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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Discipleship2, 268:the presentation of Points of Revelation: The present vision must become the past experience. ItsDiscipleship2, 269:different matter; soul contact is necessarily present, but is not deemed to give all that theDiscipleship2, 269:have. Love is of course needed; wisdom must be present, but the sense of universality is alsoDiscipleship2, 269:is also required and indicates, when present, a measure of monadic inflow. This inflow comesDiscipleship2, 269:masses, a very real measure of monadic energy is present. Humanity will increasingly demonstrateDiscipleship2, 270:taken the first initiation. The Christ Child is present in truth, and the human heart and mind areDiscipleship2, 276:Thus this prayer of the ancient past becomes the present effort of the distant future. Can youDiscipleship2, 279:is simply its power to relate the past and the present, and thus produce effective, phenomenalDiscipleship2, 284:idea - the idea you can contact at your present point of development. This third formula concernsDiscipleship2, 289:experience, this "eye" remains closed; there is present no capacity for thought and no ability toDiscipleship2, 292:of being stands apparent, which has always been present though never before known; the life,Discipleship2, 298:entrance into our planetary life which will present the new subjective environment which has everDiscipleship2, 300:perception. [300] That power has always been present; it is an aspect of the force of evolution andDiscipleship2, 301:are helping me to form something new. Up to the present time, I have given you four hints whichDiscipleship2, 311:and out of the relative darkness in which it at present moves. Discipleship2, 312:It is indicative of success and of contact and present - the opening up of a new opportunity. TheDiscipleship2, 317:brother of mine, between the past and the present readiness lies in the fact that in the past thisDiscipleship2, 318:All these three methods are in use at this present time. As a man progresses nearer and nearer toDiscipleship2, 320:disappearance of veils. The formula with which I present you today consists of three closelyDiscipleship2, 323:on Initiation - Part VII Part VII It would present a very real problem to would-be initiates ifDiscipleship2, 328:carries the subject another step forward. At present, the physical effects of the fission of theDiscipleship2, 330:becomes a major necessity, and where glamor is present in a disciple's life, it places a realDiscipleship2, 336:death, and in the consciousness of those (at present non-affiliated) who are still part of theDiscipleship2, 336:We hope during the next five hundred years to present several such groups to the One Initiator. AllDiscipleship2, 340:or a recognition of its occurrence, i.e., the present attitude. Here you have, in relation to theDiscipleship2, 340:the initiate, a situation which includes past, present and future, and - in this presentation ofDiscipleship2, 341:It is with these thoughts that I must stop my present exegesis, because language has not yet theDiscipleship2, 348:already given may show you how deep may be the present mystery where each of these points isDiscipleship2, 351:and the quality of devotion is still potently present; enrichment proceeds and, if I may use suchDiscipleship2, 352:in group form, and which is present between Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. It is thisDiscipleship2, 353:and will convey to you some understanding of present world conditions. The underlying Principle ofDiscipleship2, 356:on each hint, a task which is too great for our present endeavor. These seven hints are used in allDiscipleship2, 358:source largely in the Aquarian quality of the present cycle; these energies are steadilyDiscipleship2, 358:rendered by the Hierarchy is consistently present. The way to world change is also given. TheDiscipleship2, 358:of immediate need, and from their efforts to present the truth in terms of the "newest mind" - asDiscipleship2, 361:consciousness, by no means an easy task, as the present state of world affairs demonstrates. ThenDiscipleship2, 364:integration, both universal and individual. They present certain great creative patterns connectedDiscipleship2, 364:it also gives intelligent appreciation of present opportunity as well as an intuitive perception ofDiscipleship2, 366:are relatively new to the aspirant and present as yet great difficulties. These you will have toDiscipleship2, 367:night of time and demonstrate the hope of the present era." Revelation is both formless and alsoDiscipleship2, 375:numerous as time speeds by; but in the present time, first and second ray vehicles provide the lineDiscipleship2, 376:and are developing the power to be impressed. At present, they appear to be putting the cart beforeDiscipleship2, 383:preparation for initiation which has led to the present basic change in the methods of theDiscipleship2, 409:World Teacher of that period) were physically present on earth in early Atlantean times, and theDiscipleship2, 411:to study carefully the background [411] of this present hierarchical undertaking (I had almostDiscipleship2, 412:or aspect of intelligence and has reached its present relatively high stage of mental understandingDiscipleship2, 412:which interfere with true soul contact and present a barrier to progress into an Ashram. Discipleship2, 415:and of revelation which appears to him to be present in his mind content. These factors shouldDiscipleship2, 419:[419] Personality of Sanat Kumara - focused at present in his creative throat center, Humanity - isDiscipleship2, 420:to the Initiator? Are these marks to be seen present in the three bodies in the