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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENT

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Psychology2, 214:upon earth today of the higher types at present found amongst men everywhere. Egos of will arePsychology2, 215:[215] progress in their practical technique. My present purpose is a far more difficult one, forPsychology2, 215:Treatise is written for the future more than for present students. I seek to indicate the basicPsychology2, 216:as They proceed to work with the factors already present in man, and the energies already inPsychology2, 219:greater and smaller universes, yet there is present in men and upon our planet a factor and aPsychology2, 219:incarnation who can and will understand, when present readers are dead and gone. I and you willPsychology2, 222:all synthesized under the third ray activity, at present focused in the seventh ray. Viewed fromPsychology2, 228:functioning through all parts of all forms. At present, man alone is really credited with a soul,Psychology2, 231:origin and therefore [231] limiting, such is our present stage of enlightenment - or should we say,Psychology2, 235:and rebuilt into the forms found in the present manifestation of God. They carry with them thePsychology2, 242:formulation of that vision for the immediate present, is revealed for the next nine year cycle.Psychology2, 242:- such is the wonder of the power behind the present world adjustments! This instinct of Deity isPsychology2, 245:to the Plan of God as it is working out at the present time. These thoughts will serve to set thePsychology2, 247:eventually becomes stable and withdrawn from its present intense exteriorization. An initiate isPsychology2, 261:developments of the immediate past, and the present sexual and proletarian revolutions now goingPsychology2, 261:influence was needed if certain difficulties (present since 1525) were to be averted. The badPsychology2, 270:of Appropriation will express the effect of the present stimulation upon the unevolved masses.Psychology2, 273:appreciate the significance of the work of the present Hierarchy, and the magnitude and the successPsychology2, 278:past solar system. We should not forget that our present solar system is, as was stated in APsychology2, 280:earth. This approach is the cause of much of the present turmoil, for the Avatar is on His way. Psychology2, 283:discussions are not primarily intended for the present generation of readers but for those who arePsychology2, 298:studied, and many such hypothetical cases could present the basis for occult investigation, forPsychology2, 300:embodies for him the goal as far as he, at his present point of development, can sense it. When hePsychology2, 315:Much of the thyroid instability of the present time is based upon this. There is a third class ofPsychology2, 316:the ray type, the quality of past karma, and the present family, national and racial inheritedPsychology2, 319:is now being fought out and, therefore, that present affairs must be viewed from the angle of aPsychology2, 324:short life, and from the point of view of his present equipment. Until he is integrated into timePsychology2, 331:before, and from all that surrounds him in the present, which is considered as of importance and asPsychology2, 336:the people with psychological problems of our present time and period. Step by step, the variousPsychology2, 339:This stage is characteristic of the present Aryan race. The awakening of the heart center and thePsychology2, 344:That period has been adequately covered, for all present purposes, by science, exoteric andPsychology2, 344:for this reorientation that it has produced the present world upheaval, and is the spiritual sourcePsychology2, 362:has to achieve the quiet which is ever [362] present at the heart of a storm or the center of aPsychology2, 366:crisis recognized, and the will-to-victory is present. We would do well to ponder on this. When,Psychology2, 367:is a revelation of the purposes of Deity - past, present and future purposes - as grasped by thosePsychology2, 375:idealistic, and this is one of the causes of the present world situation. It is hard for the manPsychology2, 389:which is useful and so contributing to man's present civilization. That which is beautiful, thusPsychology2, 396:and infallible and will usurp the place of the present theoretical knowledge and belief. ThePsychology2, 398:such as the Christ, to grasp for humanity and present to humanity its significance. It has takenPsychology2, 402:is as if the attitude of man to the past, to the present and to the future was of such a naturePsychology2, 402:error and illusion. Yet, could we but know it, present conditions indicate their own cause andPsychology2, 402:darkness, the future hold much promise, and the present much of experiment, leading to improvementPsychology2, 403:see many new things brought to light that are at present only accepted by the religiously inclinedPsychology2, 406:Between these three and the lower concrete mind. Present Integrations. Between these four aspectsPsychology2, 410:flesh), dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me; but how to perform that which isPsychology2, 410:then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me. For I delight in the law of GodPsychology2, 425:age, listening to the technical jargon of the present radio laboratory or the ordinary garage,Psychology2, 427:that term?) that the race has progressed to its present point in evolution by just such crises. SoPsychology2, 431:of crisis wherein it can be demonstrated by his present equipment that he achieved integration,Psychology2, 431:thus guaranteeing to him victory in his present