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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENCE

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Astrology, 55:[55] Upon the mental plane the Angel of the Presence and the Dweller on the Threshold are broughtAstrology, 55:are brought face to face. The Angel of the Presence, distributing solar fire and holding focusedAstrology, 105:and its power and radiance fade out when the Presence, which it has hitherto veiled, appears andAstrology, 118:is proceeding; the hidden man is making his presence felt. The intellect is awakening [119] andAstrology, 164:to face that Dweller as well as the Angel of the Presence, and in so doing discover that both theAstrology, 192:recognizes it as a constant pressure and presence. This fact in itself indicates a significantAstrology, 196:furthest from the Pole Star begins to make its presence felt and a sense of right direction orAstrology, 207:Dweller on the Threshold. Then the Angel of the Presence and the Dweller stand face to face andAstrology, 225:in control, must give place eventually to the Presence. This it has hitherto veiled or hidden.Astrology, 253:the Christ life is as yet too small to make its presence felt; the involutionary process is yet tooAstrology, 264:that the energy of Vulcan is potently making its presence felt, and hence the struggles going onAstrology, 318:soul (the essential duality) are there but their presence is not easily detected. In Scorpio comesAstrology, 319:of the human Hierarchy begins to make its presence felt and to include the dualism of man. ThisAstrology, 366:there will consequently and normally be the presence of perfect health. It is the understanding ofAstrology, 401:and conflict in the next sign, Gemini. The presence, therefore, of the exalted Moon and the fallenAstrology, 455:of influence of Shamballa. Of this shift, the presence of the twelve-petalled lotus in the highestAstrology, 568:so in reality. Each of these Crosses makes its presence felt as a fourfold sphere of influence or aAstrology, 603:is the effect of the will as it makes its presence [604] felt and the result of its expression,Astrology, 636:constellations. (S.D. Vol. III, 214) "...In the presence of the Eternal conformity of the divisionsAstrology, 636:the same order everywhere and always and in the presence of the impossibility of attributing it allAstrology, 646:into the archangels and the Spirits of the Presence by the Christian Church." (S.D. Vol. III, 160)Astrology, 680:this was brought about by the coming, in bodily Presence, of certain great Entities, and he hasAtom, 86:aspect of love-wisdom just beginning to make its presence felt, and with the highest aspect ofAutobiography, 23:man, could be indicated, as seeking to make its presence felt. The universality of the processAutobiography, 73:and reading-rooms, only to find that my presence made them worse. Word had gone out that I was aAutobiography, 81:I went into the kitchen, never sitting in my presence, only speaking when spoken to and completelyAutobiography, 224:his essential spiritual qualities making his presence known. [225] Frank D. Vanderlip in his bookAutobiography, 240:trained telepathically and the actual physical presence of a Master is no longer necessary. The oldAutobiography, 269:by him and not presented as a command). The presence of authoritative statements, emanating fromAutobiography, 284:the mind having little opportunity to make its presence felt. When, however, a measure of balanceBethlehem, 22:example and precept, now receives them into the presence of God. Such has ever been the experience,Bethlehem, 30:a new Kingdom and stand before that mysterious Presence Whose light and wisdom shone forth beforeBethlehem, 42:Testament reference is made to the "Angel of the Presence." A long list of these synonyms could beBethlehem, 42:waking consciousness the initiate stands in His Presence and sees Him face to face. BrowningBethlehem, 49:will be added the ultimate revelation of the Presence of God in the human heart, of Christ born inBethlehem, 75:the father-mother principle, indicated by the presence of the parents." - Dictionary of the SacredBethlehem, 82:of the aspirant of today. First, the presence of the soul, a living entity which can and must beBethlehem, 125:God. If for one brief minute we have been in the Presence of God and known it, that is real. If theBethlehem, 125:of God and known it, that is real. If the Presence of God in the human heart has at any moment, forBethlehem, 136:initiation the life aspect of divinity makes its presence felt. [137] In His earthly life,Bethlehem, 150:that they knew their Master, but the familiar Presence had been transformed, and they stood beforeBethlehem, 150:had been transformed, and they stood before The Presence. The sense of awe, of wonder and ofBethlehem, 160:the Initiator is the symbol, did not make His Presence known. The angels spoke the word, embodyingBethlehem, 171:banquet, whether alone, O, unfallen One! or in presence of these, for all this I ask forgivenessBethlehem, 200:in their objectives, can dull or obliterate the Presence of God in us. We are learning that thatBethlehem, 200:Presence of God in us. We are learning that that Presence can be released in us only by the deathBethlehem, 212:way into the kingdom, and that the fact of the presence of divinity in each of us makes us eligibleBethlehem, 212:disharmony of others by the power of a spiritual presence, which brings about the greatBethlehem, 212:the endeavor of Christ, and the fact of His Presence is the harmonizing medium in life. Men are notBethlehem, 212:theological dogma, but by the fact of His living Presence, of the living immediate Christ. It isBethlehem, 212:Christ. It