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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENTATION

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Magic, 20:interrelated schools of thought, and the outer presentation of the teachings. Thus this eternalMagic, 222:plane of illusion, of glamor, and of a distorted presentation of reality. The reason for this isMagic, 257:and the cosmic plan is grasped through the presentation of geometrical forms to the inner eye ofMagic, 276:of the time. Held latent in the astrological presentation is that information which will leadMagic, 406:with each group standing [406] for some peculiar presentation of truth and for some aspect of theMagic, 423:will some day be unified into one synthetic presentation. Meditation, 209:foundation book of H. P. B.'s. But in a newer presentation, and in the aggregation of materialPatanjali, 145:tiny tree of life of the ego the same symbolic presentation holds true. The roots are found on thePatanjali, 201:The Eastern student, more versed in the symbolic presentation of truth is not so liable to makeProblems, 38:systems have been sound enough in their presentation of truth to offset this materialisticProblems, 45:and universal in its scope, truthful in its presentation and constructive in its approach. WhatProblems, 57:will be obvious and a nationalistic, selfish presentation avoided. If history is, for instance,Problems, 59:not be done through a theological or doctrinal presentation, as is today the case, but asProblems, 85:badly obscured by its historical retrospect and presentation, much of which is unsound and untrue;Problems, 100:to other people is lacking in their religious presentation, though love of Jehovah is taught withProblems, 107:nature; the emotional aspects of the Christian presentation (with the emphasis upon love andProblems, 119:work of the men of goodwill and not the presentation of some cut and dried solution. This spirit ofProblems, 123:We should emphasize [123] also the evolutionary presentation of truth and its constant adaptationProblems, 128:and essential truth. It is this distorted presentation of truth which has led humanity to theProblems, 129:faith is, like the Christian, a positive presentation of truth though very materialistic; bothProblems, 129:has been definitely objective in its presentation of truth; this was needed. It has been militant,Problems, 129:Church (which was relatively pure in its presentation of truth and in its living processes)Problems, 131:and unified against any new and evolutionary presentation of truth to the people; its roots are inProblems, 132:of hundreds of protestant cults, a constant presentation of a narrow theology which teaches nothingProblems, 136:than the need of the people for a simple presentation of life-giving truth? Will the interest andProblems, 138:relationship throughout the world? A new presentation of truth, because God is not aProblems, 139:it always will. There is no finality in the presentation of truth; it develops and grows to meetProblems, 142:out of the theology of The Old Testament and its presentation of a God full of hate and jealousy.Problems, 145:of its exponents. This change in the doctrinal presentation will lead to a very different humanityProblems, 155:The New World Religion In what way will this new presentation of religion and its new rituals andProblems, 155:its new rituals and ceremonies take form? A new presentation is deeply desired and hopefullyProblems, 157:necessitate and "substand" the demand for a new presentation of religion which will be inclusive inProblems, 168:It is essential that there should be a presentation of these things in terms of the spiritualPsychology1, xxiii:first) seem too vast a theme, too speculative a presentation and too misty and vague an outline.Psychology1, 177:of all ages with the truth of the Christian presentation, showing them all to be of equalPsychology1, 180:a sure foundation. Through the evolutionary presentation of these ideas there is a steady marchPsychology1, 286:astray. The false idea has crept into their presentation of truth that marriage of this kind isPsychology1, 298:[298] following terms: Given the accuracy of my presentation of the present appalling conditions,Psychology1, 315:forgetting that every new truth and every new presentation of an old truth carries with it the onusPsychology2, 137:together (either in selfish coalition for the presentation of an active personality, or inPsychology2, 143:definitely can help in bringing forward a true presentation of the divine picture. Psychology2, 403:or weaknesses in an individual's equipment or presentation of life (and also those of the group orPsychology2, 431:not interpreted in terms of its present-childish presentation, then man will shoulder thePsychology2, 433:usually feed his vanity as well. This curious presentation has been due to several things. First ofPsychology2, 463:can really help: First, the steady, loving presentation of a wider vision, which must be heldPsychology2, 464:in pursuit of some theme or subject for creative presentation. Whether men are interested onlyPsychology2, 485:therefore to an illusory, distorted, man-made presentation of a great spiritual fact. They could,Psychology2, 605:that the balancing work of the mind and the presentation of the Plan in the place of the Vision canPsychology2, 731:method employed is one of inspiration and of the presentation of moments of crisis. These momentsRays, 27:groups will now