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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENCE

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Rays, 225:disciple standing before the Angel of the Presence, to that point of attainment where the spiritualRays, 257:no knowledge at present exists, will make its presence felt, and the work of the Buddha and of theRays, 277:a dimly sensed brotherhood seeks to make its presence felt. The words "the fellowship of Christ"Rays, 302:and has for aye been here. The Oneness of the Presence; the area [303] of love; the living, loving,Rays, 303:things? To all enfolded in the living, loving Presence; to those who all unknown to them maintainRays, 303:to those who all unknown to them maintain that Presence and for ever shall endure - as doth thatRays, 303:and for ever shall endure - as doth that Presence. And who are those who live within that PresenceRays, 303:Presence. And who are those who live within that Presence but know it not? They are myself andRays, 303:the truth; by living as a fragment of that Presence and seeing all its parts. And thus isRays, 316:aspect of the will can begin to make its presence felt; the soul body, the causal body, the TempleRays, 386:of that degree of attainment, They stood in the Presence of the One Initiator, the Lord of theRays, 386:Initiator, the Lord of the World, and not in the Presence of the Initiate Who was then Head of theRays, 392:cosmic conditions which are responsible for the Presence of Sanat Kumara upon the Earth. It is willRays, 393:point in evolution already achieved, and on the presence in the three worlds of certain appropriateRays, 478:made use of and continued to make use of their presence. The process of recognizing creativeRays, 545:aura from the tremendous potency of the Master's presence. It is difficult for the average aspirantRays, 545:It will be obvious to you, therefore, that the presence of a Master will have a potent effect whereRays, 545:spirit which will enable him to stand in the presence of the Master and present no barriers toRays, 561:of Discipleship and in the Masters' ashrams. The presence in humanity today of an ardentRays, 571:of the Christ life - as a result of the presence and activities of the second divine aspect of loveRays, 615:levels of experience and demands His physical Presence. Let me make the facts somewhat clearer andRays, 615:and will evoke the emotional reaction to His Presence. This therefore brings the astral planeRays, 639:emotional plane. Through His recognized physical Presence upon Earth. Certain nations are todayRays, 647:will then be able to do, freed from the dread presence of purely materialistic thinking. This is noRays, 663:the energy of the Spiritual Triad can make its presence felt. For the sake of clarity, however, andRays, 668:leads finally to a recognition of the Presence of the Christ and to relationship with Him. With theRays, 690:of the fact that he remains unconscious of its presence. [691] The ajna center is the "center ofRays, 707:again upon the mountain-top, awaiting again the Presence. He realizes that something more is neededRays, 746:spiritual and the material aims are making their presence and their differences clearly felt; theRays, 752:clarity which will emerge in the Light of His Presence is already available; the tendency toReappearance, 20:restoration and of resurrection are making their presence felt in all the many groups which areReappearance, 34:to live his life in the light of the divine Presence. All mystics have been able to do this to aReappearance, 36:Today, as an outcome of this unfolding divine Presence, there is entering into the minds of menReappearance, 43:and there has been no tangible indication of His Presence. Today, thousands know that He will come;Reappearance, 46:is this great truth and fact of the physical Presence on Earth at this time of the Christ, of HisReappearance, 46:the Festival of the Buddha Who in physical Presence expresses the spiritual solidarity of ourReappearance, 46:of the theological faiths. It is the physical Presence upon our planet of such recognized spiritualReappearance, 47:in three ways, or rather, that the fact of His Presence could be proved in three distinctiveReappearance, 51:groups who have always proclaimed the physical Presence of the Christ have so distorted theReappearance, 54:significance of His persistent but unobserved Presence. The watchers were assured by two of theReappearance, 64:present Christ Who has been with us in bodily Presence (according to His promise) for twentyReappearance, 65:stands the human, the loving and the divine Presence of the Christ, embodying divine love andReappearance, 69:by the Christ to reappear or return to visible Presence on Earth as soon as possible, andReappearance, 71:will, He had to reappear on Earth in visible Presence. He had to preside over the materializationReappearance, 73:The success of Christ's return to visible Presence, as well as other factors (related to HisReappearance, 80:men everywhere to sit down together in the Presence of the Christ and share the bread and wineReappearance, 83:being constantly stimulated. By His physical Presence, He will become the "Dispenser of the WaterReappearance, 121:among men; the Christ will reappear in physical Presence. Another thing that will happen will beReappearance, 126:will give when again here with us in physical Presence. Little as the orthodox Christian may careReappearance, 128:which the Christ will deal; His acknowledged Presence with us and the presence of His disciplesReappearance, 128:deal; His acknowledged Presence with us and the presence of His disciples will make possible a farReappearance, 136:sense but through the livingness of His Presence, stimulating the Christ principle in every humanReappearance, 150:of Deity [150] and have posited the presence of a God Who is creating, sustaining and creativelyReappearance, 165:of the existence of the Christ and of His Presence with us at all times; it must be grounded in theReappearance, 183:and principle of spiritual life can make their presence felt in the world, under the direction ofReappearance, 183:under the direction of the Christ in Visible Presence? Such a body now exists, with its members inSoul, 77:by him "Christ in you," and which, through its presence, enables every man eventually to attain theSoul, 119:aliveness various types of activity make their presence felt. The centers below the diaphragmSoul, 122:consciousness, soul-aspect, gradually makes its presence felt and brings the solar plexus centerTelepathy, 59:evoked, of a something other which has made its presence felt. This something other than theTelepathy, 59:attention of the one who has sensed its presence, and finally contact is made. Impact is somethingTelepathy, 72:or en rapport with Shamballa can make his presence felt and certain ideas can be presented by him.Telepathy, 134:occur - once the Christ is again in physical Presence and recognition on Earth. H.P.B. speaks inTelepathy, 161:and used, and how their substance, or rather the presence of certain energies in the etheric body
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