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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESENTED

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Psychology2, 685:Lords in preparation for the opportunity to be presented. These twenty-three spiritual forces arePsychology2, 696:a scientific program of work with which I have presented you. It is more than organizedPsychology2, 733:the individual and national life. We have here presented to us two modes of approaching thePsychology2, 734:all - face the issue, deal with the opportunity presented on the basis of responsibility, and comePsychology2, 735:for the aiding of humanity. The case has been presented clearly and most definitely. ThePsychology2, 735:until those who know and who have the way out presented to them, consecrate themselves and all thatRays, 18:discipleship. In the first thesis which I presented to the public I outlined the Rules forRays, 41:occult books, the Door of Initiation has been presented as ever moving forward ahead of theRays, 98:Rule we enter the realm of the specific, and are presented with certain "intentional" activitiesRays, 113:Portal on to the Way, and who can together be presented to the One Initiator as a "unit of Light."Rays, 134:Plan unfolded so that purpose and goal may be presented to humanity; the synthesis of the chain ofRays, 146:and consequent new and better ways of life are presented with clarity to the minds of men. TheRays, 167:study of Rule IX. It was of real difficulty when presented in its lower form to applicants. ThatRays, 178:the third degree. In the above paragraph I have presented you with a new concept re initiation -Rays, 181:pull of illusion." In this teaching, you have presented to you, though in a somewhat differentRays, 203:so the surmounting of the conditions presented by the seven planes of our planetary life sets theRays, 210:and soul direction. Immediately there is presented to the watching Masters an opportunity for theRays, 252:various Ashrams of which it is composed. I have presented the Hierarchy as the Ashram of SanatRays, 252:and the use of the creative imagination; I have presented a system of meditation which hasRays, 259:it presents its own problems, based upon a newly presented phase of dualistic consciousness. TheRays, 294:has planned for the exact moment of humanity's presented need, correct as to timing and placement.Rays, 329:attitude, and with a refusal to materialize the presented concepts, as is so easy a thing to do.Rays, 331:also, when rightly interpreted and correctly presented, the teaching which humanity needs in orderRays, 344:group or groups. This is not the idea as it is presented in the Aquarian Age, so close today; itRays, 393:what group of lives, must be implemented and presented to humanity, though the other kingdoms ofRays, 397:point out that the only basic point which can be presented to you is that of relationship. AllRays, 412:that point: the opportunity was not offered or presented to the fourth kingdom in nature, but toRays, 423:Who, from the other side of the triangle to that presented to our solar system and its contents,Rays, 462:cycle. Here is the vast and necessary picture, presented in order to give reason and power to theRays, 473:and aspirants grow through the means of a presented vision - unattainable as yet but definitely anRays, 510:sciences exist. Yet the truth has to be thus presented owing to the mind consciousness of theRays, 514:the Word of the first ray, which looks (when presented in its symbolic written form) something likeRays, 521:in Himself the visited perfection and then presented to humanity an example - in full manifestationRays, 521:been all that He accomplished, He would have presented to humanity a picture of a staticRays, 524:entered a new phase when Christ came and presented Himself before humanity; He then gave theRays, 528:of the planetary antahkarana is concerned. He presented the "first thread of living substance,Rays, 530:procedure. Initiation has been so frequently presented as being a ceremony that I have felt itRays, 531:on earth. The higher initiations cannot be thus presented but will be enacted on the mental plane,Rays, 544:unfoldment; there again, the teaching hitherto presented by occult groups in connection with aRays, 548:the sun out of Aries into Pisces. He therefore presented Himself to them as their Messiah, whichRays, 554:from the angle of a spiritual realization of the presented opportunity, was the emergence of theRays, 556:initiation has been pictorially and symbolically presented; the understanding of the process wasRays, 612:about all nations - even when incorrectly presented - has awakened mankind to the fact of the OneRays, 619:- under law - He may not turn His back upon the presented opportunity. Thus, eventually, the LordRays, 631:to a united Commonwealth; a pattern is thereby presented for world consideration. The U.S.A. is aRays, 632:is being wrought out which (when