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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Discipleship1, 311:am inclined to leave your meditation as it is at present, changing only the theme of yourDiscipleship1, 313:This is all that I have to say to you at the present. Discipleship1, 315:whole, and who only knows the quality of the present life and its natural tendencies (due to rayDiscipleship1, 316:which is that of knowledge, and which, when present, can produce illumination. It is that qualityDiscipleship1, 319:in which R. V. B. is involved is thick and at present impenetrable, but the primary reason for hisDiscipleship1, 320:The only meditation exercise I will give you, at present, is one that will aid this fusion andDiscipleship1, 321:to be. The lesson of Being is not your lesson at present; it must be the lesson of selfless actingDiscipleship1, 335:for meditation and it will suffice you for the present. The occult phrases which should constituteDiscipleship1, 339:into the mind and - losing nothing of your present intuitive ability and power to feel and love -Discipleship1, 340:My aim is to let you know the purpose of your present life activity. It is not the seeking of moneyDiscipleship1, 341:many nations and their peoples, and this the present war will bring to an end and from it willDiscipleship1, 344:which to work. In the six members who are at present working together in it there are five secondDiscipleship1, 344:In this brief analysis of the ray forces present in this group, it is apparent that you should findDiscipleship1, 359:then your real service will begin to emerge... Present what you have to offer; this can be muchDiscipleship1, 371:illumined desire and spiritual will (qualities present but unused). Such a disciple are you, myDiscipleship1, 374:love and will love you increasingly. At present, you do not let them love you and you misunderstandDiscipleship1, 377:on it and identifying yourself with it. At present, you grasp the Plan as the men of goodwill graspDiscipleship1, 377:for it is vital and real. Much of your present difficulty is based on the fact that yourDiscipleship1, 378:and cooperation from your co-workers which at present could be decidedly better than it is. You doDiscipleship1, 380:forces of the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th rays are not present. All your rays are major rays of aspect. TheDiscipleship1, 380:You have inherited it and in it your present life is rooted. One of the best ways in which you canDiscipleship1, 382:most seriously and no matter what obstacles present themselves, he continues to work in theDiscipleship1, 396:enriched life of service, and that her only present need is to stand steady and to give herselfDiscipleship1, 396:"Lighted Way," but the clouds at times and at present seem to him very thick. L. T. S-K. isDiscipleship1, 404:We will leave the work of meditation as it is at present along with the continuance of the reviewDiscipleship1, 404:time. Later, I may perhaps elaborate, but at present you have all you need to know in order toDiscipleship1, 415:because I seek to release you from your present condition to fuller service, to better health, andDiscipleship1, 416:a position, my brother, both from karma and the present world condition, to be able to giveDiscipleship1, 417:the case. Only when detachment and humility are present can a disciple really serve. Cultivate,Discipleship1, 420:critical point in your career as a disciple. The present, rightly handled, will open up for you newDiscipleship1, 427:if you will study this with care, much of your present problem will become clear to you. YourDiscipleship1, 429:spiritual detachment and dispassion. When it is present, there comes the fulfilment of obligationDiscipleship1, 437:these contacts involve the handling of force and present their own unique problems. Your mentalDiscipleship1, 438:faced for years and must continue to face. This present cycle or period in your life is one inDiscipleship1, 442:In these words I give you the keynote of your present soul cycle, which will cover severalDiscipleship1, 449:so subtle a kind that, perhaps, I cannot make it present as a fact in your consciousness; onlyDiscipleship1, 450:plane, they are nothing to be compared to the present level of awareness where glamor rules, whereDiscipleship1, 451:of the preponderance of pure motive to be found present in their consciousness. The right use ofDiscipleship1, 452:the probability of a quicker ending of the present conflict and world crisis and the consequentDiscipleship1, 453:considering what should emerge out of the present, major, world ideologies. The coming worldDiscipleship1, 471:for your failure to get all you might out of the present experience is the inordinate pride of theDiscipleship1, 474:in a truer sense than ever before. There is no present moment but each coming second determinesDiscipleship1, 478:success, I am equally confident. Of your present static condition I am, however, equally sure. WhatDiscipleship1, 479:have both stepped your vibration up higher. Your present vibration is lower and slower than theirs.Discipleship1, 479:tendency and be not the least discouraged by my present frankness. Remove your eyes from offDiscipleship1, 492:These niceties of the English language still present difficulties to me) and to send you on yourDiscipleship1, 494:phrase. It is a seed thought for your life at present. The second suggestion is the cultivation ofDiscipleship1, 502:you a long instruction. Your instruction is your present life circumstance and I need not say more.Discipleship1, 504:and the willingness to recognize values which at present are not quickly recognized by you are forDiscipleship1, 508:and resentment, self-pity and suspicion are your present