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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Patanjali, 200:spirit into incarnation. When desirelessness is present, then the three worlds can no longer holdPatanjali, 200:form life. When contentment is cultivated and present, gradually these chains drop off and noPatanjali, 201:are; he understands the reason for the present life cycle and experience and can make practicalPatanjali, 203:reason for the trend of the occult teaching at present developing. It is away from what is commonlyPatanjali, 224:two, external and internal control and must be present before the fifth means of yoga, withdrawalPatanjali, 234:and omniscient and includes the past, the present and the future in the Eternal Now. 55. When thePatanjali, 266:factor of consciousness, he becomes aware of the present stage [267] of development, and thus thePatanjali, 267:of development, and thus the future, past and present, stand revealed to his intuition. It will bePatanjali, 268:through any specific form. This is the present note in the acquired chord which the soul of thePatanjali, 268:possibilities capable of unfoldment in the present world cycle through various forms. This coversPatanjali, 270:the working out of causes set in motion in the present, and thus the cycle of development is seenPatanjali, 270:or the Christ or Vishnu aspect relates to the present, whilst only the future will reveal thePatanjali, 270:proportion and a sense of just values as to the present point in time will grow. A recognition alsoPatanjali, 278:Those in his immediate environment, Those of his present family, group and race, Those of hisPatanjali, 278:his present family, group and race, Those of his present life cycle, These of his egoic group. ThusPatanjali, 282:It disappears, and temporarily is dissipated. At present this can be adequately accomplished by thePatanjali, 284:karma referred to here deals primarily with the present life of the aspirant or seer. He knows thatPatanjali, 284:incarnation; he knows also that every act of the present life must produce an effect (to be workedPatanjali, 285:immediate and culminates within the scope of the present life time, The effect involves no Karma,Patanjali, 285:to the motive underlying every act of the present life he obviates the necessity for their effectsPatanjali, 296:the emotional or astral plane and the mental. At present the majority of us function on thesePatanjali, 307:sent forth. This general view is given so as to present to the student the vision of what liesPatanjali, 307:vision of what lies ahead. It is, however, of no present value; most aspirants are concerned withPatanjali, 307:the solar plexus and hence the necessity of our present consideration. 2. It is the organ of thePatanjali, 342:spiritual realization. With these, however, the present sutra has not to do. The head center isPatanjali, 346:34) In connection with the sutra which is our present consideration, the eight siddhis or psychicPatanjali, 360:the allurements of the great illusion are ever present. The emancipated soul must turn his eyesPatanjali, 363:of the significance of the past, the present, and the future. This, we are told here, can be gainedPatanjali, 366:and omniscient and includes the past, the present and the future in the Eternal Now. The only partPatanjali, 366:of states of consciousness and that the present is lost in the past instantaneously, and merged inPatanjali, 369:forms cease likewise to be. 12. The past and the present exist in reality. The form assumed in thePatanjali, 369:The form assumed in the time concept of the present is the result of developed characteristics andPatanjali, 379:lower powers are fallible, the time element is present in its sequential sense and they are limitedPatanjali, 394:have been, no matter in what continent, past or present, a life may have been passed, and no matterPatanjali, 398:- Book 4 - Illumination 12. The past and the present exist in reality. The form assumed in the timePatanjali, 398:The form assumed in the time concept of the present is the result of developed characteristics, andPatanjali, 398:seeds either latent and hidden, or sown in the present life. That which has been sown in the pastPatanjali, 398:coming to fruition. They must bear fruit in this present life or be concealed until a morePatanjali, 400:[400] dawn of his individuality until the present lifecycle, produce what he is and has, in thePatanjali, 400:lifecycle, produce what he is and has, in the present. It must be borne in mind that all thesePatanjali, 400:product of the past, plus the achievement of the present life, and that achievement under the greatProblemsIn addition, new problems are arising under present day conditions, although these can usefully beProblems, 5:into the intricate language systems of the present nations; the various modes of primitiveProblems, 10:the attitude of nation to nation. At present this is not so, and a very different psychology rules.Problems, 29:is now so strong that it has disrupted all present forms of human expression. The world of the pastProblems, 30:the world. The spiritual guides of the race can present this formula of progress. They cannotProblems, 32:bridging between the needs of the future and the present forms of education. These forms haveProblems, 33:has been made to correlate the best of the present methods (and not all are bad) with future waysProblems, 34:and of the old theologies which have failed to present Christ as He essentially is, which haveProblems, 