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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Initiation, 163:two, not being compulsory, are outside our present consideration) affects one of the five centersInitiation, 170:enabling himself to work intelligently in the present, and he can begin to balance his karma, toInitiation, 172:thus meditating, the student must relate this present solar system to the preceding one, in whichInitiation, 178:and human monads) may be followed, but for the present the cosmic Rod of Initiation, which isInitiation, 181:a major initiation for our Heavenly Man. The present stimulation in hierarchical effort is leadingInitiation, 182:ponder the significance of the coming in of the present Ray of Ceremonial Law or Magic. It is theInitiation, 182:word ritual must not be narrowed down to its present use in connection with Masonic, or religiousInitiation, 183:of opportunity. By availing themselves of the present day of opportunity, and by conformity to theInitiation, 187:with the three major systems, of which our present system is the second major system. Each ChohanInitiation, 197:all know, the ideal is seldom attainable in the present transitional period. In this connection twoInitiation, 201:it. This study can only be safely undertaken at present in group work and under guidance from aInitiation, 216:is the name of the office which is at present occupied by the Lord Maitreya, who is known in theInitiation, 218:Cosmic electricity; primordial light; the ever-present electrical energy; the universal propellingInitiation, 219:the four yugas or cycles. The Kali-yuga is the present age. It means the "Black Age," a period ofInitiation, 225:at which all the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews hisIntellect, 3:or other." - Joseph Maréchal, S. J. [3] The present widespread interest in the subject ofIntellect, 3:civilization will be found the solution of the present educational impasse and the method wherebyIntellect, 3:is suggested that it may eventually supplant the present methods of memory training, and prove aIntellect, 5:is perhaps more necessary than we realize at present." - Wilhelm, Richard, and Jung, Dr. C.G., TheIntellect, 11:man stands with the past behind him, in a present that is full of chaos, and before a future intoIntellect, 11:their utmost to tell him which way to go and to present to him a solution of his problem. ThatIntellect, 11:Carlyle and note how appropriate they are to the present time. "In the days that are passing overIntellect, 18:of the fundamental and necessary things of the present cycle. [21] Intellect, 21:many factors which have brought humanity to its present point of development has been the growthIntellect, 24:or scientific) are the war cries of the present, and much has thereby been gained. The masses areIntellect, 24:as much difficulty in making himself felt in the present world of thought and of endeavor, as ofIntellect, 24:of the past and of the East with those of the present and of the West. Before considering these twoIntellect, 33:consciousness until he gradually transcends his present limitations and reorients his mind to widerIntellect, 35:most advanced thinkers know nothing? Have our present educational systems brought humanity, as aIntellect, 39:of the will, basing itself upon the equipment present, but producing at the end a new type, theIntellect, 73:flesh,) dwelleth no good thing; for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which isIntellect, 74:humanity up the ladder of evolution to its present status of what we call educated human beings. AIntellect, 78:stage but little removed from the animal to his present position of mental attainment, scientificIntellect, 86:to the supreme 'One'. If this be so, the present preoccupation with psychic or quasi-psychicIntellect, 99:the mental processes. Aspiration is presumably present to some degree or there would be no desireIntellect, 103:- Stages in Meditation Therefore, the process at present controlling in the case of the average manIntellect, 126:functioning man, there has always been present a consciousness of something Other, of a f actorIntellect, 127:by what name we call it, it is unfailingly present. These three propositions roughly outline theIntellect, 129:either formulate a new method, or modify the present technique and so find time for the process ofIntellect, 133:that the condition could be continuously present. In the ancient technique and the orderlyIntellect, 158:the background of their effort, but not of their present objective and discipline. For the vast andIntellect, 165:stage of animism and fetishism to that of our present concept of an immanent Deity. From the pointIntellect, 168:to the source of the realization are ever present, and a careful distinction has to be made by theIntellect, 190:and effaces the impressions that determine the present existence. In the first it is conscious...;Intellect, 204:the mind with these two, and, through our present widespread educational systems, we are weldingIntellect, 204:- the factor of the soul. This has always been present, just as mind is always present in humanIntellect, 204:has always been present, just as mind is always present in human beings (who are not idiots), butIntellect, 219:no indication that it is the best for us in the present and in the West. These postures are theIntellect, 221:body nature. Where experience and purity are not present, the practice of breathing