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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PRESSURE

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Astrology, 192:therefore astrology recognizes it as a constant pressure and presence. This fact in itselfAstrology, 217:handle its tests. You will realize also the pressure under which the Hierarchy at this timeAstrology, 379:In Virgo, however, that life makes its inner pressure felt and the movement - faint yet real - ofAstrology, 447:inner program or purpose under the steady pressure of the life of the indwelling Christ; he beginsAstrology, 606:object of the desired attainment; its spiritual pressure is then increasingly felt. It is,Astrology, 617:these used dynamically and consciously under the pressure of that which is higher and greater thanAutobiographyplanned but were never written. The mounting pressure of the worldwide, organized work for whichAutobiography, 181:the first time there was not only the intense pressure of the work to be done for people and forAutobiography, 254:in one paper when some months ago under the pressure of very heavy work A.A.B. omitted to deleteDestiny, 26:countries. Let me assure [26] you that under the pressure of modern life, under the strain of theDiscipleship1, X:his attitudes without any particular sense of pressure. Today, in our speedier times and when theDiscipleship1, 7:All of you have voluntarily and without pressure stated your willingness to go forward into a moreDiscipleship1, 30:and with no personal expectancy. Owing to the pressure of time and of urgency in service, I am oneDiscipleship1, 30:in the world these days requires constant pressure and attention and the work is strenuous. It mayDiscipleship1, 56:the group. Physically, he is working under great pressure; emotionally, he may be learning theDiscipleship1, 99:helping of a needy world. Forget yourselves. The pressure of the work upon me has been very heavyDiscipleship1, 99:and helpfulness. This applies also to you. The pressure of war conditions and concern over your ownDiscipleship1, 104:unfoldment, I seek to have you rest from mental pressure and e'en from that devotion which hasDiscipleship1, 131:you have worked with another group. Then the pressure of life and of circumstance and the desire toDiscipleship1, 161:this work with sure courage and with no sense of pressure. Blend the wise methods of the presentDiscipleship1, 163:non-essentials. Take the tensity of your inner pressure off the work for awhile, my brother. TheDiscipleship1, 166:down and success must follow effort - the united pressure of determined souls pushing through toDiscipleship1, 170:- J.W.K-P. January 1940 MY BROTHER: The pressure of the work is heavy upon you and it stillDiscipleship1, 171:of personal relationships, without the undue pressure of personality reactions. Some day a studyDiscipleship1, 173:real patience and hence have felt no sense of pressure. Those of us who teach from the inner sideDiscipleship1, 178:so that there can be no undue or dangerous pressure, and the technique of employing pressureDiscipleship1, 178:pressure, and the technique of employing pressure correctly so as to evoke response in the oneDiscipleship1, 196:expression and the line of least resistance. The pressure of the times in which you live and theDiscipleship1, 215:bodies are ill-equipped to stand the modern pressure or to carry the inner, spiritual forceDiscipleship1, 225:your personality ray is the third. Owing to the pressure of the times and of the work for thisDiscipleship1, 238:physical body is not strong enough to stand the pressure of two vibratory groups and (until suchDiscipleship1, 263:whom you seek so ardently to serve. NOTE: The pressure of life in Europe during the world war,Discipleship1, 269:crisis in your life which are the outcome of the pressure to serve. Note these in the following wayDiscipleship1, 281:of work or rest, without the sense of undue pressure or rush. When the time problem is solved byDiscipleship1, 292:the consciousness of strain and the sense of pressure. You belong to the work to be done and not toDiscipleship1, 292:accepted and initiated. You are needed in the pressure of the coming work, and you must keep theDiscipleship1, 313:lacks. "The key is found; and with the pressure of the hands in service of the light, and with aDiscipleship1, 353:and there - without any sense of strain or pressure - it will be gradually assimilated. It willDiscipleship1, 388:be necessitated the imposition of that inner pressure which will refuse to let the tired body andDiscipleship1, 389:move slowly, ponder deeply and feel no sense of pressure. Revelation will come through quietDiscipleship1, 396:any that have come to the other group members. Pressure incident to his home karma, frustrationsDiscipleship1, 416:of his Master, realizing, as he does, the pressure of work upon the Great Ones. Those of us whoDiscipleship1, 417:strong, and if there is any sense of drive or of pressure, your work and service will suffer.Discipleship1, 431:[431] Does my soul lie behind this urge or pressure towards indifference which is brought to bearDiscipleship1, 434:and, withal, one who knows. In the heat and pressure of the fight and the fatigue incident to theDiscipleship1, 456:adding of increased work but the constant inner pressure of constructive thinking. In all groups,Discipleship1, 458:anxious. Your environing circumstances and the pressure of your daily life have militated againstDiscipleship1, 483:levels) brings about automatically and without pressure the needed changes in the physical plane ofDiscipleship1, 500:for you the line of active service, of constant pressure, and of ardent helpfulness. This is forDiscipleship1, 503:to do so wisely and for right reasons. In the pressure of