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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENCE

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Healing, 17:his heart and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feed the [18] soul life of the patient. ThisHealing, 61:is prone are found in the soil, and that their presence there is largely due to the burial, downHealing, 98:his heart and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is theHealing, 103:is brought about by imagining himself as in the presence of his brothers. If they were to meet as aHealing, 134:his heart and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is theHealing, 140:the waters" (or forces) and the Angel of the Presence descends into the whirlpool. Then all becomesHealing, 160:and peace. This goodwill is already making its presence felt in the world today, indicating theHealing, 270:fundamental cause is related to energy, to its presence in excess as it pours through the centers,Healing, 308:three ways whereby the healer can ascertain the presence and the location of congestion and anyHealing, 313:conditions. Fevers not only give warning of the presence of that which causes distress, but have inHealing, 320:susceptible to its activity or aware of its presence. Germs are the first effect of an originalHealing, 337:solar plexus. They do not, however, make their presence felt as symptoms of disease in these placesHealing, 376:for these electrical rays which will make their presence felt and lead to possibilities beyond theHealing, 382:as a result of an awakening intuition, of the presence upon earth of a very great number ofHealing, 383:and when the evidence substantiating the presence of five basic energies in every human being (theHealing, 393:love animating the entire universe; there is the Presence of the Christ, indicating to humanity theHealing, 398:the mediums, have nevertheless demonstrated the presence of an inexplicable factor; theHealing, 407:becomes conscious of itself as the Angel of the Presence and is reabsorbed into the world of souls,Healing, 431:dealing with the theme of death as it makes its presence felt through disease or through old age. IHealing, 443:roots in an innate fear of death; through the presence of this fear, the [444] race has fought itsHealing, 474:questioned as yet by orthodox medicine, but its presence will later be recognized. A psychic tremorHealing, 477:there is a point of light which indicates the presence of the soul. 6. The etheric body isHealing, 506:by the life of those sheaths, only making its presence felt through what is called "the voice ofHealing, 507:on the Threshold, stands before the Angel of the Presence. The light of the solar Angel thenHealing, 515:in the light of the soul; the glory of the Presence, [516] transmuted by the Angel, is such thatHealing, 527:Power to work with radiation. "Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient." This againHealing, 535:his heart and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is theHealing, 585:it in being and constantly demonstrates its presence by activity of some kind or another - anHealing, 590:one unrealized, to which we give the name of the Presence, the other realized, to which we give theHealing, 590:to which we give the name of the Angel of the Presence. These are the soul (the solar angel) andHealing, 603:of the sentimental occultist. In fact, the presence of these desirable conditions only increasesHealing, 636:of the spirit of the earth, shows itself in the presence of disease in all forms in all theHealing, 638:One of the factors governing incarnation is the presence of what is called the will-to-live; whenHealing, 639:Dweller on the Threshold and the Angel of the Presence face each other. It is in that consummatingHealing, 643:his heart and auric emanation. Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This is theHealing, 656:is summed up for us in the words: "Thus can his presence feed the soul life of the patient. This isHealing, 663:in them. When the evil which has made its presence felt, and when the imperfections which have beenHealing, 704:a disciple of some standing whose work and presence is still needed on earth to complete hisHercules, 11:dominance of the lower material nature made its presence felt with the facility of agelongHercules, 67:ideas flood the world; new impulses make their presence felt; new and undeveloped lines of approachHercules, 70:not what might be called "the technique of the presence"; they have not privilege and prerogativeHercules, 143:flaming aspiration must be discharged before its presence is revealed. Fighting so formidable a foeHercules, 202:by the Christ to reappear or return to visible presence on Earth as soon as possible andHercules, 220:the water carrier, has begun to make his presence felt in the development of sanitation and theInitiation, 54:village. He is a man of tall and commanding presence, dark hair and beard and dark eyes, and mightInitiation, 55:or the Love-Wisdom Ray. he is a man of noble presence, and tall, though of rather slighter buildInitiation, 74:before the Initiator and to carry out from that Presence certain sounds and secrets imparted to himInitiation, 88:bodies when they return to its shelter from the Presence of the KING; because now the purifiedInitiation, 112:which are five in number, as follows: 1. The "Presence" revealed. 