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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Discipleship2, 606:to you: First: It was felt that your present type of physical vehicle could not adequately take theDiscipleship2, 613:Chohan K.H. No one can do this for you. In your present circumstances it should be easy for you toDiscipleship2, 614:you last, and to read them in the light of the present circumstances. This is a painful and ratherDiscipleship2, 615:on this distressing subject. It relates at present only to this life, but it has its roots in theDiscipleship2, 616:relation with K.H.) the transfer was made. Your present work in... provides a fine training groundDiscipleship2, 622:arise out of our feelings, past as well as present? As reflecting past emotional reactions, may notDiscipleship2, 622:as 'fossil feelings'? In the connotation of the present, are not our thoughts but our finerDiscipleship2, 623:and the focus of his directed attention The present status of the human race. Most of humanity isDiscipleship2, 623:of the human race. Most of humanity is not, at present, thinking but is actively feeling. TheDiscipleship2, 623:of mental unfoldment and of thought being present. Therefore, the relation between thought andDiscipleship2, 623:way, that feeling can be (and frequently is) present where there is no thought at all. But whenDiscipleship2, 625:range of feelings which reveals emotion. In the present time when the average human being and theDiscipleship2, 631:time. These and the work you are doing in your present field of labor present adequate opportunityDiscipleship2, 631:you are doing in your present field of labor present adequate opportunity for living and progress.Discipleship2, 635:into the [635] room where the Master works is a present possibility. But within the Ashram,Discipleship2, 637:emotional or the mental planes, and they then present opportunity for action, but mostly for actionDiscipleship2, 640:the soul. This is not possible for any of you at present because of the point in evolution andDiscipleship2, 646:second ray background and its effects in your present life expression which hastened yourDiscipleship2, 649:lives are not like this, and the fact that your present life has been for years so hard is theDiscipleship2, 662:What, my brother, has been the keynote of your present life? I refer here to the obviousDiscipleship2, 665:Service and pain and dreaming are your present lot. You do not walk as yet the darker ways ofDiscipleship2, 665:your soul. The use of the pen in writing is at present your major mode of service. Find your ownDiscipleship2, 668:fullness, enabling the disciples, therefore, to present a balanced instrument to the DivineDiscipleship2, 670:my brother. This does not mean that in this present vehicle and with your present equipment you canDiscipleship2, 670:mean that in this present vehicle and with your present equipment you can contact the Master of allDiscipleship2, 671:themselves. This right you have earned. It is my present task to aid you on this way of peculiarDiscipleship2, 671:its way, and the disciples and aspirants of this present time must be taught how to recognize andDiscipleship2, 673:any past reactions to glamor, and to regard the present as the only factor of importance. The newDiscipleship2, 675:followed the second method of handling this present incarnation. With a frail and seriously injuredDiscipleship2, 680:choice is not what I seek to see happen but at present you stand isolated and relatively uselessDiscipleship2, 681:and by me? My love goes out to you. Much in your present situation and spiritual dilemma reminds meDiscipleship2, 684:both as individuals and as a group, is the present need of humanity and the law of cycles. TheDiscipleship2, 692:learning to negate and the loneliness of your present life has greatly aided your withdrawal fromDiscipleship2, 693:Abstraction. [693] This is a law which is ever present in the world in relation to the processes ofDiscipleship2, 694:are, and should function freer for service. Your present life condition is very favorable to yourDiscipleship2, 695:for an esoteric objective for which this present incarnation is only preparatory. My thought isDiscipleship2, 705:first ray personality more, and many of your present difficulties would disappear. Another lessonDiscipleship2, 711:holds in it much of promise - far more than at present appears. Workers will emerge who will beDiscipleship2, 715:your instrument and not your master, as it is at present; your etheric body will stabilize and yourDiscipleship2, 728:big for you in this incarnation and with your present equipment. This has led to a chronic stateDiscipleship2, 731:the training, discipline and discoveries of the present incarnation should have prepared you, andDiscipleship2, 731:equipment. There are too many energies in your present equipment along the line of the first ray,Discipleship2, 733:instead of the basically negative life you at present demonstrate; you will be surprised at theDiscipleship2, 739:turn your eyes away from the form aspect of the present world catastrophe, because your sensitivityDiscipleship2, 743:into activity the eye of direction"; this is at present closed, and only occasionally opened. YouDiscipleship2, 752:scale. With you this potency of radiation is present but is rendered ineffective by your reactionDiscipleship2, 756:the truths I seek to have you grasp, I present to you a compromise between the Eastern method ofDiscipleship2, 762:Act upon them and then strengthen the Ashram and present to the Masters a wise server and a trainedEducation, vi:it