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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Magic, 608:few can do. They are aware of the urgency of the present opportunity and also of the apathy of theMagic, 609:social, religious and economic pressure of the present, sensitive and responsive to the influencesMagic, 612:through which to work. Heat and moisture are present in the production of all forms of life, butMagic, 614:individuality which has brought humanity to its present condition, and yet even that is a part ofMagic, 619:all of you well know, this is the cause of the present disturbed conditions, and these conditionsMagic, 622:the world and does its needed work. Hence the present call to service which is sounding like aMagic, 622:aspirants we have to work, and the material they present gives us much trouble frequently. Magic, 624:the "defense mechanism" of the soul in this present period of world unfoldment, or he is becomingMagic, 626:of this fear, the race has fought its way to its present point of longevity and endurance. TheMagic, 627:emerged - as a result of agelong enquiry - our present educational and cultural systems and theMagic, 627:nature, and have carried him forward to his present point [628] of wide comprehension andMagic, 633:filling a much needed place. The problem they present however to the Aquarian worker lies in theMagic, 634:separative tincture, and it is yet impossible to present any idea in its true and syntheticMagic, 634:increasingly a universal realization. Hence the present unrest and revolt from trammelingMagic, 638:evils and disasters which are immanent in the present situation. I offer to you opportunity and IMeditation, 16:love or wisdom, - the goal of endeavor in this present solar system. You have the will driving aMeditation, 41:the race has this been better shown than in the present half century. The sixth Ray of DevotionMeditation, 41:that of the ray of the Master R. Out of the present turbulence will arise the ordered and organizedMeditation, 47:not be overlooked in the future as they are at present. This is necessarily so, for the dearth ofMeditation, 47:in the physical bodies is so insuperable at present. Therefore the family group is the second thingMeditation, 49:remain with you. The control of the mind is the present aim of meditation, and must always be theMeditation, 52:the end of manifestation. In system two, the present system, the keynote may not be disclosed. ItMeditation, 54:perpetuates on its vibratory bosom the past, the present and the future, or that which we callMeditation, 77:fivefold man has attained perfection for this present greater cycle and the goal is reached. (NoteMeditation, 81:painstaking endeavor. He recapitulates in the present life the processes surmounted in the past,Meditation, 81:and is due to the fact that consciousness is at present for the majority polarized in the lowerMeditation, 89:of a certain period of relaxation from the present strain and suspense, it will not be possible toMeditation, 92:under three divisions: [92] The karma of his present life, his own individual "ring-pass-not," asMeditation, 92:"ring-pass-not," as represented by his present life. His national heredity and instincts as, forMeditation, 107:[107] Those incidental to the karma of his present life. Those based on his national heredity andMeditation, 107:karma is the inevitable happenings of the present or the future that he cannot evade. This isMeditation, 111:With most of the advanced students at present all that is felt is occasional flashes ofMeditation, 112:of the higher that it is the aim of the present method to offset. If the adepts of the dark pathMeditation, 137:What can be done to ensure his safety in the present strife and in the greater strife of the comingMeditation, 137:body. When this is so, coordination will be present in the lower vehicles and the indwellingMeditation, 159:physical body. They are the seat of much of the present disease in that body, either directly orMeditation, 159:the emotional body.As said above, much of the present sickness is due to causes set up in theMeditation, 162:orientals and in the eastern faiths than at present among occidentals. As the power of sound isMeditation, 179:intensity of emotion, the violent reactions, and present widespread era of crime are the results,Meditation, 179:within the secret place, can pass through the present crisis without undue shattering and pain.Meditation, 179:shattering and pain. Stimulation - such as is at present abroad - leads to pain and consequentMeditation, 185:this correspondence will be more understood. At present the connection is necessarily obscure. TheMeditation, 193:meditation groups will change from their present status, which is that of bands of earnestMeditation, 194:crippled and hindered the efficiency of all the present esoteric faiths, but this loss has beenMeditation, 199:work in real cooperation (an impossibility at present, for the personality looms as yet too large)Meditation, 209:be able to sum up all that has to be said at present. Perhaps little that I may say will beMeditation, 212:for system 1, and is the foundation for the present manifested system. The note of Nature is green,Meditation, 213:and Wisdom, the great fundamental ray of this present solar system, and is one of the cosmic rays.Meditation, 224:if rightly understood they hold the key to the present fourth round, and to its history. This beingMeditation, 224:how in the number four lies the history of the present. Especially would I urge you who are