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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - PREVENT

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Patanjali, 127:which, through the medium of the astral body, prevent soul vision, The word "distraction" has morePatanjali, 127:for aeons of time and throughout many lives, prevent the sons of men from realizing that they arePatanjali, 356:yogi confined, The powerlessness of substance to prevent the yogi cognizing any aspect ofPatanjali, 394:working out in some one life. Nothing can prevent it, nothing can stop it. Charles JohnstonProblems, 34:foundations. It is the task of the educators to prevent this. Let us be willing to recognize thatProblems, 43:the implementing of those conditions which will prevent war and aggression. In the field ofProblems, 66:supersede will fight to the last ditch to prevent these new sources of wealth from benefitingProblems, 79:a spiritual world trend? What must be done to prevent the monied interests from again mobilizingProblems, 83:from a looming economic fight to the death, can prevent the uprising again of the materialisticProblems, 85:of some of those who speak and fight for them prevent the majority from approaching [86] theirProblems, 112:and fighting by every possible means to prevent their being changed; they play upon the fears ofProblems, 138:These are imperative changes. Nothing can prevent the new world religion from eventually emerging.Problems, 172:World Disunity What at this moment appears to prevent world unity and keeps the United Nations fromPsychology1, 231:attachment to externals and forms. These factors prevent that clear-seeing which leads to wise andPsychology1, 272:the mind those false and illusory views which prevent man from seeing truly, and I may thus helpPsychology1, 365:which will eliminate those factors which prevent the nation concerned from functioning as a whole,Psychology1, 365:disorders emerge which (if of long continuance) prevent a nation having [367] aught to contributePsychology1, 367:new era is however upon its way, and nothing can prevent that which the stars decree and which thePsychology2, 132:direction of these currents can be dangerous and prevent the rendering of the intended service. ThePsychology2, 276:they fall into the illusions of self-pity. These prevent the process of appropriation. A furiousPsychology2, 369:the forms of nature, their processes and powers prevent thy searching for the Mystery which broughtPsychology2, 576:activity of the forces which are working to prevent the externalization of the Hierarchy of LightPsychology2, 590:to keep the inflowing energies in the head or to prevent their descent no lower than the diaphragm.Psychology2, 643:The larger interest will not, however, prevent them from being good citizens of the country wherePsychology2, 695:the crystallization of an evil necessity, and so prevent that which might occur of a calamitousPsychology2, 739:inspire his true loyalty, and yet need in no way prevent his being an active part of the New GroupRays, 28:and no hindrance or difficulty is hard enough to prevent his moving forward. Then we have eventualRays, 36:influence that he can hold up or delay or even prevent (in time and space) the group initiation?Rays, 85:into play and destroys the forms of life which prevent divine expression. It is also brought intoRays, 112:in order to safeguard the Mysteries and prevent a too premature precipitation of the hierarchicalRays, 166:planetary life altogether. Only one factor could prevent this, and that might be his pledge toRays, 195:are as curtains over the windows of vision. They prevent realization of that which lies beyond theRays, 195:area of average or mediocre experience, and they prevent the light from penetrating. The work ofRays, 306:which will destroy those who are attempting to prevent divine purpose from materializing as theRays, 343:ray. It is the personality ray which works to prevent contact, to mislead in recognition, to retardRays, 343:anent the group members, will be thrown up and prevent a united moving forward through the Door ofRays, 620:Christ into our midst. Nothing can stop or prevent His return today; the evidence of this structureRays, 730:causes war and which, if rightly handled, would prevent war. Let us consider some few aspects ofReappearance, 160:gullible and the credulous, and possibly work to prevent men being deceived and taken in by what weReappearance, 167:hides behind the alibi that his home obligations prevent his doing more and does not realize that -Soul, 104:sensations into it, and this is necessary to prevent the distraction of the mind which he isTelepathy, 100:impression in his mental aura will not prevent his being sensitive in his astral nature to the
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