipleship2, 99:and in the task assigned to my Ashram are you prepared to take? This question concerns both yourDiscipleship2, 171:One of the first experiments he made as he prepared for this form of activity was in connectionDiscipleship2, 181:with certainty that you are being specifically prepared for the second initiation would do well toDiscipleship2, 189:upon the Fixed Cross of the Heavens. This he is prepared always to accept, for he knows from bitterDiscipleship2, 256:and alone for which initiation he is being prepared; the Master never gives this information. LightDiscipleship2, 257:ancient formulas which are given to those being prepared for initiation. One of these I haveDiscipleship2, 257:of revelation. For the disciple who is being prepared to take an initiation the emphasis isDiscipleship2, 259:the initiation to be taken and the ray of the prepared disciple. These are: 1. The Stage ofDiscipleship2, 325:taking incarnation at this time who are already prepared and ready for initiation; they have doneDiscipleship2, 338:"crisis of vision" all the lesser visions have prepared the Master; after his decision is madeDiscipleship2, 344:the initiation for which the disciple is being prepared. They are in the nature of keys to a doorDiscipleship2, 381:shortcomings of the members of the group being prepared for initiation only serves to eliminateDiscipleship2, 419:his planetary work - creative and magnetic - has prepared him. As he, in his Own essential nature,
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