be aware of the fact of group presentation. They will also have to grasp the factRays, 41:Way. Note how this passage reverses the usual presentation. Hitherto, in the occult books, the DoorRays, 42:anent the door and the emphasis put upon the presentation of the door lying ahead of the aspirantRays, 113:some of the factors that have controlled the presentation of the truth which I have sought to give,Rays, 146:God, may take its rightful place in the occult presentation of truth. The will of God and the lifeRays, 156:have you grasp clearly the highly condensed presentation I have given you. Some of it you knowRays, 156:of it you know already but it is the synthetic presentation which I would have you appreciate andRays, 167:consciousness - that of the Spiritual Triad. The presentation which I gave you had to be confinedRays, 168:The idea of the uniformity of their spiritual presentation to the world when unity is established.Rays, 180:approached and applied. This broad and general presentation must be rightly grasped if the rule, asRays, 251:are concerned. The teaching includes: A presentation of the new attitude of the Masters to TheirRays, 251:ever having mentioned Their names. That earlier presentation was useful but has now served [252]Rays, 252:sevenfold form, thus linking will and love. A presentation of the newer type of meditations, withRays, 252:teaching is eventually to be public in its presentation, it will be given out along the lines ofRays, 294:disciples and initiates is to produce that presentation (appearance) of the necessitous truths inRays, 336:experimenter. The time is not yet ripe for the presentation of this subject in a fully coordinatedRays, 363:reference to lower grasped capacities and the presentation of undefinable truths in terms of thatRays, 381:humanity to the point where there could be the presentation of the Plan, with eventual cooperation.Rays, 393:Forget not that humanity grows through the presentation of moments of crisis. These moments ofRays, 423:written for the general public; it is strictly a presentation of truth for the initiated disciple.Rays, 423:Its line is strictly a first ray and third ray presentation, whilst this Treatise is strictly aRays, 424:second Path. Nothing is mentioned in my earlier presentation of the seven Paths in Initiation,Rays, 425:so as to complete and round out this triple presentation. I do not urge you to study or to giveRays, 444:book, Education in the New Age. That preliminary presentation should be studied before taking upRays, 496:service aspect is not neglected, and your life presentation is neatly balanced and carried forwardRays, 521:and demonstrating Sons of God became only the presentation of the various aspects of a divineRays, 529:humanity is concerned. These concepts cover our presentation of truth and of our theme up to theRays, 548:dispensation through the medium of its religious presentation throughout the era of the ChristianRays, 569:humanity is concerned, is to make possible the presentation of thousands of aspirants andRays, 590:knowledge, with a resultant kaleidoscopic presentation of thought-forms. [591] It is fundamentallyRays, 594:useful science as medicine. Philosophy, with its presentation of great conditioning ideas.Rays, 611:The growth of goodwill which leads to the presentation of certain fundamental cleavages which mustRays, 627:by the Ray of Love-Wisdom. In this you have the presentation of a positive and a negative energy,Rays, 632:pattern in relationships. I refer here to the presentation of democracy. There is nothingRays, 632:There is nothing satisfactory yet in the presentation of the dreamed-of democracy. France and GreatRays, 662:I have sought to bring a saner, more reasonable presentation of these great crises in the life ofRays, 678:and basically unreal. It is the unreality of its presentation which has led to the rejection of theRays, 712:imagination in their working out or in their presentation to the thoughts of men. SpeakingRays, 742:and power still lacks positive and worldwide presentation. The aspirants, disciples and spiritualReappearance, 9:or some divine quality which needs fresh presentation and expression upon Earth; this They can beReappearance, 17:for the restoration of true religion and the presentation of a simple return to the ways ofReappearance, 24:man. If The New Testament is true in its presentation of the Christ, if it is true in itsReappearance, 62:Nevertheless, some hard blow or some difficult presentation of the truth is badly needed if theReappearance, 63:of that Gospel story - an ancient story-presentation often presented down the ages, prior to theReappearance, 64:authority, [64] its material riches and its presentation of a dead Christ. His resurrection isReappearance, 67:which Christ has to help us (which is the usual presentation), but let us look also at the crisesReappearance, 76:lead and direct. It is the history of the presentation of ideas, brought to the attention ofReappearance, 79:recognition is clearly revealed and colors the presentation of the entire Gospel story. It is foundReappearance, 86:the Triangle with the masses of men will be the presentation of the first initiation - the Birth ofReappearance, 99:two thousand years ago has colored the presentation of truth by the theologians and made them positReappearance, 112:about in the arena of international life. In the presentation of true "livingness" which the Christ
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