life today as you are living it, I giveDiscipleship1, 575:- H.S.D. January 1936 BROTHER OF OLD: The pressure of the times is very great and yet, at the sameDiscipleship1, 585:to group vibration and contact wherein the pressure exerted and the vibration contacted will be theDiscipleship1, 619:liability of the present strain, and under the pressure of a deep spiritual discontent and a senseDiscipleship1, 624:of a second ray disciple, myself. The pressure of work on the Masters Morya and K.H. is such thatDiscipleship1, 627:show the Masters which of their groups can stand pressure and yet preserve the soul link whichDiscipleship1, 653:a normal collective value in the presence of the pressure in the world and the current turmoil, orDiscipleship1, 667:gave you much, knowing that you could stand the pressure of my suggestion. You have made goodDiscipleship1, 695:are subjecting themselves to a greatly increased pressure and are in a position to participate inDiscipleship1, 696:Master is prevented by occult law from using any pressure or power in the effort to swing the mindsDiscipleship1, 787:in one paper when, some months ago under the pressure of very heavy work, A. A. B. omitted toDiscipleship2, 4:Wisdom can use in the service of the Plan. The pressure at this time is great upon them and theDiscipleship2, 10:reception; for if the work is exerting extreme pressure and if she is occupied with urgentDiscipleship2, 14:the reaction of the [14] personality to undue pressure and strain, to world conditions and clearerDiscipleship2, 24:He is either working constantly under a sense of pressure and of haste or he is "strolling alongDiscipleship2, 25:and if I, your teacher and friend (under the pressure of the present world opportunity), can spareDiscipleship2, 28:and W.O.I.) could not stand the spiritual pressure, and their personalities forced their withdrawalDiscipleship2, 31:with a brief resume of the past teaching. The pressure of life these days is very great; everybodyDiscipleship2, 34:with the results of my past requests to you. The pressure of life has been great these days; toDiscipleship2, 34:of life has been great these days; to that pressure many of you have succumbed. You might haveDiscipleship2, 61:spiritual energy? Can the Masters, tinder the pressure of their enormous task of worldDiscipleship2, 93:owing to the weaknesses of its members and the pressure of daily life upon [94] the outer group.Discipleship2, 110:my Master, the Chohan K.H. There has been much pressure on you this year; I have seen and noted it;Discipleship2, 163:Earth - these are the immediate results of the pressure of the over-shadowing spiritual resources.Discipleship2, 245:its attendant liabilities; knowledge and the pressure of spiritual energy become a danger if notDiscipleship2, 367:expressing the constantly recurring effects of pressure forward and of vision. Throughout theDiscipleship2, 394:and persistent performance of duty, under the pressure of conscience at first, under the impulse ofDiscipleship2, 464:direct from him. He feels as I do, that in the pressure and anxiety and in your psychicDiscipleship2, 533:of fifty-six, and as you neared that age, the pressure exerted on you by the conflicting pull ofDiscipleship2, 563:quiet and of conscious withdrawal from the pressure of daily life out in the world of business andDiscipleship2, 566:yet ready [566] to stand the strong Shamballa pressure which is ever to be experienced in theDiscipleship2, 588:and the reason thereof you know. Let not the pressure of work at this time and world strainDiscipleship2, 641:by an act of the will but without any strain or pressure. The retention of energy is not a physicalDiscipleship2, 653:and protect me and the Ashram from any undue pressure on your part, even if - in the stress ofDiscipleship2, 719:last series, but you must do it with no undue pressure; you must do it without any eagerDiscipleship2, 739:assets in helpful service, but which under the pressure of the world events has become almost tooEducation, 12:of activity. Response to economic and sex pressure or to the law of survival. This forces him toEducation, 49:It is only our economic material emphasis and pressure which force the young to work before theyEducation, 101:him, when he had been forced by organizational pressure into the desired pattern and mould, when heEducation, 127:the result of united thought and inner mental pressure of the civilized part of humanity. GraduallyExternalisation, 47:as the major molding factor, next to economic pressure and circumstance, and there is a widespreadExternalisation, 177:about the financial ruin of thousands; the pressure of economic disaster, the fear of famine andExternalisation, 186:recognition of a guiding Power, exerting pressure throughout the ages, which appears to be leadingExternalisation, 287:has to be stepped down if mankind is to bear the pressure of the impact of the energy They wieldExternalisation, 334:its opposing quality - but simply through world pressure and strain. In the unfoldment of goodwillExternalisation, 391:and physically they are all working at high pressure. The impact of circumstance and events hasExternalisation, 492:of cosmic energy, are ever the result of inner pressure emanating from Forces and Lives found inExternalisation, 511:to meet the need and to respond to the inner pressure. But in all of these three movements,Externalisation, 516:that count. It is the long-sustained, unvarying pressure which eventually breaks down oppositionExternalisation, 525:some extent relieve the otherwise overpowering pressure upon the Hierarchy, and will also act as aExternalisation, 577:nature of the Hierarchy be proved. Through the pressure of education (second ray energy), through
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