seems to me, is one important theme of the present work. For the future, the remedy for theEducation, ix:West); it was bound to face it squarely in the present circumstances of the world, brought about byEducation, x:been proposed that a new department, outside the present three distribution fields of theEducation, xii:past and must provide scope for endeavor in the present and must also hold out furtherEducation, xii:intuitional, social - if it is in advance of his present state is essentially spiritual in natureEducation, 2:can carry illumination. I. Education, up to the present time, has been occupied with the art ofEducation, 7:being so visionary that any approach under our present system might be regarded as impossible. InEducation, 14:- hence much of our problem, and much of the present failure to meet the demands [15] of the race,Education, 16:we shall have the misplaced emphasis of the present time. Until we can arrive in our educationalEducation, 17:and the ideas current in its environment. At present, it is alas true, the trained mind is regardedEducation, 40:civilization and have largely colored our present racial attitudes, at least up until the advent ofEducation, 40:- Chapter II - Civilization and Culture In the present race a different civilized attitude isEducation, 42:anything - the Aryan [42] and the Atlantean - present two extreme objectives or positions towardsEducation, 44:which have led man, step by step, to his present struggle for world betterment, group elevation andEducation, 44:basic tendencies in man; in past mistakes, present opportunities and the powerful activity of theEducation, One of:provided man can learn the lessons of the present which have been clearly presented to him; he mustEducation, One of:overseeing or ushering in the New Age and are present at the birth pangs of the new civilizationEducation, 45:the future with assurance or to interpret the present with clarity. Education, 46:be [46] pointed out and the ancient causes of present day prejudices and dislikes can be shown andEducation, 46:which has distinguished all of them? Can we not present more effectively the great cultural epochsEducation, 46:never be removed. The educators who face the present world opportunity [47] should see to it that aEducation, 52:that the whole goal of the future and of the present effort, is to bring humanity to the pointEducation, 52:- "enters into light." The entire trend of the present urge forward, which can be noted soEducation, 53:entire body of humanity, and has produced the present speed, intelligent (or should I sayEducation, 56:in hand. One of the major contributions of the present age to the unfoldment of the race has beenEducation, 57:right interpretation of life past and present and its relation to the future of mankind; theEducation, 58:and knowledge which are coming to light in the present. Develop the memory and the power toEducation, 58:to the mind. Correlate the past with the present. Train citizens in the rights and nature ofEducation, 61:be increasingly aware of certain energies, at present unknown and of no use to him; of these heEducation, 63:nature of truly esoteric work, but is scorned by present day esotericists who regard themselves asEducation, 65:will be of a higher order than that of the present one, and consequently more responsive to theEducation, 65:Hierarchy with its great Leader, the Christ (the present world Symbol), might be regarded as aEducation, 69: Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period III. The Next Step in theEducation, 69:Step in the Mental Development of Humanity The Present Transition Period There are three immediateEducation, 71: Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period The time factor (from theEducation, 71:Period The time factor (from the angle of present attainment and possible goal in the immediateEducation, 72:First, there has been no compromise between the present form of education and the desired ideal;Education, 72:has been made to correlate the best of the present methods (probably well adapted to the child ofEducation, 74:terms of right human relations and not from the present nationalistic and separate angles. I haveEducation, 76: Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period 2. An atmosphere ofEducation, 80:even whilst recognizing the limitations of the present systems. We must strengthen those aspectsEducation, 81: Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period Education is a processEducation, 82:of all, a process of acquiring facts - past and present - and of then learning to infer and gatherEducation, 82:This process involves the fundamentals of our present educational systems. It is, secondly, aEducation, 84:body will be taught. This will alter the entire present attitude of the youth of the world to theirEducation, 84:needed alteration of humanity's aims from our present competitive and materialistic objectives intoEducation, 84: Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period Increasingly, educationEducation, 85:The past of humanity as the foundation for present happenings and the present as the determiningEducation, 85:as the foundation for present happenings and the present as the determining factor for the future,Education, 86:will be found. Finally, education should surely present the hypothesis of the soul in man as theEducation, 87:should, therefore, be worked out which will present the possibilities of human living in such aEducation, 89: Education in the New Age - Chapter III - The Present Transition Period It is bridging work which
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