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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREPAREDNESS

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Atom, 84:the form when it had reached a certain stage of preparedness, and when the component [85] lives hadBethlehem, 192:becoming a fact to the consciousness of men. Preparedness for the Kingdom, and the arrival of theDiscipleship2, 10:First, I seek to ascertain the mental state and preparedness of the amanuensis, A.A.B., and whetherDiscipleship2, 71:is in itself a guarantee of a certain amount of preparedness administered through right devotion,Discipleship2, 267:perception or intuitive instinct signifies preparedness for the Transfiguration, the thirdDiscipleship2, 428:upon in this series. Because of the evolutionary preparedness, evident in the consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 751:to a fuller and a richer life? I call you to preparedness, and for freedom from the glamors of theExternalisation, 237:for war proved inadequate in the face of German preparedness. They were not one-pointed in theirExternalisation, 562:than this but which - owing to the unexpected preparedness of humanity - can take place, notExternalisation, 577:this world can be brought into a condition of preparedness for the externalization of theFire, 491:of the life through inner development and preparedness. It produces the evils of Hatha Yoga inGlamour, 216:direction. The recognition of two aspects of preparedness: Alignment of the personality, so thatGlamour, 235:the searchlight for the dissipation of glamor. Preparedness through alignment and integration. ThisRays, 256:here referred to has nothing to do with personal preparedness or with the group unity which I haveRays, 381:efforts, the stage (at that time demanded) of preparedness for initiation. This attainment broughtReappearance, 20:spiritual world. All this creates a unique preparedness which presents the Christ with unique
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