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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESERVATION

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Astrology, 104:and with the life of self-consciousness, self-preservation and self-enrichment. Then comes anAstrology, 124:Acquisitiveness into renunciation. Self-preservation into selfless world service. Self pity intoAstrology, 227:of such a nature that the instinct to self-preservation has been aroused to such an extent that inAstrology, 236:necessary stage for child races and for the preservation of a "nursery regime" for men. But mankindAstrology, 316:of the divine Spirit. One is the word "self-preservation" which leads to the impulse to incarnateAstrology, 316:"immortality" which is the divine aspect of self-preservation; it is the major conditioning factorAutobiography, 21:in Scotland. But again the instinct to self-preservation was too strong. Since then I have not beenAutobiography, 167:into my mind. This involves the attaining and preservation of an intense, focused point ofBethlehem, 276:know much about the power and tenacity of self-preservation and the creative urge toDestiny, 15:work along lines of basic restoration and the preservation of "units of synthesis," their influenceDestiny, 125:and hence the increasing emphasis upon the preservation of animals and the establishing of gameDiscipleship1, 159:one-pointedness. Therefore, there must be a preservation of such characteristics - with persistenceDiscipleship1, 159:meditation is an assuming of an attitude and its preservation throughout the work of the day. MyDiscipleship1, 428:my brother, have done your full share in the preservation of group integrity; I should like to takeDiscipleship1, 503:it is) protect the physical man also. It is the preservation of the rightly focused and rightlyDiscipleship1, 639:work which I have assigned to you. Work for the preservation of the group integrity. I ask this ofDiscipleship1, 703:is motivated largely by the instinct of self-preservation; the higher by the recognition of theDiscipleship2, 6:recognition of this should be fruitful in the preservation of much needed humility. You are beingDiscipleship2, 34:in times of world stress is that of the preservation of a right sense of proportion. This leads toDiscipleship2, 489:the group undertake. It involves only the steady preservation of an attitude, a fixed determinationDiscipleship2, 503:have a dual responsibility to stand steady in a preservation of realization - if I may use such aDiscipleship2, 504:the freedom of the other side of the veil. This preservation of conscious integrity is no easyDiscipleship2, 589:of old and patched up forms, or through the preservation of ancient techniques and attitudes. ItDiscipleship2, 697:not undue attention to the physical vehicle. Its preservation is of no moment and can - as in yourEducationis characterized by deep concern over both the preservation and the enrichment of human values. CanEducation, 90:animal, prompted only by the instincts of self-preservation, eating, and mating, through the stagesExternalisation, 11:of instances, through the solar plexus, with no preservation of awareness of the transaction, norExternalisation, 74:the Hierarchy. The task of these Forces is the preservation of the form life and the working out ofExternalisation, 75:the forces of crystallization, of form preservation, of the attractiveness of matter, and of theExternalisation, 116:also a restimulation of the instinct to self-preservation which - in its higher aspect - is theExternalisation, 129:whose influence and work are dedicated to the preservation of form, and of that which is. TheyExternalisation, 167:fight for the good of civilization and for the preservation of those values which are next upon theExternalisation, 176:come to the assistance of those fighting for the preservation of national and individual freedom.Externalisation, 178:to preserve its own liberty of action, the preservation of its integrity, the right of the littleExternalisation, 215:colored by racial fear, by the instinct to self-preservation, and by short-sighted selfishExternalisation, 221:forms, is entirely compatible with the constant preservation of soul love - a thing which it isExternalisation, 373:the selfish motives; that the instinct of self-preservation gave them no alternative is likewiseExternalisation, 426:the ultimate saving of millions of lives and the preservation of certain basic spiritual values. Externalisation, 440:- a sublimation of the basic instinct of self-preservation. This will [441] lead to a persistentExternalisation, 493:and then it would have been prostituted to the preservation of an increasingly materialistic andExternalisation, 507:empire but working in the fullest unison for the preservation of the peace of the world and theExternalisation, 625:of the work, into [625] the multiplying and preservation of ecclesiastical structures, intoExternalisation, 626:the main motive was self-protection and self-preservation, the hope of gain, the satisfaction ofExternalisation, 691:cannot be based upon the innate instinct of self-preservation, even when that is carried into theFire, 58:essence may be the basic soil of the growth, preservation and destruction of our worlds, thatFire, 69:for the assimilation of experience, and for the preservation [70] of memory. These atoms are inFire, 79:province, but it conserves the form through the preservation of the health of its component parts.Fire, 81:the law which governs the whole. The evolution, preservation and destruction of the world isFire, 219:song of the Devas in the Sun. Yajus the song