36:- The Problem of the Children of the World The Present Problem of Youth The world, as known toProblems, 37:- most of them unrelated to daily living. Our present civilization will go down in history asProblems, 37:history but none so generally widespread as the present or which have involved such untoldProblems, 39:and the creative life of all nations - past and present. It concerns the refining influence ofProblems, 44:can be pointed out and the ancient causes of present day prejudices and dislikes can be shown andProblems, 44:which has distinguished all of them? Can we not present more effectively the great cultural epochsProblems, 45:never be removed. The educators who face the present world opportunity should see to it that aProblems, 46:terms of right human relations and not from the present nationalistic and separative angles. WeProblems, 49:of interest, incident to war and malnutrition, present definite difficulties at first. EducatorsProblems, 51:even while recognizing the limitations of the present systems. We must strengthen those aspectsProblems, 53:of all, a process of acquiring facts - past and present - and of then learning to infer and gatherProblems, 53:This process involves the fundamentals of our present educational systems. It is, secondly, aProblems, 57:body will be taught. This will alter the entire present attitude of the youth of the world to theirProblems, 57:needed alteration of humanity's aims from our present competitive and materialistic objectives intoProblems, 58:The past of Humanity as the foundation for present happenings, and the present as the determiningProblems, 58:the foundation for present happenings, and the present as the determining factor for the futureProblems, 59:will be found. Finally, education should surely present the hypothesis of the soul in man as theProblems, 60:system should therefore be worked out which will present the possibilities of human living in suchProblems, 64:enmities. It is largely responsible for the present chaos and for the banding together of theProblems, 64:national or separative religious consciousness present in human thinking. It was equally difficultProblems, 65:before such a state of affairs will be actively present - but it will be decades and not centuries,Problems, 65:right interpretation of life, past and present, and its relation to the future of mankind; theProblems, 67:This will lead to a complete revolution of the present political regimes, which are largelyProblems, 67:selfish in their purposes. True democracy, at present only a dream, will be founded on educationProblems, 73:men. The opportunity to change things is now present. Problems, 75:television and radar. All these merged into the present age of science which has given us theProblems, 78:interests and the exploited masses has been present. With the steam age, the scientific age, theProblems, 81:whilst patent evidences of the past are still present, and the aftermath of world war is before ourProblems, 81:our way of life that much of the planning at present being done will be found to be of an interimProblems, 85:These and many other factors are everywhere present, conditioning human thinking, deluding the manyProblems, 87:brought the entire planetary population to its present dire and dreadful condition so that menProblems, 89:is the problem of the racial minorities. They present a problem because of their relation to theProblems, 91:modern civilization. It is a civilization at present founded on materialism and one [92] which hasProblems, 102:seek to find the way out and cease their present policy of demanding that the Gentiles andProblems, 107:The undesirable aspects of civilization are present, but the benefits conferred far outweigh these,Problems, 113:see to it that he plays his part in changing the present condition. On the subject ofProblems, 115:was handed over to them the anti-Semitic feeling present - with practically no exception - in everyProblems, 117:of divinity until men act more divinely than at present; we shall have no "return of Christ" or aProblems, 117:in every man is more awake and alert than is at present the case; the Prince of Peace or the SpiritProblems, 117:of the Racial Minorities The wonder of the present situation and its outstanding opportunity isProblems, 117:held in some remote village. The beauty of the present situation is that even in the smallestProblems, 118:along constructive lines; where goodwill is present, the walls of separation and ofProblems, 118:planet may lie very far ahead, but goodwill is a present possibility and the organizing of goodwillProblems, 119:dried solution. This spirit of goodwill can be present even where there is fundamental disagreementProblems, 120:of the only aspect of love which humanity can at present understand: Goodwill. When goodwill isProblems, 125:because of doctrinal differences), they present a somewhat futile group versus the organized power,Problems, 125:to God and to find in religion a way out of the present chaotic conditions. Yet, humanity has neverProblems, 127:The little minds of men at their past and present stages of evolution cannot today and never haveProblems, 130:and not the welfare of the little people. The present program of the Catholic Church has definiteProblems, 132:of conditions and they struggle and strive to present sound [133] Christian and religious ideas toProblems, 135:and systems which will attempt to prepare the present generation of children for full living in the
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