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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Externalisation, 475:talk "Peace, peace" when there was no peace, and present a negative [476] aspect ofExternalisation, 478:to the tender mercies of the armies of evil; the present debacle in Germany is a testimony as toExternalisation, 480:This year the message of the past and of the present will be augmented, enhanced and supplementedExternalisation, 481:will create the nucleus of the thought-form and present the blueprint around which and upon whichExternalisation, 486:brothers, is a picture of possibility. I seek to present it to you today because of world need;Externalisation, 490:Stanza of the Invocation. I am preparing to present to you for wide distribution throughout theExternalisation, 497:A second discovery will grow out of the present investigations as to light and color. The thirdExternalisation, 498:beauty, warmth, color, the abolition of the present forms of disease, the withdrawal of mankindExternalisation, 503:and taught that, after all, the truth has been present all the time, but hidden and misinterpreted.Externalisation, 511:from politics and social ends and from its present paralyzing condition of inertia, will meet theExternalisation, 513:coming Church will be found to be a part of the present great band of servers. These have, down theExternalisation, 513:arise, and the same egos incarnate that were present in the days of old in Palestine. The numbersExternalisation, 514:aspirant who is closely connected with the present Church organizations, who feels a close linkExternalisation, 516:difficulties that lurk in the darkness of the present chaos. The living organism of aspirants andExternalisation, 517:for the work to go forward more rapidly than at present seems possible. Much trouble and stress mayExternalisation, 520:of the same ancient, yet basic, teaching. This present one is such a cycle, and much of my own workExternalisation, 520:and the initiates, can measure up to their present and presented opportunity, it should be possibleExternalisation, 526:on the consciousness aspect of all forms; Its present agency of salvage and of service is the mind,Externalisation, 527:to you individually; it serves, however, to present proof of the significant occult relationExternalisation, 530:of the externalization of the Hierarchy. The present cycle (from now until that date) is calledExternalisation, 538:all these adjustments - at least as far as your present interest is concerned. I shall touch onlyExternalisation, 539:which might be depended upon as innate and as present in a living, creative manner. TheExternalisation, 540:activity. As all this is taking place in the present difficult period of world rehabilitation, theExternalisation, 540:success of the evolutionary process up to the present time. This success has been proven by theExternalisation, 543:love, and to indicate the evils of Judaism. The present world faiths must return to their earlyExternalisation, 548:who perfected it and who own the secrets at present - the United States of America, Great BritainExternalisation, 549:correct sequence of activities is followed. At present, even the first of them remains a hope. TheExternalisation, 556:of the Hierarchy), and though at the present time there will be no outer ceremonies or anyExternalisation, 569:of financial interplay which will supersede the present disastrous methods; they will inaugurate aExternalisation, 571:be set in the way of their undertakings. At the present stage of preparation, the task of theExternalisation, 571:in the early stages, to be destructive. The present occult groups which came into existence priorExternalisation, 571:as relation to mankind is concerned: First. The present stage in which a few isolated disciples andExternalisation, 578:meditation and right vision will supersede the present methods of learning; this will lead to noExternalisation, 581:the human family, its influence is consistently present, and this Ashram is equally constantlyExternalisation, 584:dynamic. One major characteristic is, however, present in all these working disciples andExternalisation, 584:the new age in contradistinction to past and present methods. Disciples and aspirants will not beExternalisation, 588:will appear that the Kingdom has always been present but has remained unrecognized, owing to theExternalisation, 588:general, the idea (by this time permanently present in the human consciousness everywhere) and goodExternalisation, 589:accepted; men will also realize the truth of the present revolutionary statement that at no timeExternalisation, 590:Christianity has endorsed. A Christ Who is present and living, Who is known to those who followExternalisation, 590:bodily Presence; He need not then remain in His present retreat in Central Asia. They can and willExternalisation, 591:the knowable past, which concerns the immediate present, and carries forward into a future ofExternalisation, 599:to God. Both the Christ and the Buddha are then present. To form a rallying-point and aExternalisation, 604:His disciples are known by many to be physically present on Earth and the Kingdom which They rule,Externalisation, 607:received Him out of their sight. There were none present who could go further with Him. TheirExternalisation, 607:by two of the Knowers of God Who were also present that He would come again in like manner. HeExternalisation, 607:This descent into our unhappy world of men can present Him with no alluring picture. From the quietExternalisation, 607:must surely, for Him, hold certain horror, must present its tests and major adjustments, plusExternalisation, 608:- spread over the entire cycle of living - past, present and future - of humanity. He comes toExternalisation, 608:where only the most exalted can follow Him; His present position will then be taken