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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESERVE

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AstrologyRays to bear in mind the above comments and to preserve a willingness to consider hypotheses and toAstrology, 228:latter fights with power and determination to preserve the status quo of the balanced expression ofAstrology, 530:humanity, and through the desire to express and preserve their soul integrity and their purifiedAstrology, 595:all triplicities subdivide into septenates, yet preserve their identity. These seven energies,Autobiography, 164:one that is clearer, taking care, always, to preserve the sense as given. I have never changedAutobiography, 167:Him without the slightest trouble. I can and do preserve my [168] own mental integrity all the timeBethlehem, 33:have often forgotten. Christianity may and does preserve secret within itself the sacred teaching,Bethlehem, 38:link it up with individual experience, and yet preserve the cosmic implications in their beauty. AnDestiny, 49:Ray Power. 4th Ray Harmony through Conflict. I preserve. France 3rd Ray Intelligence. 5th RayDestiny, 53:showed for instance in her futile effort to preserve a racial purity now, as then, impossible. ThisDestiny, 104:humanity and through the desire to express and preserve their soul integrity and their purifiedDiscipleship1, 11:achieved that high point, you should strive to preserve it and should learn thus to function as aDiscipleship1, 56:him seek, in the strenuousness of his life, to preserve the synthesis of the personality and theDiscipleship1, 57:he must attend as he seeks to establish and preserve the needed synthesis and personality-soulDiscipleship1, 74:obstacle. The New Group of World Servers must preserve its integrity and work steadily andDiscipleship1, 79:If you cannot be trusted to keep silence and to preserve a detached and independent attitude, thenDiscipleship1, 112:stop the work for a day or two and then resume. Preserve ever the attitude of the onlooker andDiscipleship1, 156:and what matter what it is? Love all. Serve all. Preserve your mental integrity and be notDiscipleship1, 159:the duty to which their souls call them, is to preserve an inner sensitivity. This they do in theDiscipleship1, 160:demands of the work increase, you must learn to preserve your physical poise and good health, byDiscipleship1, 160:Lighted Way and with expectancy as your keynote. Preserve a readiness to handle all that mayDiscipleship1, 168:vehicle requires careful watching so as to preserve the first ray balance as you grow older andDiscipleship1, 177:line of 1-3-5-7, showing thereby a tendency to preserve balance and to offset the powerfullyDiscipleship1, 200:and stable, to my group than you have ever been. Preserve this stability and this freedom fromDiscipleship1, 212:to do, provided that you see to it that you preserve always a point of focus in the head. All yourDiscipleship1, 245:and steadfast attitude of mind and emotion and preserve yourself free from personal ambition. ThenDiscipleship1, 278:the vision clear above the fogs of earth." [278] Preserve your meditation as you are now doing. MyDiscipleship1, 288:are now employing for a year. Some of it I will preserve, but I will radically change part of it...Discipleship1, 304:to form another group whose work will be to preserve a group interplay between the groups. If youDiscipleship1, 305:upset in any way your equilibrium, my brother. Preserve as heretofore that inner silence thatDiscipleship1, 316:blinding effects of glamor. I would ask you to preserve this condition for the helping of the groupDiscipleship1, 338:for your first ray nature and will enable you to preserve your spiritual integrity; it will alsoDiscipleship1, 338:be enabled (in the rush of new undertakings) to preserve yourself ever at the inner point of peaceDiscipleship1, 345:attempted successfully. Continue so to do and preserve ever a watchful spirit so that your highDiscipleship1, 346:a continual recolectedness of the need to preserve contact. This is one of the first steps in theDiscipleship1, 366:and place of D. A. O. in my group and so help preserve the integrity of the group relationship.Discipleship1, 382:you for the stability you are endeavoring to preserve. You are evidencing a purpose which the pastDiscipleship1, 387:itself through the medium of the aura. [387] Preserve your meditation as hitherto, but change theDiscipleship1, 416:endeavor to do some [416] work together, and to preserve, at the same time, emotional equilibrium,Discipleship1, 460:make their meaning clear. I make no attempt to preserve more than the sense. Phrase I. For theDiscipleship1, 500:of all fanaticism or tendency to crystallize. Preserve, my brother, a sense of humor and a tendencyDiscipleship1, 503:consciousness which we seek to guard and preserve and which the frightfulness of war and of drasticDiscipleship1, 522:See to it that during the next nine months you preserve an attitude of spiritual indifference or ofDiscipleship1, 577:evade not contact with that spiritual energy. Preserve yourself from over-intensity and thus gain aDiscipleship1, 599:study of my instructions and writings, but must preserve a balanced attitude. There are otherDiscipleship1, 602:privilege to withdraw from the group work and so preserve the group unity. It is group unity forDiscipleship1, 607:ahead or in the distance. Have you done this? To preserve silence as regards yourself. Have youDiscipleship1, 623:in the spine, between the [623] shoulder blades. Preserve ever the attitude of the Onlooker in theDiscipleship1, 627:which of their groups can stand pressure and yet preserve the soul link which underlies all theDiscipleship1, 639:upon your own individually acquired wisdom; preserve