is the realization of the fact of the presence of God in the human heart which is theBethlehem, 212:will eventually reorganize our human life is the presence in the world of those who know Christ asBethlehem, 221:both by his fellow men and by the comforting presence of the divine self upon which he has learntBethlehem, 224:Through the work of Christ and His living Presence in all of us there exists today, subjective asBethlehem, 239:humanity so constantly exhibits. Because of the presence of Christ in man, the conviction ofBethlehem, 239:the tangible and visible, frequently making its presence felt. Working therefore on the premise ofBethlehem, 239:we have been blinded and unable to recognize its presence. Always some have done so, and their noteDestiny, 6:until today this great energy is making its presence unmistakably felt. I am anxious to have youDestiny, 13:energy made its appearance and caused its presence to be felt through the tremendous changes whichDiscipleship1, 13:outwardly and its life should begin to make its presence felt. It should steadily tend to increaseDiscipleship1, 14:which may come to you, such as contact with some Presence, either that of your own soul, the angelDiscipleship1, 14:either that of your own soul, the angel of the Presence, contact with some disciple and eventuallyDiscipleship1, 92:the Master takes his hand and the Angel of the Presence becomes potent and active in a way which IDiscipleship1, 93:are conditioned by past developments and the presence of these capacities, plus a freedom ofDiscipleship1, 94:of the life lived, the service rendered and the presence of an illumined mind - illumined throughDiscipleship1, 96:you that there must always be humility in the presence of true vision. This experiment which I amDiscipleship1, 176:I raise and lift my fellow men. 7th month - The Presence of the Soul abides with me. I walk withDiscipleship1, 176:with God upon the ways of men; the shadow of his Presence which is the Presence of my soul, revealsDiscipleship1, 176:of men; the shadow of his Presence which is the Presence of my soul, reveals the God on every hand,Discipleship1, 182:and as vital life in your aura and physical presence. Sound the O.M. again three times as anDiscipleship1, 187:which comes from the Center and in each other's presence. Such is the method of the New Age groups.Discipleship1, 224:lighted way I take my stand. Before the presence I will take my place and there will firmly stand.Discipleship1, 224:to them I will call your attention; the way, the presence and sight. My blessing rests upon you atDiscipleship1, 244:is also distinctive of a first ray soul and the presence of these two attitudes (of the one in theDiscipleship1, 324:as e'en those hours when the technique of the Presence entered into your consciousness. They leadDiscipleship1, 324:the time when the technique is superseded by the Presence. The fiery force of your life is nowDiscipleship1, 326:pull of love. Behind this door there stands a Presence, hiding another door which opens to a fieldDiscipleship1, 388:been said and written anent the practice of the Presence of God and today one of the interestingDiscipleship1, 389:for achieving [389] the realization of this Presence, of inspiration, of light and of contact. IDiscipleship1, 389:What do you understand by the thought of the Presence? Of whom and what is this Presence? What isDiscipleship1, 389:of the Presence? Of whom and what is this Presence? What is it that prevents contact with thatDiscipleship1, 389:What is it that prevents contact with that Presence and hinders you from standing in its light? CanDiscipleship1, 389:which will be for you the way into the Presence? Answer these three questions and realize that forDiscipleship1, 389:and realize that for you the contact with that Presence - consciously and with understanding of theDiscipleship1, 389:"Duality is visioned by the seer. He sees the Presence. He sees, and seeing knows that he existsDiscipleship1, 389:"The knower blends the two in one. He sees the Presence as himself. He merges with its light.Discipleship1, 389:as himself. He merges with its light. Behind the Presence gleams that awful radiance which shroudsDiscipleship1, 389:which shrouds the One and Only. Before the Presence stands the aspirant. Within the Presence,Discipleship1, 389:the Presence stands the aspirant. Within the Presence, through the merging process, is peace, isDiscipleship1, 390:in these past months anent the practice of the Presence. This is well, for that is the objectiveDiscipleship1, 390:of the solar Angel, who is the Angel of the Presence. Your problem is to deepen this realization,Discipleship1, 390:between you, the physical plane man, and the Presence. It might elucidate matters if we consideredDiscipleship1, 390:moment what reality is represented by that word Presence. The mystic is ever aware of duality; ofDiscipleship1, 390:which these dualities are but the aspects: the Presence, immanent yet transcendent, of Deity. InDiscipleship1, 390:you are told to develop the consciousness of the Presence, it indicates, first of all, that you areDiscipleship1, 391:alive and vibrant, Deity. This practice of the Presence can be dealt with in so many different waysDiscipleship1, 391:the whole. The questions are: To recognize the Presence, I must stand free and unattached. To whatDiscipleship1, 391:vision and closer approach? To recognize the Presence, I must function as the solar Angel. Can I,Discipleship1, 391:myself and that solar Angel? To recognize the Presence means that I am preparing to pass, as aDiscipleship1, 392:by Myself, the disciple. Myself, the Angel. The Presence. The first three questions can be answered
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