by the One WhomExternalisation, 612:rise to misinterpretation) because He will be present to indicate the true meaning. He has been forExternalisation, 613:intelligent human being are apt to emphasize the present complexity of human affairs and events;Externalisation, 615:These are natural reactions when considering the present field of conflict, the prevalent greed andExternalisation, 618:refer here not to modern democracy, which is at present a philosophy of wishful thinking, but toExternalisation, 618:the sense of frustration (which is undeniably present and based on factual conditions) but theExternalisation, 619:here with only two factors which condition the present opportunity; these can be regarded as soExternalisation, 622:situation is clear and simple. There are at the present time three great activities going on:Externalisation, 622:which we call the race of men" - a center at present full of chaos, [623] turmoil and confusion, aExternalisation, 623:energy and bring a new order out of the present world chaos. This is perhaps the major difficulty,Externalisation, 624:task and one which is responsible for the present impasse. The impasse is not, however, based onlyExternalisation, 624:salaries or inherited wealth. All this is at present most unevenly balanced, producing extremeExternalisation, 625:responding to a vision very different from the present one; we would not be faced as we are todayExternalisation, 629:there must not be simply a trained ability to present the subject, but each worker must practiceExternalisation, 632:The work of hierarchical reorganization is at present largely internal and concerns not humanity atExternalisation, 633:had a quality of non-separateness, definitely present or else rapidly developing, and who wereExternalisation, 636:it. All that the Hierarchy can do is to present the needed teaching which will direct man'sExternalisation, 641:undertaken. You have the principle of goodwill present throughout the world; the task will be heavyExternalisation, 645:men and the developed strenuous wills of certain present world Leaders, will not have as wide orExternalisation, 646:money and selfishness which lie behind the present disastrous economic situation. Great financiersExternalisation, 657:energy (which is the primary energy of our present solar system, focusing [658] upon our planetaryExternalisation, 658:of disciples and spiritual workers must learn to present to seeking humanity. They concern theExternalisation, 662:and understanding judgment, the adaptation of present affairs to the desired future, theExternalisation, 666:motive and service. When these three factors are present in any human being, the Masters know thatExternalisation, 668:constantly made to arrest the ugly chaos of the present and to produce the ordered beauty of theExternalisation, 669:for I have frequently outlined it, and my books present the goal adequately for this generation. InExternalisation, 672:externalization of that which has been for ever present, which definitely took objective form whenExternalisation, 673:and more vital manner. These energies are ever present and ever active, but they swing intoExternalisation, 675:plane areas or localities which constitute the present modern exits for energies, through whichExternalisation, 675:five centers one of the Masters will be found present, with His ashram, and a vortex of spiritualExternalisation, 675:will be trained to think, and the effort now present in the educational and social world to forceExternalisation, 676:or senior initiates, is already unhappily present; it is to be found in the narrowness, the biassedExternalisation, 676:Council in Shamballa, yet at the same time He is present as the life and the informing intelligenceExternalisation, 678:characterized modern thought and produced the present [679] mental chaos and the many conflictingExternalisation, 680:aim, the desire to serve, the recognition of the present focused intention of the Hierarchy (underExternalisation, 682:talk and spread the truth as I have sought to present it. So it has been with the work of all theExternalisation, 683:the diversity of contacts which the three worlds present. It is perhaps helpful to remember thatExternalisation, 685:- can be clearly noted as the foundation for all present happenings, thus bringing the mysteriousExternalisation, 685:Karma in an easy manner to public attention. The present can also be seen, indicating the way ofExternalisation, 688:will be unable to reach the planet with their present easy effort. It is against the impact of thisExternalisation, 689:interpreted in terms of material well-being at present and of better living conditions for all -Externalisation, 689:implicated. I have spoken of the evil present in the planet in very simple terms, and there areExternalisation, 689:you surmise. In summing up, I would say that the present reorientation of the Hierarchy, inExternalisation, 694:this can be seen in process at this time. This present activity, carried on now largelyExternalisation, 694:lands, in order that the language problem will present little difficulty. Having discovered suchExternalisation, 695:working with the group. He must learn that at present he is the onlooker at the group and as yetExternalisation, 696:it and be grateful that opportunity continues to present itself. As regards the many otherExternalisation, 696:of hierarchical endeavor; they will be sometimes present in physical bodies and sometimes not. ThisExternalisation, 697:will not be possible as long as [697] the present rules of national and civilian identification, ofFire, vi:yet one more dogmatic sectarian cult. The present volume, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, firstFire, VII:would gladly abandon any pronouncement in the present teaching, when she found better and more
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