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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENTATION

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Reappearance, 116:amusement or dismay as the case may be. The presentation to the world of the thought by the averageReappearance, 117:emphasis has always been laid upon a fictional presentation of relationships. The teachingReappearance, 126:effect of all these stupidities and errors of presentation has nevertheless been good. In allReappearance, 128:of Masonry are, as yet, only the pictorial presentation - but is simply the result of experiencingReappearance, 129:fundamental ideas. That is the next historical presentation. The production of the culture of anyReappearance, 137:is not excessively interested in the orthodox presentation of truth, and that our churches areReappearance, 139:Science, the Unity Movement and the New Thought presentation attract people away from the betterReappearance, 139:unhappiness? What is wrong, finally, with our presentation of the spiritual realities and theReappearance, 139:can be given. The most important one is that the presentation of divine truth, as given by theReappearance, 142:on Earth - had not where to lay His head. The presentation of religious truth in the past hasReappearance, 146:out of the theology of The Old Testament and its presentation of a God, full of hate and jealousy.Reappearance, 157:of the Whole, thus lifting the divine presentation out of the individual and the personal, intoReappearance, 179:The fourth prerequisite must be the careful Presentation of the cause for which the financialReappearance, 179:have the courage to speak, but an intelligent presentation is of equal importance. The major pointTelepathy, 48:of World - Servers will greatly facilitate the presentation of those ideals which must and willTelepathy, 134:repetition serves the purposes of accurate presentation where esotericism is concerned. Telepathy, 138:to this portion of my labor of love in the presentation of truth, and as a possible starting pointTelepathy, 140:and other occult groups. When the new presentation of the occult teaching made its appearanceTelepathy, 142:handicap themselves either because of their presentation of the truth or because of a falseTelepathy, 165:You have therefore the following symbolic presentation of the lotus, and you would do well to study
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