point of crisis and of difficult conflict. ThePsychology2, 431:implications and not interpreted in terms of its present-childish presentation, then man willPsychology2, 431:the past, an understanding of the purpose of the present, and with an eye to the future. This willPsychology2, 433:would have been emphasized. The methods used to present this age-old doctrine of rebirth, and thePsychology2, 440:desires, and the unexpressed ideas which are present, though unrealized. The subconscious nature isPsychology2, 440:the man knows himself to be and have in the present - the category of qualities, characteristics,Psychology2, 446:point of cleavage, and, therefore, the point of present crisis? Is this difficulty a major or aPsychology2, 446:this area of expression. In what period of the present life expression did the cleavage make itsPsychology2, 455:polarization which will be as powerful as the present astral polarization from which it isPsychology2, 458:are due to the fact that the ego or soul is not present. In these cases, there is to be found aPsychology2, 458:case, where the true owner of the body is not present, the situation is of no real moment, andPsychology2, 458:empty house. These are the rare cases, and present an unresented occupancy, whereas in the averagePsychology2, 460:In many of these cases, there is [460] no person present within the form at all, but only anPsychology2, 465:sense of humor. Where, however, these are not present, there will be (according to the type and thePsychology2, 467:we considered in which the soul or ego was not present, [468] reversing the condition so that therePsychology2, 468:condition so that there is no form life really present in the focused consciousness of the man.Psychology2, 471:That idea is itself a part of the glamor of the present time, and has its root in human pride andPsychology2, 475:intended that the race (when the work of this present cycle is accomplished) should functionPsychology2, 479:developed along these three lines and when the present barriers are down and true scientificPsychology2, 480:spread of religion or of psychology, and to the present world situation which has plunged so manyPsychology2, 481:subjecting of oneself to guidance (as at present practiced) renders a man eventually a negativePsychology2, 481:Should this become universally prevalent and the present methods become established habits, thePsychology2, 488:coming from God. They have, however, always been present (though latent) in his own nature [489]Psychology2, 493:but, for the psychological purposes of our present study, the above will suffice. We will now touchPsychology2, 493:humanity, which is based on ancient memories, on present teachings, and on contacts of variousPsychology2, 494:the psychologist unconsciously to lay the present emphasis upon dreams and their interpretation.Psychology2, 495:and writers. Thus Occident and Orient together present a theory of dreams - of a lower astral orPsychology2, 497:"wish-life" but also those which were present in previous lives. He is penetrating into a veryPsychology2, 497:to do, for it may prove stronger than the man's present capacity to handle. Secondly, in his desirePsychology2, 498:combined with the previous one is to fill the present moment with constructive creative occupationPsychology2, 499:developing and unfolding with great rapidity. At present, psychologists are using the lowest typePsychology2, 499:or period of sleep, but it is usually found present only in the first two hours of sleep and forPsychology2, 506:and recognized in every race and, for our present purposes, there are, therefore, twenty-one basicPsychology2, 507:past, which fertilizes the desire life of the present, and which indicates the nature of the desirePsychology2, 515:and The Destiny of the Nations). Secondly, the present world problem, the fear and deep anxiety,Psychology2, 517:and inward - which is the source of much of the present world crisis. The effect of this "pull" inPsychology2, 518:effects of the new incoming forces upon the present mechanism of man. This is not yet being donePsychology2, 520:him thus to share the general life. Many of our present problems (arising out of the mystical orPsychology2, 527:with these problems only as they affect present opportunity or hinder the man who finds himselfPsychology2, 536:enforced celibacy of many people, owing to the present unfortunate economic conditions. ThesePsychology2, 542:of evolution. This accounts, partially, for the present world upheaval and chaos. The forcesPsychology2, 543:identification. The keynotes which the mystic at present recognizes and which the religious writerPsychology2, 552:controls it. I can but hint at possibilities at present because the basic premise of the existencePsychology2, 558:to his fullest capacity the later Atlantean and present Aryan characteristics. He is intelligentlyPsychology2, 564:which arouses much antagonism among the present day exponents of these powers, both in and out ofPsychology2, 573:nature of the consciousness of many of the present teachers of humanity. A true contact with thePsychology2, 574:a field or fields of phenomena which are always present but which remain usually unrecognizedPsychology2, 576:The number also of the initiates and adepts, present in incarnation in order to carry forward thePsychology2, 580:whom the principle of separation is pronouncedly present. For ages they have, with determinationPsychology2, 580:law, we draw forth from others what is actually present within ourselves, and to this law, racesPsychology2, 596:personal supervision. For this reason, once this present world crisis is duly ended, there must be
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