the group integrity by definite effort. Do theDiscipleship1, 681:is the one who can - in periods of change - preserve that which is good and fundamental whileDiscipleship1, 732:themselves unable to react to the idea and to preserve, among themselves, right relations,Discipleship1, 744:wherein he is focused and which he endeavors to preserve inviolate and constant. [745] The focusedDiscipleship1, 771:struggle is on it is necessary consciously to preserve and create that field of living, lovingDiscipleship1, 771:its highest ideals and - at the same time - to preserve a steady attitude of love, is not an easyDiscipleship2, 27:from brain activity, and yet at the same time to preserve the waking brain attentiveness. TheDiscipleship2, 33:salvage the consciousness of the children and to preserve them from complete disintegration.Discipleship2, 450:and entrance into light. In closing let me say: Preserve your essential and innate integrity, myDiscipleship2, 489:in no way to be involved. Your objective is to preserve consciousness as you withdraw it from theDiscipleship2, 497:the first ray disciple, until he learns to preserve his divine sense of "unified identity" whilstDiscipleship2, 502:He must endeavor as far as in him lies to preserve the [503] continuity of his consciousness as aDiscipleship2, 504:groups, such as yours) with the opportunity to preserve intact and free from all deteriorationDiscipleship2, 522:is hard, my brother, because it is difficult to preserve one's equanimity and one's balance underDiscipleship2, 530:apt to sacrifice the spirit of love in order to preserve the form of your ideal. Ponder on this forDiscipleship2, 646:Therefore, your major need is to strengthen and preserve the three contacts which form theDiscipleship2, 687:upon your ability as a spiritual observer to preserve mental continuity as you do it. EnergyEducation, vi:kind of [vi] society one is trying to create or preserve as a suitable home for the cultural idealsEducation, vii:and appreciate, an appeal to the Orient to preserve and develop the fundamental values in itsEducation, 72:it is essential that such schools and colleges preserve as much of the ordinary demanded curriculumEducation, 77:of wrong (which is the recognition of failure to preserve right relations with the group) getsEducation, 107:of the coming educational systems will be to preserve individual integrity, promote the sense ofExternalisation, 14:body and in the development of the ability to preserve inviolate the attitude of the positiveExternalisation, 61:preserved. The new group of world servers must preserve its integrity and work undismayed. All isExternalisation, 75:of Darkness are powerful energies, working to preserve that which is ancient and material; henceExternalisation, 75:that which is of the New Age; they endeavor to preserve that which is familiar and old, toExternalisation, 75:the fear and hate of the world in an effort to preserve that which is old and make the unknownExternalisation, 111:others to live calmly through this crisis and to preserve an attitude of patience, goodwill,Externalisation, 129:live, to defend the rights of little nations, to preserve the balance of power, to meet force withExternalisation, 171:with aggressive and planned intent, whether they preserve an attitude of passivity and acceptance,Externalisation, 176:are equally active in the task of endeavoring to preserve their national integrity. The conflictExternalisation, 178:of the defenceless; and the other, fighting to preserve its own liberty of action, the preservationExternalisation, 189:the allied nations and the neutral powers must preserve the spirit of goodwill, even when usingExternalisation, 200:Each nation within the three blocs would preserve its sovereign independence, but between theseExternalisation, 202:Germany has been forced to fight in order to preserve the life, economically speaking, of herExternalisation, 221:of the Forces of Light. As you do so, you must preserve an understanding attitude of steadfast loveExternalisation, 226:conflict against the forces of materialism you preserve ever a spirit of love for all individualsExternalisation, 249:can be safely used by all, yet at the same time preserve its challenging, dynamic quality. TheExternalisation, 306:unto death, for the defeat of evil? Can they preserve the inner attitude of love andExternalisation, 333:group today stands at the very center and must preserve and hold its position at all costs. ThatExternalisation, 354:Glamor: A World Problem. It is included here to preserve the historical sequence of the teaching inExternalisation, 397:the onward march of evil. It does, however, preserve the form which can and will evoke eventuallyExternalisation, 488:in the New Age, Vol. II. Pages 148-151, to preserve the historical sequence of the issuing of theExternalisation, 621:peculiar, or of intruding. They therefore preserve silence, lose opportunity, and never discoverExternalisation, 663:wrong approaches to synthesis, seeking to preserve freedom in unity. It is a subjective synthesisExternalisation, 664:and understanding on earth - a peace which will preserve individual and national cultures, butExternalisation, 671:and which will also and at the same time preserve the individual and the national cultures,Externalisation, 691:for our purpose. The problem has been how to preserve the sympathetic, sensitive rapport and to layExternalisation, 691:identification, and yet at the same time preserve a spiritual detachment which will enable theFire, 193:in itself all minor Yagnams and tending to preserve the manifested pentagon in the proper order. InFire, 283:and each repulsing other cells so as to preserve individuality or identity, yet each held to each
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