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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREVENT

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Astrology, 236:urge of the evolutionary process. Nothing can prevent the inevitability of the solution and theAstrology, 533:happening. There is no power on Earth which can prevent the advance of man towards his destinedAutobiography, 177:a lady living with me to act as a chaperone and prevent dirty gossip. One of the things I haveAutobiography, 292:to grasp this spiritual fact, nor can they prevent his contacting his soul. We only ask that heBethlehem, 93:It is only our limitations as human beings which prevent our seeing all that there is to be seen.Bethlehem, 197:are almost entirely occupied with sin and how to prevent it. One wonders sometimes what the worldBethlehem, 203:These things are good to remember, for they prevent that dire sin, self-satisfaction. The questionBethlehem, 248:not hold Him, nor could the chains of the grave prevent His liberation. The first thought is thatBethlehem, 272:there is no escape from this issue. We cannot prevent ourselves from finally becoming conscious ofDestiny, 45:however, the forces of materiality will prevent if possible because the moment there is positiveDestiny, 65:and materialistic attitudes. Such attitudes prevent the apprehension of the true spiritual valuesDestiny, 106:happening. There is no power on Earth which can prevent the advance of man towards his destinedDiscipleship1, 99:much effort on the part of the Hierarchy to prevent a complete collapse of the structure of humanDiscipleship1, 224:you, for, are you not aware of two glamors which prevent the full expression of your soul andDiscipleship1, 312:so powerful that their clatter and their rattle prevent awareness of the golden thread which linksDiscipleship1, 431:pattern reflected in my life? What attachments prevent its full expression? I am the redeemer of myDiscipleship1, 465:is yours, and that no physical limitation can prevent a soul from useful expression and service. IDiscipleship1, 490:very intensity of the focused energy. What can prevent this in your case will be the continuousDiscipleship1, 517:the active cooperator? One thing only can prevent this - not ill health or circumstances - but aDiscipleship1, 518:and the active cooperator? One thing only can prevent this - not ill health or circumstances - butDiscipleship1, 519:to sweep you into unwise action or words, and prevent your following of the light and the serviceDiscipleship1, 521:You might at this point rightly ask: How shall I prevent this happening? By remembering, myDiscipleship1, 596:with each other. Your devotion served not to prevent mistakes or the misuse of the worldlyDiscipleship1, 707:at the stripping away of all the "veils" which prevent the clear light of the soul from shiningDiscipleship1, 722:will sweep the evil doer out of the Earth and prevent him from again molesting the peace of theDiscipleship1, 725:all causes for criticism. These barriers prevent free telepathic communication. An interestingDiscipleship1, 742:The only safeguard for which he works is to prevent the lower powers demonstrating until the higherDiscipleship2, 5:and a renewed aspiration towards inspiration can prevent the recurrence of a certain staticDiscipleship2, 5:with the faults and failures of others can prevent the injection of an attitude of criticism andDiscipleship2, 46:idea that it is your physical limitations which prevent your realizing all that truly is, inDiscipleship2, 168:today among men) can be looked for; nothing can prevent the appearance of the expected results, forDiscipleship2, 186:of a correct sense of timing. This will prevent the disciple from taking precipitate or prematureDiscipleship2, 481:lay the mechanism of accomplishment low and prevent both effort and accomplishment. He thereforeDiscipleship2, 517:upon the Path - have endeavored to interfere and prevent the desired relationship. The matter is,Discipleship2, 525:(an attitude which is sadly affecting them) may prevent your listening to me, your friend andDiscipleship2, 531:is no free flow of life. One thing only will prevent this happening: Loving understanding and aDiscipleship2, 599:which intrude into your soul expression and prevent the entrance of the full light of the soul, andDiscipleship2, 607:protective force on the part of K.H. in order to prevent the disruption of some of the atoms ofDiscipleship2, 638:group. Here are four of the difficulties which prevent the sensible and happy realization of theDiscipleship2, 715:What is the cure and what shall we do to prevent this over-stimulation and slow things down so thatDiscipleship2, 725:on your part to do something great; only to prevent you from a true and practical cooperation in myEducation, 123:the satisfaction of selfish desire, should not prevent the realization that the spirit of idealismEducation, 149:and which has proved so wrong that it could not prevent the universal holocaust which distinguishedExternalisation, 64:hold back the flow of spiritual life and prevent the work of a group nature moving forward toExternalisation, 75:that which is new and life-giving; they work to prevent the understanding of that which is of theExternalisation, 129:to impose some culture deemed desirable, to prevent economic destruction, to conserve nationalExternalisation, 235:those right conditions which Germany is set to prevent. Yet many neutrally minded and pacifistExternalisation, 252:itself and the inevitability of karma combine to prevent an intervention in just these terms. ThisExternalisation, 340:inclinations of people and when it serves to prevent that unity of action which