exercisesIntellect, 240:gold which will guide us out of the maze of our present chaotic world condition into the light ofIntellect, 241:can be traced all the forward movements of the present time, all organization of general welfareIntellect, 245:is to listen, or some great invention he is to present some day to a waiting world if he continuesIntellect, 245:impotent to influence those around him at present, he prepares to carry out his divine mission. InIntellect, 253:is full of those who tear down, and who feed the present hatreds, and who widen the divisionsIntellect, 256:and obedience to the advice of the teacher is present, but should the student at this time begin toIntellect, 265:home. What is going to save this world from its present agony, economic distress, and chaos? WhatMagic, 7:the whole, and of the unit to the totality. The present book will deal more specifically with humanMagic, 7:the causes which are responsible for the present effects, and pointing to the future and itsMagic, 8:This duality which is seen when objectivity is present and which disappears when the form aspectMagic, 15:that is known and seen. These truths are always present, and these laws are ever active, but onlyMagic, 16:the future will work out of the sum total of his present characteristics and qualities. If this isMagic, 23:White Lodge; and the greatest of them all yet present with us in physical form on earth, repeatedMagic, 28:thing noted, and that which employs the thing is present in his mind. Yet one of the mainMagic, 29:acted upon leads to a revelation which makes the present 'Unknown God' a recognized reality. Let meMagic, 42:so below" may throw much light on the [42] present problems. The following postulates may serve toMagic, 48:can guide and motivate the machine is likewise present, and man now can intelligently use andMagic, 65:prejudice, some criticism, some pride, may be present that will make the mental vehicle of no use.Magic, 77:clear thinking and from the standpoint of the present pronouncements about the ether, scientistsMagic, 78:stage, and for the majority, the only stage at present possible. One of the main hindrances to theMagic, 84:upon form, and a desire for the things of the present moment, little progress can be made inMagic, 88:of the mind in men, which so distinguishes the present age, indicates to the solar Angel a secondMagic, 94:will be found, but this suffices for the present. Magic, 96:soul - the attainment of equilibrium being the present objective of humanity. During the period ofMagic, 105:light? The student should remember that for the present purposes he has three bodies of light toMagic, 110:rough usage. "Can one do aught but accept his present limitation while seeking such transcendenceMagic, 111:race, and comprises one of the five rays of our present evolution. It is the predominating ray toMagic, 114:Law of Rebirth holds hidden the secret of the present crisis. Groups of egos come together to workMagic, 115:principles, which all opposing forces are at present emphasizing, the use of the lower mindMagic, 117:and half the troubles in [117] the world at present arise from the fact that these higherMagic, 119:his life after the attainment of the goal of present human endeavor. One deals with units, anotherMagic, 121:proceed with profit. First, the rule we are at present considering concerns work on the mentalMagic, 136:Magic - Rule Four - The Creative Work of Sound Present day troubles are largely due to the lack ofMagic, 137:ideal through meditation. Its application to the present through one-pointedness. Removal of theMagic, 137:The fourth result to be brought about by the present opportunity to work is the bringing in the newMagic, 143:When we speak we evoke a thought and make it present, and we bring that which is concealed withinMagic, 164:There are nevertheless many hundreds (out of the present generation of young people) who stand onMagic, 167:has come when the Light in the head is not only present but can be somewhat used. The karma of theMagic, 176:devotion to humanity. Where these qualities are present, the Masters can begin to use TheirMagic, 183:for three things first of all. Unless these are present, no amount of devotion or aspiration, andMagic, 183:to waste His time. The light in the head, when present, is indicative of: a. The functioning to aMagic, 185:are there such karmic obligations in a man's present life as would render it impossible for him toMagic, 190:their location. Their colors are immaterial at present from the standpoint of the student, for muchMagic, 191:center, Solar plexus center, which are, at present, the most potent in average humanity and theMagic, 202:positive nucleus in these energy bodies, and at present, in the majority of cases relativelyMagic, 206:centers will eventually be as automatic as the present functioning of the heart and the lungs inMagic, 219:entire matter much consideration, and though at present the ideal is viewed almost entirely inMagic, 222:planetary Hierarchy, and the sum total of forces present is stupendous. All play upon, around andMagic, 224:which culminated in the world war and the present world strain. The first initiation of humanity,Magic, 258:Perhaps a more just rendering for the immediate present would be "reorient desire" or "redirectMagic, 262:vibration being set up in the life preceding the present. That form proves adequate for the average
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