problems. Substitute love for these andDiscipleship1, 509:plane circumstances, viewed in the light of the present world problem, are good. Your healthDiscipleship1, 550:from the chaos of modern life (which is your present privilege) that you have the pricelessDiscipleship1, 556:Therefore, for the remainder of your present life, the right unfoldment and the achieved control ofDiscipleship1, 564:in mind as I give them to you. 1st month - The present embodies all the past. The future dependsDiscipleship1, 568:service and upon a wider scale. Your service at present is vertical and concerns those who are withDiscipleship1, 572:adequate trial. Many among your co-disciples present peculiar difficulties to me - a teacher on theDiscipleship1, 576:seek to do and save you much time which is at present spent in constant rebuilding. Guard yourselfDiscipleship1, 581:the shift of energies with which your soul is at present engaged. This second ray vibratory centerDiscipleship1, 581:be my group of disciples, with which you are at present related; it may be any other group,Discipleship1, 583:but the tendency to adherence is powerfully present and can be a great asset or a major hindrance.Discipleship1, 590:with constructive work which will meet the present need around you? You have talked much. Can youDiscipleship1, 599:in good company and are not alone. Out of the present situation, true wisdom is born. Before theDiscipleship1, 606:steady stream or lighted Way. Therefore, for the present most appropriate name for that part of theDiscipleship1, 606:others. You have ability to write; therefore, at present serve through writing. Keep your eyes onDiscipleship1, 606:Speak not of yourself. Forego all planning at present, but perform action with detachment and withDiscipleship1, 610:you with emphasis: Love more your fellowmen. At present you love our work and service and the idealDiscipleship1, 611:in your papers and letters. Such is your present condition of glamor that the essential strikes youDiscipleship1, 611:strikes you not. You see it not. Such is your present glamor, that it is with the greatestDiscipleship1, 615:to make clear to you the futility of your present life and activities. I stand ready to weld youDiscipleship1, 615:to me a change of heart and a freedom from your present glamor, I will most gladly take you backDiscipleship1, 618:to stand steady and to avoid glamor is always present. Discipleship1, 619:continue to work under the liability of the present strain, and under the pressure of a deepDiscipleship1, 620:today, know the intense difficulty of service in present world conditions, and the disillusionmentDiscipleship1, 620:of clearing the way for its materializing is the present task of all disciples. In the dust andDiscipleship1, 626:loved by you and fostered by early training and present circumstance which militates against yourDiscipleship1, 628:work. If all my disciples take hold of the present opportunity with fresh endeavor and enthusiasm,Discipleship1, 632:group of disciples. Register any phenomena, if present. Discipleship1, 636:are established in soul consciousness. But at present you love this type of thing and believe thatDiscipleship1, 637:think through the arguments for and against your present life attitude and interests. Endeavor toDiscipleship1, 638:will give you my specific instructions for this present time. They are in the nature of preparatoryDiscipleship1, 641:satisfaction, require reorienting to the present life demand and to the urgency of the presentDiscipleship1, 641:present life demand and to the urgency of the present time. You have much to give, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 647:of emphasis has in it the main objective of this present incarnation and hence your possession of aDiscipleship1, 649:and to be sympathetic, such as the world is at present rendering to Finland), you are missing oneDiscipleship1, 649:of another person usurped his attention and at present he is not working in the Ashram. Discipleship1, 651:through you. Get this matter adjusted and your present sphere of service will provide a fineDiscipleship1, 653:or else he can count for a very great deal. At present you count for very little when measured upDiscipleship1, 654:is also the place where your best service can at present be rendered. Your problem is not at allDiscipleship1, 657:to you what you have to do, for - at the present time - your life, your thoughts, your work andDiscipleship1, 657:your task. Ponder on that word Substitution. At present, it is your plans, and not the Plan; it isDiscipleship1, 658:focal point of spiritual force which at present I know you realize it is not. Your mental body isDiscipleship1, 680:the accepted requirements and are recognized as present in all whom the Masters take in hand andDiscipleship1, 681:to it that which is of immediate service in the present. An attitude of spiritual compromise isDiscipleship1, 685:The widespread recognition of the evil of the present war and of errors in every national policyDiscipleship1, 688:consciousness. I would ask you: How much of your present so-called vision is dependent upon whatDiscipleship1, 704:to the cyclic life of the physical body, present the Master with an appalling picture of theDiscipleship1, 713:parts and it is only when all four are found present together and simultaneously that this happens:Discipleship1, 715:the four aspects of interrelated activity are present, then what might be called "spiritual habits"Discipleship1, 715:the knowledge of group inclination is not present; there is no true, unselfish desire to serve.Discipleship1, 718:for the future; it is not occupied with the present. All that it does is done with the intent to
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