can win the war. ItExternalisation, 424:and took the needed steps (so they believed) to prevent humanity from stepping onward into light.Externalisation, 444:is the task of the intelligent humanitarian to prevent it. For the work to be done during the nextExternalisation, 451:of development) to hinder the Forces of Light, prevent the attainment of world tranquility andExternalisation, 454:power of selfish interests - banded together to prevent human freedom. If the conferences to beExternalisation, 461:which (behind the scenes) are seeking to prevent the world attaining that equilibrium which willExternalisation, 472:aid mankind, and that nothing can now arrest or prevent the contact between that intelligentExternalisation, 499:perspective. But, my brothers, men will fight to prevent this; the reactionary groups in everyExternalisation, 499:their resources and fight to the death to prevent the extinction of their sources of income; theyExternalisation, 499:to further right human relations and to prevent selfish control, financial or ecclesiastical, byExternalisation, 519:of the Hierarchy and the fiat of Shamballa to prevent it flooding over disastrously. The HierarchyExternalisation, 620:hides behind the alibi that his home obligations prevent his doing more, and he does not realizeExternalisation, 636:may not take those possible steps which will prevent men making mistakes, for it is through thoseFire, 109:to an abnormal extent, and this thickening may prevent, for instance, contact with the higher SelfFire, 115:which may hinder the desired progress, and prevent the appointed escape and destined liberation.Fire, 909:of force from a lower to a higher center, and prevent (through knowledge), the incidental license.Fire, 1172:Logos) to hold all physical forms to itself and prevent their "scattering." This is due to theGlamour, 32:and which swirl around the sons of men and prevent their seeing the LIGHT as it is. This is all theGlamour, 135:they control the mind and method of life. They prevent the free play of the intuition, with itsGlamour, 199:do not aid them in accomplishment and sometimes prevent that accomplishment. [200] Glamour, 220:aspiration and old ideals have taken and which prevent the light of the soul from illuminating theHealing, 22:and prejudices. These factors again prevent a just appreciation of these realities. I have givenHealing, 71:by this. [71] Because worry and irritation prevent true vision. They shut out the view. The man whoHealing, 71:can be made and effort produced which can prevent a recurrence. At present, all that can be done isHealing, 87:his states of consciousness, but they can and do prevent those inner states finding manifestationHealing, 103:upon the physical plane, it would be hard to prevent the dissipation of force through discussion,Healing, 206:diseased tissue that which is needed to cure or prevent the growth of the disease. In thisHealing, 254:basic diseases, of lunacy and obsession, and to prevent crime. This is finally brought about by theHealing, 296:as to arrest the expression of the cause and to prevent any further implementing of the unfortunateHealing, 449:planetary life altogether. Only one factor could prevent this, and that might be his pledge toHealing, 556:the love pouring from him to the patient will prevent any return of the undesirable emanations fromHealing, 652:he will supply the technical knowledge, and thus prevent the healer from making mistakes. WhereHercules, 30:their savagery. Before he could take steps to prevent it, the mares turned on Abderis and trampledHercules, 134:be considered as equilibrising activities that prevent the continuance of an unbalanced condition.Initiation, 68:the grading of the scholars. Hence nothing can prevent a man's progress forward if he but attendsInitiation, 68:attune ourselves to the right key, nothing can prevent our finding the Master. Groups of Egos areInitiation, 194:and the mental transmuted, then naught can prevent the latch upon that door being lifted, and theIntellect, 220:teeth are often tightly clenched (perhaps to prevent some inspired utterance escaping them, whichMagic, 67:must learn to inhibit certain thoughts, and prevent certain knowledge from leaking out into theMagic, 223:in heaven or hell, on earth or elsewhere can prevent the progress of the man who has awakened toMagic, 474:The thoughts of self and of thy lower destiny prevent the inner [475] voice of thine own soul fromMagic, 486:to speak exists, and where the striving is to prevent the gathering of the material around theMagic, 486:that which concerns other people. How shall you prevent your mind from transmitting to anotherMagic, 591:found along the spinal cord which could prevent the free rising of the fire at the base of theMagic, 622:down of the form aspect and of that which might prevent those concepts becoming physical planeMeditation, 124:body which suffers and fights and struggles to prevent entrance. The attacks are intermittent, andMeditation, 124:other beings to enter the physical vehicle, and prevent its occupation by the real Ego. This is theMeditation, 134:of darkness. Mightily fights the Ego at first to prevent the Personality so developing, but theMeditation, 145:a constant watchfulness every hour of the day to prevent the falling back into the lower vibration.Patanjali, 9:control of the "versatile psychic nature," To prevent the mind from assuming the many forms it soPatanjali, 12:and rapidly changing transformations which prevent the true nature of the soul becoming manifest.Patanjali, 61:or an understanding of the things which prevent true knowledge. Intellectual comprehension as to
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