proven) can be presented to the world as a model system; this,Rays, 632:come as a result of dictatorship, nor can it be presented aggressively to the world. Russia is inRays, 673:must be added the materialistic bias of the many presented solutions, bringing in the force of theRays, 679:claims are being made and the same delusions presented to the public. The problem of freedom fromRays, 719:activity, focused through the Christ, though not presented by His coming; it will come as a resultRays, 728:the ninth Initiation of Refusal, the revelation presented to the Master concerns the nature ofRays, 736:planetary characteristic which has been presented to us under many differing words, i.e., theRays, 737:Refusal, this heightened spiritual perception is presented to us under the word "Existence," forRays, 744:instance, the great crisis in the world today presented by the conflict between Communism and theReappearance, 15:This unique opportunity with which He is presented is brought about by certain world conditionsReappearance, 23:confronted Christ with His unique occasion and presented Him with a decision which He could notReappearance, 63:story - an ancient story-presentation often presented down the ages, prior to the coming of theReappearance, 65:humanity hopes for so much more that the picture presented does not intrigue them. Behind thisReappearance, 81:the sun out of Aries into Pisces. He, therefore, presented Himself to them as their Messiah,Reappearance, 95:Christ will manifest, and the wonder of the presented opportunity, must surely be apparent to allReappearance, 102:immediate need in such a fashion that the ideas presented may become ideals to which eventually theReappearance, 103:and to [103] what extent absolute truth can be presented to their awakening minds; They have toReappearance, 103:have also to determine how that help can best be presented, so that its results will be lasting,Reappearance, 103:lasting, cultural and effective. Hitherto, the presented concepts have been formulated by the worldReappearance, 103:by the world Teachers of the period, and presented to a picked and chosen few whose task it hasReappearance, 103:few whose task it has been to take the newly presented idea and promulgate it among those men whoReappearance, 103:ancient hero-teacher. His name is Hercules. He presented to the world, through [104] the form of aReappearance, 106:of the Christ when He came. He was erroneously presented to the world as the living Scapegoat,Reappearance, 106:cycle. These are astronomical cycles and not a presented astrology. In the early stages of Aries,Reappearance, 116:because it has been so unintelligently presented. The best that can be said is that they haveReappearance, 116:theory; had it, however, been more intelligently presented, it might have been more generallyReappearance, 126:of the possibility offered and the opportunity presented to make scientific spiritual progress andReappearance, 132:Lord of Light and of the Lord of Love must be presented anew to a needy world. In this connection,Reappearance, 139:church and lack interest to accept the doctrines presented for their belief? Why is death and notReappearance, 144:yet all-comprehensive. The Western faiths have presented God Transcendent, outside His universe, anReappearance, 149:- were entirely new when first sequentially presented to the mind or consciousness of man. For someReappearance, 158:in Himself the visioned perfection and then presented to humanity an example - in fullReappearance, 171:had the principles of right spiritual conduct presented to them for centuries, though largelySoul, 56:and fully that to the Western mind it must be presented as an hypothesis, to be submitted to test,Soul, 92:West; he has, through the form in which he has presented it, safeguarded the public also from a tooTelepathy, 4:for the preservation of international peace. He presented it to the adepts in conclave and it wasTelepathy, 5:of analogous ideas in the minds of many, it was presented to the world. It should be borne in mindTelepathy, 48:course of translation from an idea into a presented ideal; it then comes under the invocativeTelepathy, 69:which are patently valuable to humanity - when presented in right form by the Hierarchy - areTelepathy, 72:make his presence felt and certain ideas can be presented by him. Upon this I will not furtherTelepathy, 120:in time and space to human intelligence by the presented Plan, and - in the glory of consummation -Telepathy, 140:case. H. P. B., an initiate of high standing, presented views ahead of science, but that does notTelepathy, 140:as the years slipped by) of theosophical members presented the occult [141] teaching in such aTelepathy, 148:that a cohesive, coherent, expressive Whole is presented to the eye of man, or one great unfoldingTelepathy, 162:Human Centers Progress and initiation have been presented to us mainly in terms of
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