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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESERVE

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Fire, 306:the greater. Hence the need for the student to preserve with care a due sense of proportion, aFire, 726:globe, the planetary Logos is [726] enabled to preserve continuity of cosmic consciousness evenFire, 822:Rose and the same three. These three petals preserve the fundamental orange but add the color roseFire, 924:and human radiation, and they nourish and preserve all forms. They occultly mediate between theFire, 957:energizes the idea, and thus enables the form to preserve its outline and perform its mission. TheFire, 1141:in simple form. The bulk of humanity. They preserve truth intact and embody cosmic facts. TheFire, 1168:the life of the mineral kingdom and to preserve its integrity. It is the cause of theGlamour, 4:to love all beings and yet, at the same time, to preserve personality detachment. This detachmentGlamour, 19:first will be recording. Keep detailed records. Preserve the scientific attitude of detachment andGlamour, 45:in the past, and so hard does he find it to preserve a due proportion and a proper sense of valuesGlamour, 129:correctly and can do so increasingly if you preserve your soul's integrity and are not overcome byHealing, 14:quality which expresses itself as the urge to preserve and the urge to perpetuate - both theHealing, 289:But, go on; persevere; keep careful records and preserve all correspondence. Then the results willHealing, 374:for later expansion in the New Age. Seek to preserve that which is good and useful in the shift ofHealing, 463:and a gentle impulsive activity - sufficient to preserve consciousness, to vitalize the variousHealing, 473:first of the three, for it will enable you to preserve your mental integrity, it will indicate anHealing, 549:functioning and in right alignment - will preserve the physical body in good condition and keep itHealing, 552:will have much to do to aid the patient to preserve a constancy of emotional reaction and to becomeHealing, 554:face with mental types will be the tendency to preserve all energies coming from the soul either inHealing, 606:of stimulation of the patient's centers. To preserve a state of equilibrium wherein natural healingHealing, 608:consciousness, for aeons all the soul does is to preserve the form in life and in consciousness,Healing, 651:to be emphasized. The task of the healer is to preserve an attitude of intense concentration uponHealing, 651:body, astral body and mental body. This he must preserve intact and stable for the entire period ofHealing, 663:is relatively futile, except in so far that they preserve and enunciate the Law of Perfection, evenHealing, 665:Ashrams. All that the churches have done is to preserve in the public mind the fact of GodInitiation, 199:be cultivated, and applicants will be careful to preserve strict silence concerning themselves,Initiation, 204:fire from the lower triangle to the higher, and preserve that which is created through the fire ofIntellect, 225:other schools of thought. Still others prefer to preserve the thought of a unified personality,Intellect, 257:with some course of reading and study, so as to preserve the balance of their students. A roundedMagic, 35:with an atom of substance and its power to preserve its identity and form, and carry forward itsMagic, 225:then he can work with the world forces, can preserve the balance and the equilibrium of theMagic, 402:the part of even the most advanced disciples to preserve continuity of consciousness, a failureMagic, 423:disciples in this group is the capacity to preserve a constant and sequential recollection of bothMagic, 490:How shall he rightly build? How shall he preserve that balance which will enable him to see truly,Magic, 490:enable him to see truly, judge rightly, and so preserve his mental contact with his soul and withMagic, 504:to drift off to sleep, but should endeavor to preserve the consciousness intact until there is aMagic, 504:aware of all processes in going to sleep and to preserve at the same time his positivity, there isMagic, 512:occur to make man successful, provided he can preserve constantly a right orientation, purity ofMagic, 515:of the nature of desire that they have learnt to preserve a continuous activity - based onMagic, 520:subjectively, and this they must do in order to preserve - in this cycle of activity and exotericMagic, 591:the etheric body and yet at the same time to preserve - in full awareness - a point of contact inMeditationof the writer. For this reason he has chosen to preserve his anonymity and has requested theMeditation, 145:self that drags down; it is a ceaseless fight to preserve the higher vibration. And - which is theProblems, 12:selfishness and the fixed determination to preserve national integrity - interpreted often in termsProblems, 12:territory is no sign of maturity; fighting to preserve