2. The "Vision" seen. 3. TheInitiation, 113:XII - The Two Revelations The Revelation of the "Presence" Right through the later periods of theInitiation, 115:At the second initiation this great Presence is seen as a duality, and another aspect shines forthInitiation, 116:which comes to a man who stands in the "Presence" with his eyes occultly opened. As a many tintedInitiation, 117:initiation, the initiate is brought into the Presence of that aspect of Himself which is calledInitiation, 117:initiations that he becomes aware also of that "Presence" which enfolds even that spiritual Entity,Initiation, 118:to the five-pointed star, which reveals the Presence of the Planetary Logos to the initiate. ThisInitiation, 118:to thoughtful students why this revealing of the Presence has to precede all other revelations. ItInitiation, 119:Thus, in many ways, does the revelation of the Presence produce definite results in the initiate,Initiation, 120:by him before he can again stand in the Presence, and receive an extended revelation. At the secondInitiation, 132:fear, or doubt. He has contacted the divine "Presence," and has seen the vision. He knows what heInitiation, 142:in which he realizes his own august Self, the Presence and sees the vision and the plan. Second.Intellect, 27:both of them, and only occasionally making its presence felt in the sudden illuminations andIntellect, 36:do not convince by argument; we convince by our presence." - Whitman, Walt, Leaves of Grass. Intellect, 52:no radiance, but gradually the light makes its presence felt, till the meaning of the words of theIntellect, 97:indwelling Christ. This Master first makes His presence felt through the "still small voice" ofIntellect, 128:which is from the first felt as a transcendent presence, 'the beyond', even where it is also feltIntellect, 155:a vision of the Absolute: a sense of the Divine Presence: but not true union with it." "It is," sheIntellect, 161:It is the same divine consciousness making its presence felt in different spheres of humanIntellect, 188:used above is very interesting. It is "the presence in every individual of a faculty... This is theMagic, 48:This is the great deception; and the Maya of His Presence." - So runs the Old Commentary oft quotedMagic, 51:self which has only, in most cases, made its presence felt at rare and highly emotional intervals.Magic, 65:of faith, of calmness, of application, and the presence of emotional unrest will hinder. LongMagic, 88:for which the solar Angel exists is making its presence felt within humanity, and another strongMagic, 110:serves in his acceptance of Brotherhood in the Presence of Fatherhood, what difference does it makeMagic, 120:some of the vision can be seen, the sense of the Presence can be felt; the Beloved can be reachedMagic, 142:"Voice that speaketh in the stillness" make its presence felt. Only when the sound of many watersMagic, 189:own group of co-workers, and can stand in the presence of his Master. Magic, 199:between the eyebrows also begins to make its presence felt, and this significant two-petalled lotusMagic, 200:- standing now not only before the Angel of the Presence, but before the very Presence Itself. Magic, 200:the Angel of the Presence, but before the very Presence Itself. Magic, 285:the highest aspect (the spiritual) makes its presence felt. The spiritual energy and not just theMagic, 285:as yet, because they will only make their presence felt later in the evolutionary program. TheyMagic, 293:or lack of vitality. The physical body makes its presence felt when something goes wrong or throughMagic, 310:the various wrong ways in which it makes its presence felt. Humanity vibrates primarily in one orMagic, 322:midst of the whirl and storm he should make his presence felt. The Law of action and reaction worksMagic, 330:and principle of spiritual life can make their presence felt in the world? Such a body now existsMagic, 362:and only then - can the Master lead him into the Presence of the Hierophant. The Initiator then,Magic, 370:conditions, or an emotional effect as our presence brings to them peace and uplift, or anMagic, 401:and subtle ways they are already making their presence felt but theirs is as yet primarily aMagic, 413:vitalized by it, then evil begins to make its presence felt. This finally demonstrates asMagic, 424:the public consciousness, and thus of making its presence felt. This will be done through theMagic, 536:as more and more of innate divinity makes its presence felt? The superman is with us. What will theMagic, 574:ideas upon other people and so to shine in their presence, or to force them to agree with hisMagic, 584:which all less evolved souls feel when in the presence of those who are forging ahead. AMagic, 626:its root in an innate fear of death; through the presence of this fear, the race has fought its wayMeditation, 44:way. Aught that brings you rapidly to Their Presence and to Their Lotus Feet, is by you to beMeditation, 75:are touched. The initiate can then stand in the Presence of the Great King, the One Initiator. Meditation, 84:and eventually conducts a man into the presence of the Master. The solar plexus is the seat of theMeditation, 298:level. The absence of a Master in personal presence, able and equipped to teach the true scientificMeditation, 341:been reached when the Hierophant can demand your presence and bestow initiation upon you. You have,Meditation, 341:that makes it possible for you to stand in His Presence. The great Law of Attraction draws you to
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