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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREROGATIVE

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Bethlehem, 25:of the teaching of initiation, nor is it their prerogative to prepare man for this unfoldment. TheBethlehem, 152:of truth, to that illumination which is the prerogative and the gift of all the perfected sons ofBethlehem, 279:is yet ready for the immortality which is the prerogative of the sons of God. The building of thatDestiny, 114:new thing and one which has been hitherto the prerogative of the highly cultured few. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 449:but forever exercising (as a life habit) the prerogative of the judgment seat. A case in point, myDiscipleship2, 351:being revealed. Revelation is not only the prerogative and reward of the attaining initiate, but itDiscipleship2, 451:and dimly, because this sense is a monadic prerogative) and of relationship (strongly andExternalisation, 212:and is inclusive of the past (for this is the prerogative of all trained world disciples) I knowExternalisation, 236:is a universal human right and not the prerogative of one nation. I tell you that humanity isExternalisation, 693:there is of course no infringement of the human prerogative of free will. This ancient science isFire, 483:This conscious manipulation of the fires is the prerogative of man when he has reached a certainFire, 873:of one of the Buddhas of Activity. Theirs is the prerogative to control the electrical forces ofFire, 920:of each plane are devas of vast power and prerogative who may be stated to be connected with theGlamour, 2:is the synthetic understanding which is the prerogative of the soul and it only becomes possibleGlamour, 5:two words with intent!) which it is the high prerogative of a divine Son of God to operate. ItHealing, 454:that amazing and immediate activity which is the prerogative of matter itself and which expressesHercules, 70:of the presence"; they have not privilege and prerogative to possess. They believe in the fact ofHercules, 83:of truth and reality which is the high prerogative and potent factor in the life of a liberated sonIntellect, 35:of themselves - a thing hitherto the choice prerogative of the mystics and knowers of the race.Intellect, 159:of that knowledge and wisdom which is the prerogative of the soul, produce, in the truly unifiedMagic, 162:fear he must substitute that peace which is the prerogative of those who live always in the LightMagic, 276:race and this knowledge was in past aeons the prerogative of the initiates of the time. Held latentMagic, 285:aspect. The self-consciousness aspect is the prerogative of the human family. When man has evolved,Magic, 288:We must remember that "To Will" is the prerogative of Spirit, "To Know" is the function of theMagic, 356:of a wisdom which helps and aids is not the prerogative of the Senecas, of the St. Pauls, of theMagic, 497:that amazing and immediate activity which is the prerogative of matter itself and which expressesMagic, 617:endeavor. He knows that these formulas are the prerogative of all souls and can only be known andPsychology1, 172:receptivity which had been hitherto the prerogative of the few mystics and intuitive. During thePsychology1, 321:in man his great gift of synthesis and his prerogative [322] of unification, for - as earlier saidPsychology2, 219:of divinity. Expansion is a vital power and prerogative of Deity. Therefore let us struggle toPsychology2, 475:and realms of awareness which are the prerogative of all races and peoples at certain stages ofPsychology2, 558:The higher powers and faculties which are the prerogative of the conscious soul. These are greaterPsychology2, 599:and the final purpose, are the recognized prerogative of the mystical aspirant. The mysticalRays, 515:use this technique, resting back upon his divine prerogative of assertion. Ponder on thisRays, 516:of Shamballa and the established right, prerogative and privilege of all first ray souls. Rays, 700:the Wholeness which is his divine right and prerogative. The beauty of the interpretation of this
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