three worlds? OrDiscipleship2, 427:to their influence. The importance of the present penetration lies in its completeness and in theDiscipleship2, 428:human affairs; hence the extreme gravity of the present moment. All I can do is to call it to yourDiscipleship2, 430:slant on the initiatory processes and thus to present to you a fresh incentive to constructiveDiscipleship2, 430:of decision. Hence the extreme gravity of the present moment." I would suggest therefore that weDiscipleship2, 437:is the revelation of that which is ever present; it is not in reality the revelation of somethingDiscipleship2, 458:definite world goal in a sense different to the present one. The words "The souls of men are one"Discipleship2, 463:consequent ability to interpret and explain the present. Ponder on this, my beloved brother. Discipleship2, 465:to the undertaking? Can you do it with your present psychic equipment, or must you build new bodiesDiscipleship2, 468:This point is of vital interest. Our present Masters of the Wisdom have also entered into this sameDiscipleship2, 479:in and out of my Ashram. This involves the Present. The Path of Initiation for which you are beingDiscipleship2, 481:with these, the quality of persistence is not present; the Master knows, therefore, that a steadyDiscipleship2, 488:and their realization is often bigger than the present equipment of brain cells warrants.Discipleship2, 492:To I. A. P. August 1940 BROTHER OF OLD: In the present world upheaval and with its steady approachDiscipleship2, 492:have increasingly to face in the future. The present situation must and will touch all nations andDiscipleship2, 492:I point this out so that you can comprehend the present and be prepared for the future. I write toDiscipleship2, 494:and most of the others have the second ray present either in their personality or egoicDiscipleship2, 498:to Spain, and later in the place of your present abode - undeviatingly followed the path ofDiscipleship2, 501:Hierarchy, at a time of crisis such as the present, is swung into one unified activity. From thatDiscipleship2, 503:and should allow no gap to emerge between his present point of tension and that point of tensionDiscipleship2, 503:which I represent if their leaders are to present fresh and vital information to their students, orDiscipleship2, 504:human consciousness. The peculiar problem of the present world crisis and the terrificDiscipleship2, 507:that ground is very hard, very stony, and at present relatively unproductive? So be of good cheer.Discipleship2, 511:of the daily life battle in the world of the present. They grasp eventually the processes also ofDiscipleship2, 512:divine indifference which changes or shifts the present almost too violent emotional reactions intoDiscipleship2, 514:veil the reality of any existent ambition. The present world conflict enhances your problem andDiscipleship2, 517:be effected. To all this again must be added the present world condition, wherein the ShamballaDiscipleship2, 523:success. You are not truly successful just at present. Simplicity does not rule. Relinquish theDiscipleship2, 525:of what is happening in your life at present. The second initiation is a profoundly difficult oneDiscipleship2, 528:relinquish your groups and stand alone. At present you are not working along new age lines, forDiscipleship2, 534:of humanity more clearly in the light of the present than has ever before been possible to you.Discipleship2, 534:conscious effort to love. Love, my brother, when present and of the right kind engenders a sense ofDiscipleship2, 535:will open up for you as a consequence of this present incarnation, if you will handle yourDiscipleship2, 539:you think so. You have reached a point in your present incarnation where it is also essential thatDiscipleship2, 539:and assumed responsibility" will be incessantly present with you from the moment of your birth. InDiscipleship2, 549:new in his service (from the angle of his present life experience if not from the angle of theDiscipleship2, 550:and in your chosen and useful field could at present be characterized by the term "cycles ofDiscipleship2, 563:case you have here the chief reason for your present circumstances. Another reason has been thatDiscipleship2, 563:and here you have one of the causes of your present physical condition, but only one of them, myDiscipleship2, 571:to evade doing anything which adds to their present load. When I speak of emotional reactions, IDiscipleship2, 571:nature to bring your quota of effort to the present world need? Because your creative enterpriseDiscipleship2, 578:goal go hand in hand." This condition is apt to present more difficulties than a definitelyDiscipleship2, 583:the second ray or have the second ray powerfully present in their equipment. The entire group has,Discipleship2, 585:late in the soul's experience. For you, this present life has two factors of prime importance: theDiscipleship2, 585:all that I am asking is an intensification of present action. I have therefore nothing spectacularDiscipleship2, 589:care before the shock and the pain of the present has been transmuted into gained experience andDiscipleship2, 590:old to the new, thus producing that which the present requires. The task of the disciple, as youDiscipleship2, 590:you can see from the three words - old, new and present - is therefore primarily concerned withDiscipleship2, 595:- the Plan of goodwill which the Masters are at present implementing and for which they seekDiscipleship2, 599:that constitutes your life problem and your present failure to do so that keeps you where you are.Discipleship2, 602:of racial control and racial karma. At present you seldom forget it and it conditions you unduly.
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