these or to expand them is a sign ofProblems, 15:the fierce determination of every nation to preserve its boundaries at any cost, to keep itsProblems, 19:one nation against another nation in order to preserve the status quo and the integrity of theProblems, 23:has demonstrated, yet will at the same time preserve their own cultural approach, their ownProblems, 42:of international groups, banded together to preserve world security, to protect labor, to deal withProblems, 42:labor, to deal with world economics and to preserve the integrity and the sovereignty of nationsProblems, 48:sense of wrong action, based upon failure to preserve right group relations, is not developed butProblems, 98:among whom they cast [98] their lot, and to preserve inviolate, as far as may be, their nationalProblems, 98:persecution; it has been compulsory for them to preserve these factors in their ancient forms asProblems, 170:forces and of the monied interests to preserve the old and fight the new are largely responsiblePsychology1, 114:their failures or successes. They have also to preserve complete silence as to the existence of thePsychology1, 115:applied, is all based on the desire to preserve the group balance, and not on any personal interestPsychology1, 152:within the radius of each other's power;" they preserve their relative distances, and vitalizePsychology1, 152:their planets, but at the same time they preserve an equality of balance and of influence. In a fewPsychology1, 331:protect himself, to guard his interests, and to preserve his identity. Through the use of the mind,Psychology1, 382:Germany 1st ray of power. 4th ray of art. "I preserve." France 3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray ofPsychology1, 386:showing, for instance, in her futile effort to preserve a purity of race now impossible, is due toPsychology1, 399:of the Jews to grasp and hold, and also to preserve their racial and national integrity, are theirPsychology1, 430:Germany 1st ray of power. 4th ray of art. "I preserve." France 3rd ray of intellect. 5th ray ofPsychology2, 61:itself in the power to grow, to reproduce, to preserve identity of some kind, to flower forth intoPsychology2, 61:forth into certain instinctual reactions, and to preserve its own specific qualitative nature. LifePsychology2, 107:one. These are the points that matter. Thirdly, preserve ever in work the attitude of mind whichPsychology2, 108:to criticize and adjust another's work, and thus preserve the inner group integrity. More plans forPsychology2, 146:vision of the goal of meditation, and learn to preserve, during the day, the attitude of innerPsychology2, 320:are familiar to all of us. I would urge you to preserve, as far as possible, the thought of thePsychology2, 393:the spiritual body, and, at the same time, to preserve soul consciousness, mind consciousness andPsychology2, 629:human evolution have been deeply concerned to preserve the balance needed in the world today. IfPsychology2, 685:of an increased spiritual responsibility and can preserve an inner quietness and a focused esotericRays, 22:fire from the lower triangle to the higher and preserve that which is created through the fire atRays, 46:implacable determination, ability to wait and to preserve intention and orientation unmoved byRays, 257:and are today only the dim distant symbols. They preserve this concept of the Great Revelation inRays, 502:the quality of the ray life. The disciple has to preserve steadily the triple consciousness, notRays, 533:Work is an ancient and laudable attempt to preserve in some germinal form the spiritual truth anentRays, 613:only his own selfish ambition and the desire to preserve a certain political ideology which has putRays, 626:all groups and parties. One group is fighting to preserve the old order; the other group isRays, 663:accustomed so to consider them, we will preserve the old method of counting them. The thought ofRays, 705:who are definitely working with humanity either preserve the old body in which They took the fifthReappearance, 141:religious organizations throughout the world to preserve the truth in its purity and to avoid theReappearance, 168:peculiar, or of intruding. They, therefore, preserve silence, lose opportunity and never discoverSoul, 105:- a relic of which notion we also still preserve in such phrases as 'take it to heart' and toSoul, 126:John XII, 29.) Prakamega - the power to preserve the body. Christ reappeared to His disciples afterTelepathy, 32:form like "pool" has; one may, if he choose, preserve the word form, seeing it letter for letter orTelepathy, 40:you from all love of power. Thus you will preserve the integrity of those you seek to help and willTelepathy, 74:guarded. Symbolically speaking and in order to preserve the concept of this door in the mind ofTelepathy, 183:their aggregate, constitute the planetary form. Preserve, therefore, in your conscious imagination
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