theMeditation, 234:affected. This from the standpoint of the present and of time in the three worlds, may be almostMeditation, 236:highly developed souls will come in who are at present hindered by the low rate of vibration andMeditation, 285:of equal value. So potentially all are, but in present terms of service all are not. True love orMeditation, 286:love (interpreted by man, according to his present place in evolution) and not enough has beenMeditation, 297:pointing out what will some day be possible and present, and not what is as yet in any wayMeditation, 297:moment and lay down certain postulates anent the present that will (so to speak) clear the groundMeditation, 298:The troubled condition of the world at present is sufficient barrier to any general acceptation ofMeditation, 300:been made... through the various schools at present extant... All these are the beginnings of theMeditation, 305:the future. Today I have but imparted facts in present manifestation. Meditation, 321:These are the fundamental rules which it is at present possible to give. There will be others andMeditation, 334:of you who live now to heal the wounds of the present suffering generation. What then has to beMeditation, 336:of sound in refinement. All that is at present possible to those of you who seek to serve is toMeditation, 351:is the name of the office which is at present occupied by the Lord Maitreya, Who is known in theMeditation, 353:Cosmic electricity; primordial light; the ever-present electrical energy; the universal propellingMeditation, 353:into four yugas or cycles. The Kali-yuga is the present age. It means the "Black Age", a period ofMeditation, 360:at which all the members of the Hierarchy are present, the Buddha, for a brief period, renews hisPatanjalithe object are transcended and only the idea is present. 44. The same two processes ofPatanjali, 18:then we shall have a simplification of the present confusion. In an old book written for disciplesPatanjali, 28:same idea only carried down to its more obvious present expression, man as the personality. [29]Patanjali, 62:a triple process involving: The eradication of present disease, The refining and the purifying ofPatanjali, 70:He is thus aided to place himself where he at present stands, and consequently to preparePatanjali, 72:that is the cause of eighty per cent of the present physical diseases. The other twenty per cent isPatanjali, 75:or reality, he becomes aware of the inadequacies present, of the obstacles which hinder and of thePatanjali, 85:continuity and ill regulated eventualities are present, coupled with an inability to recollectPatanjali, 87:and of mental power and [87] where this is present leads eventually to what is called the "state ofPatanjali, 97:the object are transcended and only the idea is present. This condition is the state of "meditationPatanjali, 101:consciousness is recognized, then an object is present; in any meditation wherein the perceiver isPatanjali, 108:certain ideas and desires, - primarily at present the latter. Owing to the erroneous perceptionPatanjali, 112:33. When thoughts which are contrary to yoga are present there should be the cultivation of theirPatanjali, 137:hate in some degree, aversion to some extent, is present in every human heart. Only, however, whenPatanjali, 137:medium of a solar system, this tendency will be present in the highest planetary Spirit and thePatanjali, 144:aspirant ascertain the causes lying back of the present manifestations of his life, or begin toPatanjali, 145:must work out to fruition in some part of the present or subsequent lives. Active Karma. ThosePatanjali, 146:are in process of fruition and for which the present life is intended to provide the needed soilPatanjali, 149:that this pain is comprehensive, covering past, present and future. Consequences. Pain is broughtPatanjali, 149:process. Certain past eventualities necessitate present conditions both of heredity, environmentPatanjali, 149:confined thereby. Anxieties. This concerns the present and [150] is sometimes translated -Patanjali, 150:secondly that life will be so lived in the present that no causes will be set in motion along thePatanjali, 151:train must be allowed to follow out its course. Present karma, or that precipitation of effectsPatanjali, 151:effects which the ego plans to disperse in the present lifecycle must equally play its part in thePatanjali, 162:can discriminate between the illusory world of present ideas and those realities which constitutePatanjali, 168:(hence the great value [168] of the present era of criticism and polemical discussion, as it formsPatanjali, 173:contrast the "Father's" home and the Prodigal's present condition. It is this inherent capacity forPatanjali, 173:activity and progress. Dissatisfaction with the present condition is based upon a dim memory of aPatanjali, 189:producing inertia, but a recognition of present assets, an availing oneself of one's opportunitiesPatanjali, 190:33. When thoughts which are contrary to yoga are present there should be the cultivation of theirPatanjali, 195:is." Only that can be contacted which is already present or partially present in the perceiver'sPatanjali, 195:contacted which is already present or partially present in the perceiver's consciousness. If enmityPatanjali, 195:in him the seeds of enmity and hatred are present. When they are absent naught but unity andPatanjali, 196:science of sound, The purpose of evolution, The present cyclic stage, The nature of form, The
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