of preservation and Sama the song of destruction ofFire, 279:mind in the concept of mutual attraction is the preservation of identity in cohesion. A human beingFire, 419:marks all manifestation, and is the basis of the preservation of identity. It distinguishes: [420]Fire, 427:is maintained by knowledge; "this maintenance or preservation is the work of Vishnu. Further,Fire, 933:between the physical and the astral plane. The preservation of the planetary web. This will beFire, 939:work consists largely of repair work, and the preservation of the body during the years of fullFire, 1166:makes a thing desires also the maintenance and preservation of his handiwork, and, moreover, by theFire, 1166:the basis and opportunity for the operation of preservation, which, in strictness, of course,Healing, 14:has been rightly so, for the instinct of self-preservation and the preservation of form integrityHealing, 14:for the instinct of self-preservation and the preservation of form integrity is a vital principleHealing, 14:principles of existence. The instinct to self-preservation governs the relation of spirit andHealing, 58:sex life on every hand, for the sake of self-preservation dammed back the natural flow of desireHealing, 178:triangles lies the clue to the instinct of self-preservation, the survival of the subtle bodiesHealing, 178:is seated in the soul and functions when self-preservation and survival no longer hold sway. ThisHealing, 278:difficulties of this success. This "unnatural" preservation of life is the cause of much sufferingHealing, 279:its interrelations and its care, cure and preservation; they fail to profit from past wisdom, butHealing, 351:for they serve no useful purpose. This preservation is, in the majority of cases, enforced by theHealing, 443:an occult hint. - Page 309. The instinct of self-preservation has its roots in an innate fear ofHealing, 554:do if not too ill or too preoccupied with the preservation of a conscious contact with his body.Initiation, 183:just passing out, and the two preceding. In the preservation of equilibrium the time now comes whenIntellect, 25:of society. We exploit their instinct of self-preservation in order to lead them on along the pathIntellect, 25:and intellect as part of the apparatus of self-preservation in the external world of human affairs,Intellect, 25:of the mind by the intuition in the work of self-preservation and of continuity of consciousness inIntellect, 79:its spiritual prototype. The instinct of self-preservation must eventually be superseded byMagic, 261:the furthering of the group ideals and A steady preservation of the inner contact throughMagic, 302:and hark back to the primal instinct of self-preservation. Savage races however, have little ofMagic, 498:knowledge of the very day of death, coupled to a preservation of self-determination up to the finalMagic, 498:function on the astral plane. This involves the preservation of continuity of consciousness so thatMagic, 626:briefly touch upon them. The instinct of self-preservation has its root in an innate fear of death;Magic, 626:The sciences which concern themselves with the preservation of life, the medical knowledge of theMagic, 628:to point out the following: The instinct of self-preservation finds its consummation in assuredMagic, 629:student: Instinct Correspondence Mode 1. Self-preservation Immortality Spiritualistic Research. 2.Problems, 24:this war with selfish motives and for self-preservation; this is universally acknowledged. All haveProblems, 39:The cultural factor in any civilization is its preservation and consideration of all the best theProblems, 63:animal, prompted only by the instincts of self-preservation, eating and mating, through the stagesProblems, 73:prompts the change and the instinct of self-preservation determines their attitudes. In betweenProblems, 81:is believed. The frankly selfish motive of self-preservation. The release of atomic energy has notProblems, 167:largely cease. In considering, therefore, the preservation of peace, as sought for and emphasizedPsychology2, 25:urges or appetites, - first, his urge to self-preservation; then to self-perpetuation through thePsychology2, 125:impetus of the soul as the urge to self-preservation or to the reproduction of the species is aPsychology2, 154:- whether it is the instinctual urge to self-preservation, which can be seen in the savage's searchPsychology2, 291:works out, therefore, as the instinct to self-preservation. The capacity to endure, no matter whatPsychology2, 524:energy pouring into the center to produce the preservation of life, the smooth functioning of thePsychology2, 559:The five transmuted instincts. a. Self-preservation. Creative self-preservation. Immortality. b.Psychology2, 559:instincts. a. Self-preservation. Creative self-preservation. Immortality. b. Sex. Sex. Human love.Psychology2, 683:no idle promise, but it is contingent upon the preservation of the initial concepts and the steadyRays, 45:of brain and soul with the will aspect, and the preservation of that identification - unchanged andRays, 48:the brain and soul with the will aspect and the preservation of that identification - unchanged andRays, 66:part of his nature as the instinct of self-preservation is an instinctive part of the equipment ofRays, 193:of the physical brain; the instinct to self-preservation (one of the lowest aspects of Law) and theRays, 294:which I will list as follows: [294] The preservation of hierarchical contact, of which direct,Rays, 488:clearly perceive what is being done. The steady preservation of tension without undue physical
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