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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Problems, 141:are certain basic truths which the churches can present to men everywhere - truths which areProblems, 142:God, greater than the created whole, yet God present also in the part; God transcendent guaranteesProblems, 144:truth is the fact of Christ, the living Christ, present among His people, fulfiling His promise,Problems, 148:but from the angle of the divine life, eternally present in every human heart, and eternallyProblems, 152:of God Himself. May it not be possible that our present ideas of God as the Universal Mind, as LoveProblems, 153:in His very nature and, with all His power is present in the person of every man, unrevealed as yetProblems, 153:unrevealed as yet in the majority but eternally present and moving towards full expression. NothingProblems, 154:which hold the people in a mental prison and present those few and true teachings to which theProblems, 155:and the orthodox as purely speculative. The present attitude of the churches would seem to negateProblems, 156:little chance of its full emergence during the present generation. The signs, however, of itsProblems, 156:churches, by the many world groups who present the concept of God immanent, even when they do soProblems, 158:of men in all times of crisis, such as the present. This invocative cry rises ceaselessly from allProblems, 159:have prepared humanity will train its people to present - at stated periods throughout the year -Problems, 162:need? Cannot the enlightened members of the present great world religions in the East and in theProblems, 162:waiting to come to the aid of humanity. At present the Christian religion has its great Festivals;Problems, 168:world situation. All these factors produce the present disorders and condition the deliberations ofProblems, 168:conditions which have brought humanity to its present state of almost cataclysmic disaster. TheseProblems, 170:lack of right action and thinking has led to the present unhappy state of world affairs. ThisProblems, 170:fight the new are largely responsible for the present world crisis. The battle between the old,Problems, 171:assessed - of the evils which have led to the present world situation, and then through the takingProblems, 171:to the substitution of cooperation for the present competitive system, and by the education of theProblems, 177:world that world unity will be brought about. At present, [178] such men are only in process ofProblems, 178:against them are so great that their - at present - isolated efforts are useless to break down theProblems, 179:blueprint stage. The nucleus for this work is present today. Their functions might be summarized asProblems, 181:will be demonstrated as possible, and the present unhappy state of world affairs can be changed.Psychology1, xvii:- for speed is an essential factor, if the present day unfoldment is to be rightly utilized and thePsychology1, xxiii:it will know that there is but one substance, present in nature in varying degrees of density andPsychology1, xxv:of you may be hindered by the past or by the present, but may live as Onlookers, is the prayer,Psychology1, xxv:centered in his animal life, up to the present time wherein the human consciousness is steadilyPsychology1, 12:to register a wider field of contacts than is at present possible. Many are as yet in [13] thePsychology1, 15:glimpse of a possible truth. Each age (and the present is no exception) has believed its grasp ofPsychology1, 20:purposes. These aggregated and animated forms present an appearance of an entity or central lifePsychology1, 22:for us to cognize, limited as we are by our present relatively undeveloped point in evolution.Psychology1, 26:its incoming is partially responsible for the present tendency in world affairs toward governmentalPsychology1, 29:is as far removed from the consciousness of our present humanity as the idea of collectivePsychology1, 43:the evolutionary accomplishment of a purpose at present inscrutable. This purpose remains unknownPsychology1, 49:of an achieved goal. It is not true of the present stage as regards expression, for this is thePsychology1, 72:be grasped and held. These concern at present a prototypal cosmic process, and will lead eventuallyPsychology1, 75:mind of God. The past reveals the form, but the present indicates the flowing in of energy. ThatPsychology1, 82:phraseology. It was the realization of the present world need for [83] illumined thinkers andPsychology1, 90:well be provided for and accounted for by man's present equipment of brain, nervous system and thePsychology1, 91:to speak of their continuing existence in the present? A few bones, a few buildings, and, later,Psychology1, 92:pictures, and to lose himself and his dreadful present in a dream world of a possible and ardentlyPsychology1, 93:origin of the heaven or hell complexes of the present religious faiths. From this grew,Psychology1, 93:in the formulated schemes of the past, the present and the future, or in the fields of literature,Psychology1, 96:hitherto been concealed and veiled. This, our present cycle, is the end of the age, and the nextPsychology1, 98:to "see and hear" that which has been up to the present unrevealed. The growth of the color sensePsychology1, 102:by three types of light substance, and at the present time a fourth type is gradually making itsPsychology1, 102:profoundly affect the human eye and make the present sporadic etheric vision a universal asset. ItPsychology1, 103:gamut of colors, and we shall see what at present is hidden. All this will tend to destroy thePsychology1, 104:transcends the normal human consciousness. The present attempted investigation and explanations arePsychology1, 104:and its freedom from categories of past, present and future (for they are lost in the consciousnessPsychology1, 109:it an illusory way of escape from a distressing present. They will know that the soul is a Being, aPsychology1, 110:and useful service. Much will be given in the present volume, but students need to remember thatPsychology1, 111:should matter. The aspects of truth which I present to your consideration should count; the measurePsychology1, 117:Communicators (the third group lies outside our present discussion), and the question was asked:Psychology1, 121:Ritual. These statements mean little to you at present, but we shall elaborate them later, when wePsychology1, 122:slow return to its source of the prevailing ray, present at the advent of the new. At this time thePsychology1, 163:animal to the human kingdom) can take place at present only through with man, itPsychology1, 165:ray. We are told that the dominant ray at the present time, though passing out, is the sixth, thePsychology1, 170:Seven Creative Builders, the Seven Rays 2. The Present Ray Plan and the Workers The work of thePsychology1, 170:at this point to consider the Plan as it is at present working out, for the reason that these twoPsychology1, 176:this line the seething millions of the Orient present a more serious problem to the Great Ones thanPsychology1, 178:when awakened, will be extensions of many of the present senses and will admit man into that worldPsychology1, 181:these thought patterns which are producing the present flood of governmental experiments among allPsychology1, 181:all sense of separativeness, that their minds present no impediment to the contact with the worldPsychology1, 184:so earnest in their cry for release from the present blindness, and so anxious for relief from thePsychology1, 185:profound and widespread consequences that the present era in which we live will come to be lookedPsychology1, 187:and separateness have brought humanity to the present sad condition. I would add to that reminder,Psychology1, 193:Let us not forget that the objective of our present evolutionary process is the unfoldment ofPsychology1, 194:in the aggregate all forms of life, and which present to our astonished and bewildered intellects aPsychology1, 203:without power. When both power and love are present, then you have the ray of the Buddhas and ofPsychology1, 217:the vegetable kingdom has been brought to its present condition of supreme beauty and its developedPsychology1, 223:detail in which they are lost in the immediate present and foreground. By a willingness to studyPsychology1, 228:found in the mind of God. This is why, in this present period of transition, the Lord of thePsychology1, 231:three subhuman kingdoms. In the urgency of the present world situation, it might be well to ask:Psychology1, 231:mental equipment makes him of any use in this present world crisis? One of the first things thatPsychology1, 238:of initiates of the wisdom, that which is at present inexplicable to him may be made clear, andPsychology1, 241:akashic records by many of the psychics of the present time, and has given rise to the wild andPsychology1, 255:given out. [255] The second ray is of course present in its form-building aspect, as herd instinctPsychology1, 255:an aspect of the divine mind not found actively present in the animal, as a rule. However, as thePsychology1, 257:into a closer relation, and because a cycle was present in which love and devotion were pouringPsychology1, 257:and through all forms, a good deal of the fear present was offset. Since that time the number ofPsychology1, See pa:four centers are functioning, and three are present but latent in their effect and use. The processPsychology1, 262:sex. A study also of the ray influences in this present historic period, and their relation to thePsychology1, 262:on an upward pointing triangle, will some day present a truer picture of the creative andPsychology1, 263:and through the five races of [263] men (our present race, the Aryan, being the third - two are yetPsychology1, 265:rays stream forth in: A solar cycle, such as the present one, in which the second Ray ofPsychology1, 268:be struck which will sound forth clearly in the present welter of discordant sounds, of conflictingPsychology1, 270:and my topic therefore is the menace of the present attitude, the need for a fuller understanding,Psychology1, 271:of the marriage customs of the ages, past and present. It is not my work to enlarge in detail uponPsychology1, 272:- as far as I can and dare - why and how the present peculiar and unique conditions have beenPsychology1, 273:Sex in the New Age. Some suggestions for the present moment. Sex and the life of discipleship. IPsychology1, 273:but are too vast in their implications for my present purposes. As I said before, I deal not withPsychology1, 274:brain or erudite his mind - the way out of the present impasse? The traditions of customs and ofPsychology1, 276:bulk of the young and seeking enquirers of the present generation the fact that God says thus andPsychology1, 277:of them can see the way out for humanity at present? Which of them understands the reason for allPsychology1, 279:point in two ways, both of which account for the present orgy of sexual expression and for thePsychology1, 279:great happenings are the cause of much of the present upheaval and chaos; at the same time they arePsychology1, 280:temporarily over-stimulated, and hence also the present over-emphasis upon sex. But hence also (and
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